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  1. The Mexican forest fire fighting guys depend on us firespotters as they are understaffed and often poorly located. A Mexican friend who is a senior fire fighter often goes to Alberta for more forest fire fighting training.
  2. Iffy in poor quality. I have been using similar clothes lines for many years.
  3. Only 1 or 2 good ones to choose from
  4. No it won't let anyone delete the out of date info.
  5. Since then 2 of the 8 or so parts of my clothes line have arrived from Amazon, one to where I live the other to iShop.
  6. My prostrate experience. I was having prostrate problems. I saw Dr. Fabian at Quality care as he had been recommended by neighbours but I was not impressed by him. I decided to return to Canada where it would all be free. In Canada after a bit I found a GP who was taking new patients and then he found a Urologist. She impressed me as she had done over 200 Turp operations (the standard operation for prostrate relief including one on the friend I was staying with in BC). Finally a date was set for the opration-months away so I returned to Mexico. When I returned to BC for the operation was the day Covid started to flare up so all elective surgery was cancelled so I returned to Mexico. Someone recommended Dr Daniel Hernandez at Lakeside clinic in Riberas. After having some ultrasound tests done in Chapala he said I was due for a Turp operation. (he had done over 800-including his father's) He suggested a small clinic in Guadalajara that was very professionally run and had a small flow of customers (a Covid concern) A neighbour drove me to the clinic from SJC and then came back and picked me up the next day. My room there was private with it's own bathoom, a TV, AC, food service and a window. Friends insisted that I stay at their casita in the Raquet Club for recovery (the husband had had a Turp operation and was familiar with catherers and the lady of the house had been a nurse) for a number of days. After 5 days Dr. Hernandez drove out from Gudalajara to remove the catheter (it only took a few minutes). Great service and help and a lower price than Dr. Fabian at Quality Care. 4 years later my plumbing is still working perfectly
  7. Today I showed a lawyer my RFC# she said it was correct but it had to be on different paper.
  8. SkS came up witn the name-Azuzena
  9. I really don't need to use my RFC number
  10. There was a lady lawyer I dealt with 10years ago. She worked alone in lower Ajijic. She had an odd name. Does anyone know who I am referring to?
  11. I have had an RFC number for 12 years.
  12. You have to wonder how corect his information is.
  13. I guesed it might be that but it wasn't clear.
  14. Not over my head but certainly off topic.
  15. At least a large plume of smoke on the west flank of Mt. Garcia. A different place than before. It is the season.
  16. I don't see any requirement at that website.
  17. Confusion, where can we find out what is true
  18. I have 4 addreses listed it insists my Canadian one can't be deleted.
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