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  1. The OP would have to be assuming she got a ticket as she was speeding and there was photo radar.
  2. They grow 5 different varieties of raspberries here so shop around.
  3. I got 50% off after 34 days recently.
  4. If you have a Mexican plated vehicle and its address is correct the ticket will come in the mail after a number of weeks. When you receive the ticket in the mail all the places you can pay it are listed on the back. Soriana, OXXO, HSBC, Bancomer, Banamex. 7-11, Santander, etc. You can't pay it until you have the ticket in hand as each ticket has a unique code that is needed to credit you. If you pay right after you receive the ticket it is half price even if it is more than a month.
  5. Cartero thanks for reporting this. It gives me another type of fraud to watch out for.
  6. At one of the farms near Jocotepec.
  7. No power outages in San Juan Cosala in the last few months except for a few seconds.
  8. Astounding! The only reason I can think of to do that is for the clerk to pocket the money. Shameless corruption-how to avoid it? Are you confident the people in Ocotlan were honest?
  9. Clorox isn't really liquid chlorine. Why not ask H2Ole what they mean by liquid chlorine?
  10. I have been waiting for this place to open but I won't go until I hear a good review. Sushi is my favourite food. I come from a place (Vancouver) that has many excellent authentic sushi restaurants. I've tried the place by Andares mall and another fancy one somewhere in central Guadalajara. Not very good. The best I've found in the area is the China Inn in Jocotepec. Second best Costco!? Neither use cream cheese. But I got sick after the last batch from Costco.
  11. If you are just there to buy more time go to the several tellers on the right hand side.
  12. Two Mexican lawyers who are both facilators have told me not to sign up with Seguro Popular but to stick with IMSS as they say SP doesn't have a proven record yet. One said that when 3 clients that she had switched from IMSS to SP wanted to switch back to IMSS, IMSS would not take them back.
  13. For years I dealt with the Telcel store across the carretera from Telmex but time (money) kept going missing. I switched to the Telcel store at Laguna mall and that problem stopped. I only had one instance at Laguna where I needed an English speaking person and it was okay.
  14. Deleted. I posted in the wrong section.
  15. No he says the OXXO near La Canacinta. Nowhere near SJC.
  16. It seems like the terms limits for elected officials for towns, cities, and municipalities are for 3 years. But none of the officials seem to run for a second term. Can they? We are having very spotty garbage collection in our fraccionamiento as the term for our local officials is up at the end on this month. Jocotepec doesn't have the money to supply gasoline for the garbage trucks as the outgoing administration has cleaned out the bank accounts. I'm wondering if they can't run again because they cleaned out the bank accounts or they clean out the bank accounts because they can't run again.
  17. The written test probably. The driving test maybe. You won't know until you try as it varies a lot.
  18. Does anyone know where I can get a large Chapala street map? For a wall in a pizza delivery place.
  19. Can you let us know what kind of job Junior does on your car? I went there once and it was not good. Maybe they have improved.
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