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    maple syrup

    Costco doesn't carry it anymore. Where can you buy it?
  2. Everything is fine in the Raquet Club. I noticed a couple of newly planted large palms leaning but nothing else. Water has pretty well finished running in the streets. Security report no problems. Just over 4 inches of rain. Electricity was off for just a few seconds. Like wise everything seems fine in the town of San Juan Cosala.
  3. It was fairly windy and rainy but we’ve had worse-higher winds, more rain, and lightening. No lightening with this hurricane. Not a drop of water where it shouldn’t be except my pool is overflowing. No wind damage. The electricity was only off for a few seconds. I had cleaned out the gutter along my road and stocked up on supplies but it wasn’t necessary. A light rain has started this morning. A total of just over 4 inches of rain over 32 hours. We've had that much overnight before. Parts of my fraccionamiento were asked to leave their homes but it wasn't necessary.
  4. cedros


    I got this message this morning; "Your email has been detected sending Spam mails, Click HERE: http://prodigy-mexico-mail-management.weebly.com/to Verify your account Failure to comply will led to termination/Closure of your Email ID. Losing all your important files. Prodigy Admin" Is it for real?
  5. I agree with Ferret-get two opinions. Maybe Dr. Rios and Dra. Camacho near the entrance to Mirasol.
  6. I read my meters every day so I can check on the bums.
  7. The bill this month is quite different. For consumption they give kwh for 4 months instead of two even though there were bills two months ago. For apoyo gubernamental they show 0 for both costo de produccion and aportacion Gubernamental instead of showing actual pesos amounts. When it comes to the actual amount owing it isn't as bad as you would expect as they have "A Cuenta" deduction. So one bill is 931 with A Cuenta of 502 equaling a total of 497. The other meter goes from 596 pesos to 278 with A Cuenta of 357 pesos. Quite confusing as to what is going on. Do others have something similar?
  8. I have a Rival crockpot that you can have for free. It is round without a hotplate. Before I moved here I gave away my old rice cooker and bought a new Black & Decker one at Fabric de Francia in Guadalajara. This new one was too hot and made a mess of the counter whenever I used it so I gave it away and bought a combo rice cooker/crockpot at Costco. It works well so I don't need my Rival crockpot.
  9. So far Roundup (glifosato) is the only serious solution. I used it for many years on my cranberry farm as did most other Ocean Spray growers and I still use it here in Mexico to control weeds. I don't know of any proven problems with Roundup.
  10. The Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara recommends these two places Lakeside; Foto Studio del Lago Av. Madero #238-C Chapala Tel: (376) 765-3548 malvagarmx (at) yahoo.com.mx Estudio Zaragoza Lopez Cotilla #290 Chapala Tel: (376) 765-3495 Jaime.zaragoza (at) Sanmina-sci.com
  11. Thanks Sonia I had found that one but it seems incomplete. I thought there was another one.
  12. I lost the MLS listing site I had for the area and can't find a good on. Is there still one around?
  13. La Casa del Plomero has the best selection.
  14. http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=54455&hl=thai
  15. Back to the OP. What size of tank does the camper have? Have you checked for propane at the place in Ajijic across from Bugainvillas plaza?
  16. Back to trash. Here in the Raquet Club we are having ongoing garbage pickup problems. Garbage pickup was missed for a week and contines irregularly. The new administration took over in Jocotepec at the start of October. Meanwhile the outgoing administration in Joco had apparently cleaned out the bank accounts and files so the garbage truck couldn't come to the Raquet Club as they had no money to buy gas for their trucks. The individual home owners in the RC pay taxes at Jocotepec (which should pay for garbage pickup) and the RC pays Joco extra for the same. In nearby San Juan Cosala they seem
  17. I've dealt with both but had problems with Electroventa which Tio Sam solved.
  18. Okay. I tried the new sushi place today and it was pretty good. Better than I expected from some of the earlier comments. I will go back and try a more complicated dish. I notice a lot of the rolls listed cream cheese as an ingredient so if you don't like it you can avoid those ones.
  19. Tio Sam is a store that sells kitchen appliances. It is on the libramiento in San Antonio on the north side of the Interlago mall (north of Walmart). They have a very good selection and good service. If they don't have what you want they can get it in.
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