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  1. Mine is Aqua Rite Goldline. I don't understand what you mean when you say you replaced the display. My display is malfunctioning. The display screen is in the centre of a metal box like this. http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Rite-In-Ground-Chlorine-Generator/dp/B000FN9Z26 Tecno Aqua installed mine. They say they can't repair them and that it has to be sent to Guadalajara.
  2. To anyone using a Goldline 235 controller have you found anyone locally who can service it.
  3. I had cataract surgery done by Dr. Rios with mixed results. Is this the same doctor?

  4. Yes very slow and awkward to use. I miss the part that showed the number of posts and replies.
  5. Tecno Aqua the pool supply and water distributor place in west Ajijic was closed yesterday and their sign has been taken down. Does anyone know if they have gone out of business or just moved?
  6. I was there Monday and everything was perfect. Where are you getting your information from?
  7. Remember bills for different areas come out at different times. My bills (San Juan Cosala) are now posted online. Due February 25th.
  8. I hear there is a new and improved malecon in San Antonio. I forget what street you go down to get to it. Can someone tell me please?
  9. Last time I went via Mexico City it was difficult to find the place to get the stamp. When finally I did there was no one there. It was just a desk sitting out in the middle of nowhere. When I tried to check in they sent me back to immigration at this desk. It was along way back so they had to hold the plane for me.
  10. As far as I know no blueberries are grown at Jocotepec. The ones sold locally come from Michocan. Ask the vendors and that is what they will tell you.
  11. I would contact moving companies in your area of Canada. Most of the larger ones do international moves and know all the ropes. I wouldn't use a Mexican company for the first part of the move. The Canadian moving company will arrange the Mexican part of the move.
  12. Yes the one at Ixtlan is capped. CFE drilled 3 wells there. They decided they weren't worthwhile to produce energy. They capped all three but one has a valve on it that they open now and again to produce a geyser. But when?
  13. I want to go to Ixtlan to see the geyser. It is controlled by a valve so I would like to be sure it is working when I go. Where were the geysers in San Juan Cosala?
  14. Has anyone visited Ixtlan de los Hervores, Michochan to see the geyser?
  15. When you enter San Juan Cosala from the east after you go through the traffic light there is a large microwave tower on the left. The repair place is adjacent to the tower on the west side of it. Once it cost me 20 another time 50 pesos.
  16. Teleservicio Calvario in San Juan Cosala has repaired several of my Shaw remotes when one or several buttons quite working. Very reasonable price.
  17. There is no one I can recommend. That is why I do it myself. I've tried Tecno Aqua and H2Ole.
  18. Is Carnival in Chapala still going on?
  19. Jose's. This restaurant used to be near the plaza in Chapala. Where is it now? They had great ribs etc. at a good price.
  20. John Galt why don't you get in touch with Spencer at S & S Auto. He can answer all your questions and do all the leg work for you. It will save us all a lot of peculiar questions and answers.
  21. Yes but the public vendors are often selling the seconds. For example the blueberries at Costco are also grown in Mexico but they are much better quality than those you buy along the carretera or at Superlake. They grow 5 varieties of raspberries locally but the best ones are exported.
  22. Are there two SOSE offices? I dealt with the one in Chapala and it was hopeless. I've heard that the one in Ajijic is better.
  23. Many might think that as cabs are so cheap you don't really need help. Maybe there are other things involved.
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