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  1. The one from Jocotepec doesn't have any time limit mentioned.
  2. For a witness we picked up a lady sitting in the Jocotepec plaza. Nice lady. A odd but very Mexican way.
  3. I will ask about FIEL at my bank tomorrow. Odd that it has never come up before.
  4. Phone bill (not mine) and help from City Hall in Jocotepec.
  5. The best of Lake Chapala is a business out to make money. I notice their selection missed many good restaurants but included some that should not be there.
  6. It was a peculiar poll. Many good dentists weren't on that list-something was wrong with their metrics. I have been here for years and have big ears and never heard of this poll. Just a bit of advertising maybe.
  7. A woman cleaned my teeth not a guy. About 2 years ago.
  8. I got my proof of address today in Jocotepec-signed by the President. 45 pesos.
  9. I had a cleaning at Dr. Candy and it the worse I have ever had.
  10. Tecno Agua in West Ajijic 376766 3731
  11. I'll second that. The best dentist I ever had anywhere.
  12. There are two places on the south sided of the carretera in downtown Ajijic; Leal family at 376 766 4973 (English spoken) Herreria Puertas Automaticas 331 424 7687 I don't know anyone farther west
  13. CI Banco will close Wednesday. They have put in a second ATM which will soon be operational.
  14. I just might try that route as it is the easiest.
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