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  1. There are 4 that I know of in Ajijic-all in the "downtown" section-3 on the carretera and one on the plaza. Pechugon (East of Colon) has the best chicken but Pollo Feliz (farther East by the Prisa store) has better condiments especially their beans. There must be some more. The one by Coca Cola isn't rotisserie.
  2. El Bizco that one works for me also. I've noticed this oddity with the CFE site in the past. Depending "where" you come from or what site you have registered with CFE on your computer or ? you may or not get access.
  3. Sill odd. My computer always has the correct date and time but I still get credentials error for two of those links.
  4. Odd. The visible part of all 3 of the above links look almost the same (except no e before c in the first one) but only the one I posted gives me access. The other two give me a 401 access denied. It is as if there is interaction between who is trying to access the sites and access.
  5. The site I have been using for years still works for me; https://app.cfe.gob.mx/Aplicaciones/CCFE/Recibos/Consulta/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fAplicaciones%2fCCFE%2fRecibos%2fConsulta
  6. Try asking here; FANCHEL Located at Av. La Calma #3531 in Zapopan. Addresses: www.fanchel.com and info@fanchel.com
  7. They don't like you doing that in the store before you buy it.
  8. The notions store on the plaza in Ajijic. I have bought several there. If you want accurate take one you know is accurate along with you and compare it to the various ones on sale.
  9. Chillin sent me the document. Great! I can download it and save it from what he sent me.
  10. I have Adobe and do exactly as you describe but it won't download or save unless I pay.
  11. Does anyone see how you can save this study to your computer without paying money?
  12. Trompa is available many places. Several agricultural supply store in Jocotepec. Casa del Plomero and Jara in Ajijic. Home Depot. I've bought it other places also (where?). Fito Klor is a product that works in the same way and is available widely. I've been using both for years but they aren't permanent solutions. I don't think anything is. A couple of suggestions were given above that I haven't heard of so I will have to try them. I've used laundry detergent on it's own but it didn't work.
  13. Yes they are nocturnal. You have to go out at night with a flashlight and follow them to find their nest.
  14. I use a HSBC card from Canada. I don't pay any charges to the local banks.
  15. cedros


    Tony can order in any size you want. The quality varies. Walmart gets some nice ones in before Christmas. I bought a spiral cut one there by mistake once. Way to thin slices.
  16. A few weeks ago. Your information is obviously more up to date.
  17. I drove past there and didn't notice (remember) any so it can't be too major.
  18. I noticed the same. If you look at pictures of Senecio salignus here; https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=Senecio+salignus&newwindow=1&site=webhp&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwivxcPM9bbJAhUEdT4KHUolCXcQ7AkIQw&biw=1024&bih=644 You will see ones with wider leaves. That is why I wondered if the genus was right but not the species or maybe it is a very variable species.
  19. I've driven in that area several times in the last month and there was no construction.
  20. It works pretty well. It would work better if I did it more often.
  21. Dirty pool covers are so ugly. About once a month when I take it off the pool I hose it off with pretty good pressure as I'm taking it off. To clean it before I retire it in the summer I spread it out on the lawn and scrub it with a brush and soapy water.
  22. Here https://translate.google.com.mx/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.conabio.gob.mx/malezasdemexico/asteraceae/senecio-salignus/fichas/ficha.htm&prev=search they say a common name is Willow ragwort.
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