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  1. There are also two Thursday Tianguis. One in San Juan Cosala, the other in Jocotepec. I rarely go to the Tianguis so I better recheck the dates. SJC could be Tuesday.
  2. No need to save gas as I am going anyway.
  3. You are probably right but I will check several banks tomorrow.
  4. Yes, that is the official day but will they change it to Monday or Friday to make a bridge weekend.
  5. Which day is a holiday this week?
  6. What do people use these days for salitre on the ceiling bricks? On my last house they used muriatic acid and sandpaper. They wore gloves and masks.
  7. Strange. Maybe another example of Mexicans loving their paperwork.
  8. Yes, I found something like that with Google. I asked if anyone had been asked for a FIEL.
  9. I tried to send some money online (500 pesos) from my bank account here to my bank account in Canada. I could do it recently but now a notice comes up that I have to go to my local bank in San Antonio Tlay. and present a number of documents first. Documents that show my name, RFC, CURP etc. But one is a bit mysterious they want my FIEL serial number. This all seems a bit odd as I have had an account at this bank since 2011. Has anyone been asked for a FIEL?
  10. Reynaldo & Oscar at the Herreria at Carretera Oriente # 26 in Ajijic has done a lot of iron work for me. Nice work. 3314247 687.
  11. I used Spring Clean (which sounds similar to Dust Busters) for several years and they had some advantages. Like not having to calculate the Vacation pay and Aguinaldo and dealing with unsatisfied (greedy) employees sometimes for years. There were usually 3 workers so they were in and out faster. I liked the way they cleaned the windows-one person inside and one out on the same window.
  12. There are often other things added. Read again and do some research on the Mexican product. Whenever I get a new (to me) product here I do some reading online about that specific product before using it. Talk to some experts like doctors. You must be fairly new here-a lot to learn.
  13. And other things. Best to see a doctor and get the right prescription. Some of the medications are quite different here than NOB. Additives can be problematic. The people working at the Farmacias often aren't pharmacists-just young uns. I have gotten medications that should require a prescription without a prescription and had a serious bad reaction
  14. You usually have to see a doctor first to get a prescription. Farmacia Guadalajara are good and you have one in SJC.
  15. I used Fernando several times and that isn't exactly how things were priced. You sound a bit too price conscious. I'll take quality first any day. Begging to be taken!? Not likely-I just want value for my money. I told him that I did not want a boiler plate price but a price based on how long they worked on the vehicle and their cost for materials.
  16. Yes, you can ask but I don't think the answer is as simple as you seem to think as It depends on many things. I don't see how the price can be broken down so simply. For me price is not the main objective-but good long lasting quality is. When I pay for something years later I probably won't remember how much I paid but I will notice if the quality is poor or good and it will bug me that someone could get away with doing sloppy work.
  17. I just picked up my vehicle from the Body Shop-another perfect job. 3 year warranty.
  18. I have found that both Robert and Estilo Junior do inferior work but they are cheaper. Fernando's now called Body Shop does much better work. I had to take a vehicle back to Estilo Junior 3 times and the paint job was still not very good.
  19. It always amazes me how body shops can usually match a car colour perfectly yes house painter have so much trouble.
  20. I think the same. The new guy is Ricardo.
  21. They don't have a computer. If the boss (Efren?) is doing the matching it is excellent. If it is someone else who knows.
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