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  1. The SA hospital is out of that flu shot now.
  2. "experts" say herd immunity wil not be the answer.
  3. I guess many places will be closed tomorrow. Does anyone know if Walmart and the Ladron vet clinic will be open or closed.
  4. Speaking of construction. There sure is a lot going on between Ajijic and Jocotepec and between Jocotepec and Zapopan.
  5. Ask Jose at Teleservicio Calvario at 387 761 0379
  6. I have had him repair many things. I suspect smart TVs would be easy for him. You could phone and ask. There is a young man there that speaks English.
  7. I got an Omron brand one from Guadalajara Farmacia. It seems like a good one. I will have to compare it's readings with my old doctor's one.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I am stil waiting to hear from my GP. Then I will go shopping. I have been using a US Panasonic one that a neighbour lent me. I have been taking my BP about 6 times a day-very interesting
  9. What were the one or two that were recommended?
  10. I have yet to find that information on the CRA website
  11. Thanks. I looked at that site and saw some interesting ones.
  12. Does anyone know the best place to buy a good blood pressure meter?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I will pass the info along.
  14. If you use google maps and enter centro de salud, san juan cosala it is clearly shown but this board won't let me post the map. On Calle La Paz about a block and a bit south of Viva Mexico restaurant. Open 8:30 am until 2:30 I think.
  15. I asked the person I sent there and this is her reply; "One Block before the lake" . "It’s a nice size government Building . There is also a small School on that street . There is a big sign giving the phone number for the Virus out front. I wasn’t paying much attation to where we were going ." She is derectionally challended-I hope his helps."
  16. I was told it was at the Centro de Salud and that is on the street parallel to the one that Viva Mexico restaurant is on but one block towards the lake. I will ask the person I sent there.
  17. Does anyone know a Bank Lakeside where OAS and CPP can be sent to Mexico from Canada. I am asking for someone who does not use this board. She has a Bancomer account which would seem the logical place to start. I would not want mine deposited in Mexico.
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