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  1. It is expensive but I suspect the person who was concerned about flying can afford it.
  2. Pancho's new store is understocked compared to Superlake but he has some things that Superlake lacked. Fresher bakery selection, some very nice displays of deli products, and numerous cooked meals and premade sandwiches there that are to go. He has a better alcohol selection. A lot of the specialty, imported things at Superlake were very overpriced and I would virtually never buy them.
  3. The Scandinavian bakery at Laguna mall in San Antonio and Jocotepec have fresh sliced rye bread.
  4. True but there are some precautions you can take. Fly in business class. Do not take an aisle seat as the hoi polloi will walk pass you when loading. Window seat only at the bulkhead so one one is in front of you. I recently flew Aeromexico to Vancouver. The aisle seat beside me was empty. The only person within a meter of me was the person behind me. Masks were required. I did not hear any coughing in business class.The Aeromexico video clip claimed that the air inside the plane was almost operating room quality.
  5. I have seen several news stories and the video currently being shown on Aeromexico flights to Canada that on board the plane things are quite safe. Aeromexico says they have hepta filters that filter out 99.99% of airborne virus and bacteria and that they let jets of clean air from outside into the plane. Who is checking that?
  6. Yes, Trudeau promised it months ago.
  7. If you also use UV light sand filters are the way to go . Better quality and less fiddling.
  8. You don't need replacement filters is you use a sand filter. You just back wash it automatically on a regular, predetermined, basis.
  9. I've been to their store on Lopez Mateos a number of times and there was nothing that caught my eye-pretty cheap looking. and not that comfortable.
  10. Juan on Colon in Ajijic is open. Walk in-no appointment needed. He has been there for years and his father before him. He gives proper haircuts.
  11. The rainbirds are back the last few days.
  12. She should not go beyond as she is beyond her knowledge. Just pay the Telcel bill.
  13. I never did anything -how could I make a mistake. Ana was over her depths. She lied and did not know what she was doing. She won't survive. The mistake I made was letting Ana do something complicated with my phone. I will leave simple things for her to do -like paying Telcel. I might even switch to Silva at the nearby Telcel store in Bugainvillas mall. The facts speak for themselves. You obviously don't know the details.
  14. An update for Ana at the Telcel store by Alex's pasta. I returned to using Ana's services after trying various other places. A word of caution. If you are just using Ana to pay for time on Telecel it is probably okay but for other things beware. WhatsApp quit working on my cell phone. Ana said she could fix that in 3 or 4 hours. A day later when my phone was finally ready I had WhatsApp back but I had lost all my contacts and photos. Ana had warned me this might happen and she said they were lost forever. My computer guy retrieved my contacts and photos. Whew! So think twice before getting Ana to do something other than paying Telcel. She was as rude as ever blaming it on me. My computer guy said that Silvia at the nearby Telcel store in Bougainvilleas mall was much better than Ana.
  15. That might be interesting. We usually get dust storms from the dry lake beds west of Jocotepec. You can see them coming.
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