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  1. I thought the tacos were pretty blah.
  2. cedros

    Cole slaw

    Since I've never found any premade I buy shredded cabbage and grated carrot at Walmart or Superlake. I add some grated onion and raisins and make some cole slaw dressing. I'll have to try that place by Puritan.
  3. parts per million measuring chlorine. Usually you get a sample bottle from a lab. Then you take the water sample and take it to the lab.
  4. I bought one at the Garden Center in Riberas.
  5. The largest natural lake in Mexico. 4 or 5 man made lakes are larger by volume than Chapala. Chapala isn't even close to being one of the largest in the world. There are many, many lakes much, much larger.
  6. Asians aren't buying the KEY real estate. A strange thing to say. It is all part of people migrating to different places for various reasons. It has been going on for thousands of years and is unstoppable. People living in the receiving area often try to fight it for selfish reasons but they are bound to lose.
  7. 3.1 inches in San Juan Cosala. The highest amount this season.
  8. Skymed will transport you to wherever you want in the US or Canada. I know of several people who have had this done.
  9. No. Coming from the east. When you come to the first traffic light in Jocotepec turn left and follow the old truck route through Jocotepec. Right at the Cuba restaurant onto Vincente Guerro. Continue on this through 3 traffic lights. About a block past the last light (at Independicia) there is a tope. The testing place is here on the right. There is a sign. Next door to a car wash. Across the street from Pepe Pollo.
  10. Take a look at the leaves. The leaves of the mistletoe are quite distinctive.
  11. If you read the previous posts you will see that both the mistletoe and dodder are parasitic. Both are the orange plague. Mistletoe is probably more widespread. Dodder is totally parasitic-it has no leaves and doesn't photosynthesis. Mistletoe isn't totally parasitic as it has its own leaves.
  12. Testing is going ahead at both stations-Chapala and Jocotepec. I had mine done recently. Some days they can't do it because of technical problems-no internet, equipment malfunction, etc.
  13. Yes I want to purify the water by getting rid of suspended material and killing off harmful bacteria and other critters. I'm just wondering if a sand filter is a better way than paper filters to get rid of the suspended material. Someone I know has the tank with sand and they only backwash every couple of weeks. It will depend on how much sediment is in your water. one The water coming out of my tap looks very clean and has been tested for bacteria.
  14. My purification system consists of two large filters-one paper the other foam or cord and an UV light. When I got it I didn't realize that you could get a sand filter instead of what I have. The sand filter seems like a great idea as you don't have to change the filters regularly you just back wash it instead. Can anyone who has a sand filter comment on the pros and cons of it?
  15. The common name of the spaghetti plant is Dodder. Genus Cuscuta. http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/dodder.htm The one with the orange honeysuckle like flower is mistletoe. Genus Psittacanthuus http://lakechapalagardenclub.org/chapalatreeservice.html Both are evident right now but are quite different.
  16. Thanks. That is where I looked but....
  17. I haven't been able to find El Cantarito. When comes from Jocotepec and you reach the Morelia/Guadalajara highway is it to the right or left?
  18. From an Aug 14th post by El Cartero; "no longer at Montoya (sic) Plaza - now across from the Priza (sic) store west of Oxxo. So still close, just the other side of the street and east a bit" in Ajijic
  19. A number of other wells also have hot spring water. They put some test meters in the Raquet Club to see how they would work but a number of them failed-I heard they failed because they used the wrong kind. About 18 properties (out of 350) are on meters now.
  20. You are understanding things. Remember there aren't just one or two different water systems there are hundreds. There are wells all over the place. Some systems have meters some don't. A well may serve one property or hundreds.
  21. I went to Rudy's store today. They don't sell the granite sealers and polishes. So what to use?
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