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  1. It is boggling and scary. I usually get a second opinion if it is something serious. In this case I should have gotten a third opinion.
  2. I just had cataract surgery done by Dr. Rios. He seems very capable and thorough and is up to date on the latest technology. He was amazed that Dr. Humberto Ruiz of Integrity Clinic had missed my cataracts when he examined me in the fall of 2013. Why don't you check out Rios and see what you think.
  3. Went there today to get eclairs but they sold out while I waited. Had to settle for mille feuilles. I'll miss them.
  4. A kilometer? On the south side of the carretera just before the Ajijic cemetery. So behind the Hacienda Ajijic/Don Pedro.
  5. These aren't fire ants here. Back to the OP. Leaf cutting ants were also stripping my olive tree until I put a band of Tree Tanglefoot around it. Also on my Bauhinia (orchid tree) some insects would cut all the flower buds off at some point. Now with the TT band on it I've had continuous flowers for about 6 months. Tree Tanglefoot has been a godsend. I wish I had found it 20 years ago. And it isn't dangerous chemicals.
  6. Someone on this forum once mentioned to put laundry detergent down their holes. I did this about a dozen times but that didn't work.
  7. After awhile I find the ants avoid the pellet types like Trompa and Patron. Meanwhile I notice my dogs will eat the pellets.
  8. I use Tree Tanglefoot like the OP suggested and it works very well on trees. Much more effective than Trompa, Patron, Hormigol, Fito Klor, etc. The Tree Tanglefoot won't really work on plants that have multiple stems or multiple places where the plant makes contact with the ground or a wall.
  9. I don't think it shakes peoples beliefs or scares them at all. There are a number of who reject ignorance and irrationality and feel they have to speak out against it.
  10. I had blinds installed by Illumina y Decora (Quick Blinds). Rafael the installer told me he also installs for Hunter Douglas. He said they are essentially the same product but that Hunter Douglas costs more.
  11. What I said does not indicate that not all are reported in any way. That is your interpretation but not what I said. Better to stick to facts and get back on topic.
  12. How do you know "not all sightings are reported and some are not even talked about outside closed circles"? Of those reported virtually always they are identified or explained by someone somewhere.
  13. Reason. There probably aren't any Unidentified flying objects here or anywhere else as virtually always someone has identified or explained them. People that say they are unidentified just aren't aware that they have been identified.
  14. They moved to the street that is one block south of Hildago=San luis. In the same area. If I get to that area I will get the actual number
  15. I've been trying to find programs in English with Spanish subtitles but no luck. Lots of interesting information in that link.
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    I ate there about 5 in the afternoon and the waiter suggested to sit close to the front entrance where it was cooler and where there are fewer flies. No flies. Food (grilled octopus and rolled pork) and service were very good. A bit pricey.
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    Okay that one. Your spelling of the name threw me. There is no u in it and.... http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=51024
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    Where is this place? Which Jocotepec sign?
  19. Is that the old previous CFE location or the current one?
  20. I wouldn't build a kidney shaped one. It is much easier to cut a solar blanket cut to fit one that is rectangular. You have to replace them every two years so don't make it too difficult.
  21. To the US to get married and settle down for a few years.
  22. I have whole house voltage regulators but they don't protect against power surges or brownouts. I use individual Exceline surge/brownout protectors for each device including my pool pump.
  23. What is the saddle soap called in these stores? Where do they stock it in Walmart?
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