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  1. Be careful where you buy your Asoflon-Duo. Two years ago two Mexican urologists recommended I use Combodarte (which seems the same or similar to Asoflon-Duo) Within days I had developed severe arthritis. A 3rd urologist here said the same had happened to his father. He thought the reason was the source of the Combodarte-the big W. Since then I have used Tamsulosin and Finasteride separately-both bought at Costco. No problem with the Costco ones.
  2. this is the last contact I have for her. clcach24@hotmail.com
  3. I saw Dr. Fabian Garcia at Quality Care for a similar problem but found Daniel Henanadez at the Riberas Medical group to be much more helpful and cheaper. He has a lot of experience with this and some good ideas for medication. There are a lot of questionable medications & treatments being promoted.
  4. Thanks. Christmas? Maybe someone will report a later date.
  5. Thanks. Okay. I've been to the new Liverpool store on Lopez Mateos. The rest of the mall was pretty empty several months ago. Does anyone know if more stores have opened up there or is the original Galerias more complete?
  6. So Galerias mall is open during the week. I like the Galerias near the old Costco. When I check Google maps to see how to get there it shows another Galerias mall on Lopez Mateos in Las Tijeras. Can that be?
  7. Thanks ibarra Malls closed Saturday and Sunday
  8. A neighbour just reported that no stores in the mall were open on Sunday. Confusing
  9. What ever parking 25% means. 25% of the mall parking is set aside for the mall? 25% of the stores are open? Or?
  10. Does anyone know if Galerias mall is open? I've heard it is but when I email the mall it responds "can't answer at this time".
  11. Why not? It does seem like the rainy season now.
  12. I have used the girl at the little store east of Telmex. She was very helpful but i wondered how qualified she was. For glasses a prescription would return to Dra. Comacho with frames or go to Costco.
  13. cedros


    Mexican cheeses are pretty blah.
  14. Nothing at Jocotepec yet.
  15. Yes, I agree. We may see flames once it gets dark.
  16. Yes, but it is a backwards move.
  17. Yes, I was using binoculars because I could not see much smoke but since the there is enough smoke to see it with the naked eye. Just hope it rains quite a bit before lightening comes. I haven't seen flames either. But where there is smoke there is ........
  18. I see it from the north west. A much different angle and view. I just looked with binoculars and it is still smoking. It is behind that mountain on the left.
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