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  1. I was thinking that the plant was the one growing on the north side of the carretera west of Ajijic. I got a cutting this morning of it. The leaves look identical but the flowers are different. The ones near the carretera have much smaller petals. Where did you see that plant? Yours looks quite similar to Barkleyanthus salicifolius which is listed as occurring here.
  2. I should know what it is but don't. When I went shopping today I took my pruners along but I didn't find any close to the road. Tomorrow I'll find a branch. I don't think it is any of those mentioned so far.
  3. I am curious as to what difficulty your trees are having and what kind of fruit trees you have. If you post that information here someone might know the solution.
  4. Register here; http://app.cfe.gob.mx/Aplicaciones/CCFE/Recibos/Consulta/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fAplicaciones%2fCCFE%2fRecibos%2fConsulta%2f
  5. The hot dogs are much better than the bbq beef sandwich. Their chicken melt sandwich is very good.
  6. Yes they water ski on the lake. Usually on the weekends and more so in the Spring/Summer. There are very few good places to launch boats. Yacht clubs in Chapala and La Floresta have ramps and memberships. There is a proper ramp in El Limon. A not so good boat launching ramp in Piedra Barrenada. You can park your trailer at those 4 for a fee. I don't know where the public ramp is at Jocotepec. After using your boat on the lake there are no proper docks to leave it at-you have to pull your boat back out.
  7. I have had the same experience as Xena. I never take my dogs to restaurants but I like to see well behaved pooches in restaurants. Sure beats noisy kids.
  8. 20 doctors!! Are you expecting major problems? Your records would be scattered all over the place with no one doctor having the complete picture.
  9. Okay. I wonder if 200 minutes could also equal 200 pesos.
  10. Thanks. What are the advantages of having a plan?
  11. I was looking at Smart phones at the Telcel store in Laguna mall today and I'm confused. There are different plans and different cost structures. Can you do like you did with the dumb cell phones and just buy an amount of time every two months? What different options are there?
  12. I just checked my bill online and it shows that the June to October bill has been paid. It doesn't show any bill after this. I live in San Juan Cosala.
  13. "and foreigners with Canadian plates can pay their fines in Canada and Americans in South Dakota" What?
  14. There is a place in Jocotepec also.
  15. cedros

    maple syrup

    I missed it. In September and the first Monday in October that Costco didn't have it (the other Costco didn't have it in September twice also). They don't have it today also but Sam's Club does have it today-two brands.
  16. cedros

    maple syrup

    Costco doesn't carry it anymore. Where can you buy it?
  17. Okay. I tried the new sushi place today and it was pretty good. Better than I expected from some of the earlier comments. I will go back and try a more complicated dish. I notice a lot of the rolls listed cream cheese as an ingredient so if you don't like it you can avoid those ones.
  18. I have been waiting for this place to open but I won't go until I hear a good review. Sushi is my favourite food. I come from a place (Vancouver) that has many excellent authentic sushi restaurants. I've tried the place by Andares mall and another fancy one somewhere in central Guadalajara. Not very good. The best I've found in the area is the China Inn in Jocotepec. Second best Costco!? Neither use cream cheese. But I got sick after the last batch from Costco.
  19. If you are just there to buy more time go to the several tellers on the right hand side.
  20. For years I dealt with the Telcel store across the carretera from Telmex but time (money) kept going missing. I switched to the Telcel store at Laguna mall and that problem stopped. I only had one instance at Laguna where I needed an English speaking person and it was okay.
  21. Take a look at the leaves. The leaves of the mistletoe are quite distinctive.
  22. If you read the previous posts you will see that both the mistletoe and dodder are parasitic. Both are the orange plague. Mistletoe is probably more widespread. Dodder is totally parasitic-it has no leaves and doesn't photosynthesis. Mistletoe isn't totally parasitic as it has its own leaves.
  23. Yes I want to purify the water by getting rid of suspended material and killing off harmful bacteria and other critters. I'm just wondering if a sand filter is a better way than paper filters to get rid of the suspended material. Someone I know has the tank with sand and they only backwash every couple of weeks. It will depend on how much sediment is in your water. one The water coming out of my tap looks very clean and has been tested for bacteria.
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