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  1. 8 hours ago, Ferret said:

    And if you want to select any month AFTER what is shown, click the single arrow above the calendar to move it forward to the next month. Just know that the date that you select, MUST have payment made within X number of days after selection or the appointment will be cancelled.

    Of course. S & S said it was stuck until I paid at a recauadoera

  2. 10 hours ago, ibarra said:

    We covered this before Cedros if you will search this site.  We used S&S auto (Allen) as we did not want to drive to Ocotlan for various reasons.  They did everything for us from making the appointment, paying and, of course, taking the car/s for us.  It was very simple.  If you want more specific information please send me a pm.

    I searched and it doesn't come up. I like to drive to Ocotlan. I prefer to do it myself. You can't seem to get out of May.

    We decided to wait a few months and see what happens

  3. 10 hours ago, ibarra said:

    We covered this before Cedros if you will search this site.  We used S&S auto (Allen) as we did not want to drive to Ocotlan for various reasons.  They did everything for us from making the appointment, paying and, of course, taking the car/s for us.  It was very simple.  If you want more specific information please send me a pm.

    Thanks but very difficult to get a date except in May

  4. On 5/6/2022 at 4:57 PM, ibarra said:

    I called Chase bank this morning.  Used 001 880xxxx. I have also used the international number which is on the back of all of our bank cards.  FYI we have never in 24 years in MX put a plus sign in front of any numbers when making international calls, always use 001.

    Yes phoning to the US or Canada has changed but they have not told us. 

  5. On 6/8/2022 at 7:47 AM, sm1mex said:

    How to get your Constancia de Situación Fiscal is a video on youtube.  It is quite comprehensive and requires several documents and i.d.

    It is much more involved than the other posting about a papaleria for 100 pesos.  You must provide RFC, CURP, front and back of your downloaded visa , prove you are not a robot and you have to sign on line with your finger and submit to satid.sat.gob.mx

    I haven't done it yet but am going to try.  It is all in Spanish.  the video is excellent.

    The Constancia that I got from a papeleria for 100 pesos is just fine according to Spencer. But no iris scan or esignature-neither of which I need.

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  6. On 6/9/2022 at 10:44 PM, Ferret said:

    I just checked my rain gauge. Another 1.5 inches and it's still drizzling. That's 3.0 inches in the last twenty-four hours. You can decide on whatever day you choose. For me, the rainy season has started.

    Another 2/10 of an inch in west San Juan Cosala. That is about 1/2 inch in the last 24 hours. So it maybe a light start to the rainy season.

  7. 10 hours ago, Lexy said:

    I'm beginning to get fewer pesos in exchange for my dollar in the past few weeks. Are we coming to an end of an unprecedented high that has lasted for quite some time?


    It cost me fewer Canadian dollars today to get the same number of pesos. I was surpried but I won't question it.

  8. On 6/3/2022 at 8:27 AM, Ferret said:

    Neither organizational skills nor any concept of customer service. I went in there to open an account because it's the closest to me with parking. Went through the whole process (multiple copies of ID) and then the young man asked me for my phone. Whuh? He said he had to install the app for me to do banking. Okay. Except that I would never use a phone for banking because I think it's too insecure (my opinion). Then he said that my cell phone was too old to accept the app. I said it didn't matter because I would never do banking over a cell phone. Then, he informed me that it was the ONLY way to access your account outside of the bank. WHUH? There are two things wrong with this scenario 1) that I should have to purchase a more up-to-date expensive cell phone 2) you need to physically go to the bank if you don't have a cell phone that works with their app. There is no website to access your banking. I was flabbergasted. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he directed me to the desk behind him. I stood there for a good five minutes before he even looked up and said in an irritated voice "I'm busy". I turned and walked out.

    There is a website that I access from my computer at home often but on my Canadian account. They no longer want to use number generators. A guy at HSBC in Vancouver made it easy for me to bypass a cell phone.

  9. On 6/2/2022 at 2:20 PM, Natasha said:
    HSBC bank experience today   OVER THE TOP  😖     after arriving 9:40 a.m.
    1. ASK at cashier:  want to close account plus get xxxxx   pesos cash
    2. ANSWER:  please sign in and do all at once in front of "executive"      YAY only one person ahead of me!
    3. wait 10 extra minus after that person is taken, served, and leaves
    4.  want to do  interbank wire from this bank to xxxx bank in Ajijic, and get $$ cash as well
    5. yes you can get $$ cash BUT if want wire, have to order today and come back tomorrow to sign  W T F ?????  OR.... we can give you
        cashier's cheque today.  Yes, do that      no way coming back tomorrow, especially it being Friday (traffic)
    6.  takes forever... as usual  fingerprint reader hates me    finally get over that
    7.  wait some more   sign many things  (GOOD thing I am titular or could not have done without co-titular's presence)  finally she tells me "take  
        these 2 pages, stapled together, to cashier. There you can get cash and cashier will issue cashier's cheque for balance of account".
    8.  wait in line     only one cashier and several clients.......what's new???   get my turn    get the cash not too much problem BUT then he says
        "that man back there has to be involved  please take a seat   I'll call you when ready    should be about 5 minutes"
    9.  Of course takes longer, but in the end I get it.
    10.  And NOW... the icing on the cake:  First person said I have to come back before the end of June to actually close out the account. ?????    
          Stuck my head in the door later and asked "account is empty. what happens if I don't COME back?" "Oh, it will start accruing monthly
           charges because you are below the minimum balance"👿    
    Could not even bother asking how they were going to recover same......like blood from a stone?  And in case you care, nobody involved in any of this spoke a word of English (not a problem in my case) so guessing would have been longer otherwise???  Departure time?  12 NOON......

    I closed an account there but only with the help of a lawyer and the HSBC assistant manager. The assistant manager agreed that the process was bizare

  10. On 6/3/2022 at 2:22 PM, mudgirl said:

    Of course. But what I am saying is that I can use the SAT site now and check my account with the camera turned off, so they aren't using the retina scan to gain access to the site. 

    And I had the retina scan in the SAT office way back in 2008. So they have never used it for access to the SAT site, because my camera is always turned off unless I am on a video call.

    INM takes your fingerprints, but you don't need to press your finger on the screen to access the INM site.

    Changed for sure the whole process has become a too complicated farce.

  11. On 5/30/2022 at 5:23 PM, Natasha said:

    I found it very odd too, since our HSBC IS joint. We do not have nor want credit card from them. Have one HSBC debit, and that's enough. (one each from Canadian bank). But no way in hell are they putting something on my phone...... which she made clear is NOT an option. Cash is king for us in MX.......... Canadian Visa works for Amazon.

    I'm guessing this "no joint " thing is new?  A Mexican friend was here today and she told me they forced that app on her..... and now they "bug" her constantly via same for added services, upgrades, etc. She hates it and always declines but says it really is a nuisance. 

    I had a joint account at HSBC for years-2 debit cards.

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