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  1. That is the real question different species get mixed together and it is confusing and the plants can have different vegetative and flowering phases https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325202627_Aquatic_Plants_Pistia_stratiotes_L_and_Eichhornia_crassipes_Mart_Solms_An_Sustainable_Ecofriendly_Bioresources_-_A_Review
  2. There are many notaries in the US. I have had Canadian documents notarized by Mexican notaries. I am sure there is are ways to have a Mexican document notarized by a US notary.
  3. There have been large floating islands of green plants towards the west end of the lake. I live high above the lake so I can't see what species it is. Usually later in the rainy season when they open the dams on the Lerma river a lot of liro enters the lake from there. https://www.mexconnect.com/articles/1263-did-you-know-lake-chapala-under-attack-from-water-hyacinth/
  4. Thanks I have used him a few times-he is good but he is from Chapala and does not like coming out this far so he is always late-sometimes a day or more.
  5. The OP must have time on his hands to bring up an old topic that was discussion thoroughly years ago. I did not see the recent post that he is referring to.
  6. Does anyone know of a computer assist person in the Joco area. Someone who speaks some English would be better.
  7. My bank saying that asking me for a FIEL was a mistake as that is for wire transfers and mine was a "global" transfer.
  8. That will be a better location for me.
  9. The one from Jocotepec doesn't have any time limit mentioned.
  10. For a witness we picked up a lady sitting in the Jocotepec plaza. Nice lady. A odd but very Mexican way.
  11. I will ask about FIEL at my bank tomorrow. Odd that it has never come up before.
  12. Phone bill (not mine) and help from City Hall in Jocotepec.
  13. The best of Lake Chapala is a business out to make money. I notice their selection missed many good restaurants but included some that should not be there.
  14. It was a peculiar poll. Many good dentists weren't on that list-something was wrong with their metrics. I have been here for years and have big ears and never heard of this poll. Just a bit of advertising maybe.
  15. A woman cleaned my teeth not a guy. About 2 years ago.
  16. I got my proof of address today in Jocotepec-signed by the President. 45 pesos.
  17. I had a cleaning at Dr. Candy and it the worse I have ever had.
  18. Tecno Agua in West Ajijic 376766 3731
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