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  1. Mailmen seemed to have almost disappeared in Mexico. It has years since I have gotten any delivered.
  2. They are also doing it in San Juan Cosala now. Now it the time to get it not months ago.
  3. A few years back I wanted to get that guy by Guad Farmacia to repair some cane chairs. I could never connect with him. I was told he moves around-someimes in Ajijc sometime in Guadalagara sometimes? So I got the carpenter at Constitucion and Aldama? to repair them. I had to get my lawyer to talk to them before I could get my chairs back.
  4. The Centro de Salud at Donato Guerra 15 is giving free flu shots now.
  5. Yes. But somtimes rules are bent. Canadians are not supposed drive into the US and then there is the Mexican border to drive across. Some Canadians have had problems flying into Mexico
  6. What if you told them you have to get back to Mexico for health reasons (doctor's appointment or surgery or?) and it would make more sense to drive your car there rather than abandon it in Canada. They can be flexible.
  7. Are they the same everywhere or are some better (more effective) than others.
  8. They don't care-that is their job. They don't get paid -you tip them. I've done the same at Houston and Vancouver.
  9. If in doubt order a wheelchair. They know the fastest routes and get priority. Ask on you flight into MC
  10. Puerto Angel is a nice spot once you get past the downtown with it's smell of boat fuel. A great beach for swimming with crystal clear water. I stayed at the hotel up the hill from the town. The only place that I've been where the sun rises from the sea and sets into the sea.
  11. Naming the street and cross streets might help.
  12. I have driven it and would do it again.
  13. That sounds interesting. Can you report back if it helps.
  14. Driving in Montreal is a piece of cake in comparison with Guadalajra. I am a cautious driver and alwys hesitate to leave Walmart-chaos.
  15. Just dial the number without any prefix.
  16. They should open just after 9. Sometimes they take awhile to answer their phone if they are busy.
  17. I have wanted to try the mascota route for years. I have heard it was a bit rough. I have driven part way from the PV side.
  18. It is dangerous. They should have had the new lights ready.
  19. Nuevo Vallarta is in the state of Nayarit to the north of the Rio Ameca. Costco is south of Rio Ameca in the state of Jalisco closer to Puerto Vallarta. The road from Mascota comes out on the south side of the Rio Ameca.
  20. I sprayed my citrus trees with water with some dish detergent and Neem oil in it and then cleaned each leaf by hand. It helped but....... I still needed to prune the worst branches off.
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