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  1. When I put in sod a few years ago the contractor bought it from Santa Anita (South west of Guadalajara). It you drive from Jocotepec to Guadalajara you will pass their sign advertising sod.
  2. If the surrounding soil has a lot of clay the water from the septic or holding tank won't drain away properly. Do you put paper down your toilets? Some of the septic systems are pretty rudimentary and need to be modified. You may need an "expert" analysis.
  3. Earlier this year when I renewed in Jocotepec I didn't have to go to Guadalajara-my facillator did.
  4. I agree a special settings is very important. That only leaves two restaurants.
  5. The jamaica that is made into a drink is quite different than the hibiscus you have in the gardens.
  6. Walmart has the best selection of Xmas cards. There is a display stand around the corner from the paper section. The papeleria at the corner of Juarez and Hidalgo in Ajijic has the second best. I think both places have those little bags.
  7. Before I spay with anything I would examine the leaves carefully a number times-day and night to look for the culprit. It could be leaf cutting ants, caterpillars, or?
  8. I've used 880 numbers a few times before this year and was never charged (in previous years I was charged). I thought it was part of their new plan to make long distance free. It was until now for me.
  9. For a long time my bill from Telmex has been $599 per month. Suddenly this month it is $779. There is $150 charge for LADA 800/880. It has been quite some time since I have been charged for LADA. Has anyone else had the same happen?
  10. I thought it was time to try this place out. It was closed with no sign saying what days or hours it was open. Google was no help-one listing just said closed. Does anyone know what days, hours they are open?
  11. They are installed anywhere that is suitable. Usually outside the house somewhere.
  12. If you use the links provided by geeser and johanson they still give a 401 error for me.
  13. Do you know the name of this artificial sap and where you can buy it?
  14. I don't know this place or Farmacia Similare. Is it east or west of Colon?
  15. There are 4 that I know of in Ajijic-all in the "downtown" section-3 on the carretera and one on the plaza. Pechugon (East of Colon) has the best chicken but Pollo Feliz (farther East by the Prisa store) has better condiments especially their beans. There must be some more. The one by Coca Cola isn't rotisserie.
  16. El Bizco that one works for me also. I've noticed this oddity with the CFE site in the past. Depending "where" you come from or what site you have registered with CFE on your computer or ? you may or not get access.
  17. Sill odd. My computer always has the correct date and time but I still get credentials error for two of those links.
  18. Odd. The visible part of all 3 of the above links look almost the same (except no e before c in the first one) but only the one I posted gives me access. The other two give me a 401 access denied. It is as if there is interaction between who is trying to access the sites and access.
  19. The site I have been using for years still works for me; https://app.cfe.gob.mx/Aplicaciones/CCFE/Recibos/Consulta/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fAplicaciones%2fCCFE%2fRecibos%2fConsulta
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