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  1. I suppose common usage depends where you are. My first 13 years were spent on the coast in Nayarit where tortillas were corn (maize)or wheat (trigo).
  2. The OP is a little confusing to me. Aren't all tortillas made of flour. Some of made of wheat flour and others are made of corn flour=masa harina. So in the original post couldn't flour tortillas be either? For example from Rolly's Mexico masa harina = packaged dried masa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masa http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/what-is-masa-harina.htm
  3. I just checked my bill online and it shows that the June to October bill has been paid. It doesn't show any bill after this. I live in San Juan Cosala.
  4. Maybe the street you are looking for is actually in Zapopan or Tonala.
  5. I suspect many of the hummingbirds are still making their way south from being up north for the summer. A month ago I rarely saw one but more are showing up in my garden now.
  6. Walmart gets some nice ones in usually but not until just before Xmas.
  7. I have never seen it slippery when wet. It isn't steep enough to become slippery.
  8. "and foreigners with Canadian plates can pay their fines in Canada and Americans in South Dakota" What?
  9. Best security? As the streets are owned by Jocotepec security cannot prevent anyone from entering the Raquet Club. Also it has a large area that has no fence around it. But security is better than it used to be. There have been several incidents in the past year-one just 2 weeks ago. Places like Los Sabinos are more secure as they are Condiminums not Fraccionamiento and they are smaller. Regardless the Raquet Club makes up for security with it's wide streets, great views, and many facilities. The streets are great for walking as there is little traffic and the mountain trails are great for hik
  10. I ask about Laguna for E mail as a friend has it and it doesn't seem to work very well. Messages he sends on it don't arrive sometimes and messages sent to him very often don't arrive.
  11. There is a place in Jocotepec also.
  12. Do many people use Laguna for the internet?
  13. That would be very handy. Which phone would do that?
  14. Thanks but they don't seem to have the map I'm looking for there. I'll go to their store and check it out.
  15. I was wondering about Sandi. I went there once and don't remember if they had other maps. I have emailed them and asked.
  16. Does anyone know of a store in Guadalajara that sells a good selection of Guadalajara maps? I've tried several Sanborns there with no luck. Lakeside they only have one version of Blue Map and one version of Guia Roji map. I need some better versions. I know there are other versions of the Blue Map but where.
  17. If I'm looking for a specific plant I go to various nurseries and show them a branch or picture of what I want. Shop around. Some nurseries like the one in San Juan Cosala and the one behind Superlake will order specific plants in for you. It only takes a few days.
  18. In Riberas if you go south from Hidalgo on San Jorge (the street that Mom's is on) it is the second street from the bottom on the right.
  19. Quite a few problems viewing and posting here the last few days. It gives a SQL server error.
  20. After the recent rain the lake level has spiked and passed the 95 meters level. How far will it go?
  21. cedros

    maple syrup

    I missed it. In September and the first Monday in October that Costco didn't have it (the other Costco didn't have it in September twice also). They don't have it today also but Sam's Club does have it today-two brands.
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