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  1. 1 hour ago, Jubilacion said:

    Okay, I hesitated but need to ask as a newbie, what are bobo's?

    Bugs about half the size of a mosquito that form large swarms especially around white walls or vehicles in the evenings. When you walk through them they get in your face, hairs eyes, etc. Harmless but annoying. They last about a month?

  2. 22 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    So you are suggesting that all the companies in phase three trials are lying? And they don't employ scientists?  And If I believe their reports filed with the CDC,  among others I am listening to the wrong people?     That's some conspiracy theory.....

    And at least 2 companies have pledged to sell the vaccine at cost...  The others prices are as low as $10 per dose. (Johnson & Johnson) 

    NBC Sept 5 reports:   U.S. health officials expect to know whether at least one of the three potential vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca in late-stage testing works by the end of the year or sooner. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Thursday the company could have results from its late-stage coronavirus vaccine trial as early as October.  ( is he lying to help his bottom line?)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently asking states to expedite the approval process for medical supply company McKesson so it can set up coronavirus vaccination sites across the U.S. by Nov. 1. The agency said states may need to waive some licensing and permit requirements that could bog down the process. 

    The vaccine would be distributed in four phases, with health-care workers, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions getting vaccinated first. Essential workers, teachers and people in homeless shelters as well as people in prisons would be next on the list, followed by children and young adults.


    Do you believe everything you read? The companies are misleading us.

    At cost? -not a chance

    They expect to know do they? Good luck with that.

    McKesson is probably wrong.

    The vaccine would be distributed in four phases- only time will tell if that is true.

    So much of what you promote there is hypothetical. 


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  3. I have a scanner.

    I emailed the Arizona voting people and they repliied;

    "We are aware that the printing is very small, but unfortunately the ballots were formatted by the Division of Elections to fit on an 8 x 11 piece of paper and that isn’t something our office has any authority to change when sending them out. We’ll accept them however you choose to return them, even if it ends up being 5-6 pages."


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  4. 10 minutes ago, ibarra said:

    No, we did NOT enlarge the ballot at ISHOP.  We had THEM print it and it was much clearer than from our printer.  We tried to fax the primary ballot and it did not work.  We have not sent the current ballot back yet.  However, today I am taking our signed ballots to ISHOP and will have them scan and email them to us.  I will then Upload those documents to the AZ website.  I believe all that is needed for the Upload is the Affidavit page and the actual ballot page.  We will then verify receipt on the same website.  https://recorder.maricopa.gov/UOCAVA/login.aspx

    Personally, I would not mess with the ballot by enlarging it.  Ballot tampering????    Get help to read to these people and then, if you choose, follow what we are going to do.  It is simple, just a little driving to ISHOP. 

    A lot of driving to iShop as I live in Jocotepec. Mine is clear enough to read with a magnifying glass-just too small . I have never seen an American ballot before. A bit different.

  5. 11 minutes ago, ibarra said:

    We are Absentee AZ voters.  We received our online ballot, had trouble reading it when we tried to print it so, we transferred the information to a USB stick and took it to ISHOP to print for us and it was all more clear.  I can see it but my husband can't, he used a magnifying glass to read it but ended up just telling me how he wanted to vote which actually worked best.



    How did you send the ballot back to Arizona? I plan on sending it via Fax. If I use the ballot with the tiny print it would be a two page fax. If I enlarge the print it would be a 4 or 6 page ballot to fax. Would they reject this in Arizona? So you too must have sent a larger ballot back than what you received.. Maybe?

  6. 8 hours ago, MtnMama said:

    Are you talking about a paper ballot? AZ is one of the states that allows you to return your ballot electronically. Call the County Election Official and see if your neighbor can still receive the ballot by email. Explain the situation. Then the ballot will be easier to read.

    The ONLY accurate resource for this type of question is the County Election Official.

    Paper. I would rather not talk to them as I am a 3rd party. I don't see how that would make it any easier to read unless the fiddled with it.

  7. 1 hour ago, Mostlylost said:

    Depends on which  "expert" you choose to listen to. 

    I think we have all learned in the last few months that "experts" have lots of opinions and seem to change those opinions on a daily basis.       Heck the CDC just changed indoor social distancing guidance again today. 

    I am listening to the companies that are actually producing the vaccines. I would think they might know more about their own product's schedule than any one "expert" 

    In any event we will know in a few weeks how soon we can expect one or more vaccines to be available. 

    You are listening to the wrong people. The companies of course are only looking at their bottom line where as scientists and health workers should not have such an agenda. 

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