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  1. I went to Rudy's store today. They don't sell the granite sealers and polishes. So what to use?
  2. Good stuff to know. Where are Chopo and Dilabim?
  3. Maybe they are no longer single. The last post there was in 2014 July.
  4. Does anyone have an answer to this?
  5. I don't think it shakes peoples beliefs or scares them at all. There are a number of who reject ignorance and irrationality and feel they have to speak out against it.
  6. What I said does not indicate that not all are reported in any way. That is your interpretation but not what I said. Better to stick to facts and get back on topic.
  7. How do you know "not all sightings are reported and some are not even talked about outside closed circles"? Of those reported virtually always they are identified or explained by someone somewhere.
  8. Reason. There probably aren't any Unidentified flying objects here or anywhere else as virtually always someone has identified or explained them. People that say they are unidentified just aren't aware that they have been identified.
  9. They moved to the street that is one block south of Hildago=San luis. In the same area. If I get to that area I will get the actual number
  10. I wouldn't build a kidney shaped one. It is much easier to cut a solar blanket cut to fit one that is rectangular. You have to replace them every two years so don't make it too difficult.
  11. I have whole house voltage regulators but they don't protect against power surges or brownouts. I use individual Exceline surge/brownout protectors for each device including my pool pump.
  12. Go Solar one of directors on the board of the development I'm talking about told me that they were unhappy with the solar rings and they wanted a solid cover. So I'm not speaking for others but just reporting what the B of D is thinking.
  13. Go Solar if the round rings heated so effectively they would be even more effective if they were square. Square ones would also keep out more debris. They would be called solar squares. One of the larger Condominium developments in the area is thinking of switching from solar rings to a solid cover as they have too many problems with the rings. My pool is smaller and I have no roller and I'm old and I can put the cover on and off by myself. A neighbor has a much larger pool with a roller and they aren't spring chickens either and they can take it on and off with one person. Sue makes a good point.
  14. The solar rings would be much more effective if they were square so the the gaps for heat to escape were much smaller. I'm surprised no one makes them like that. You don't need a roller with a solid cover. Mine is a solid one and I can take it off and put it on myself.
  15. I find the store that lakeside7 mentioned is very expensive. If you continue west on the carretera to Home Solutions (beside where the Junky Monkey was) you will find much better prices. That being said any of the pool covers only seem to last a maximum of two years. From what I've seen the solar rings are worse. For one thing they leave big gaps (why don't they make square ones?) where heat can be lost. After several years they leak and need to be patched after which they look awful. Total covers also keep more debris out of the pool than rings.
  16. The Prisa/Truper store in downtown Ajijic has quite a good selection of such hardware.
  17. It is easy to walk past as it is just a small display in the vegetable area.
  18. I think there are two locally. One east of Chapala and the other towards Guadalajara. Can someone please give me links to them or directions to them so I can check them out?
  19. If you are without a car now where ever you live you are probably used to being without one and could manage here. But remember many places here aren't served by buses or the buses shut down early and you can't just go out and hail a taxi. In fact it can be difficult to call a cab to come to where you live and they shut down early also. So having no vehicle will restrict where you can live. It would be a real hardship for me to live without a vehicle. I had a house near Puerto Vallarta for 13 years and it would have been very difficult to live without a vehicle. It depends how you live. Here I would miss seeing a lot of things if I didn't have a vehicle-how would I go exploring looking for old haciendas, mountain towns, various neighbourhoods, lighthouses, birds, etc. I walk a lot here not because I have to but because I want to.
  20. A very sensible post Ajijic. Good to hear a reasonable message rather than some of the panic ones.
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