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  1. On the Agua Jalisco site they are showing the level up to December 22nd. I guess the LC weather page hasn't updated. The Agua Jalisco site is always slow to update their site after holidays. They are 3 weeks behind which is normal for this time of year.
  2. I would like to try this "pizza" but no one there knows when they will have it again. It seems to be a walk to place not a drive to one.
  3. A few more drops this afternoon in my part of San Juan Cosala. I had to water today.
  4. Only a trace in San Juan Cosala.
  5. The lady across the libramiento from Laguna Mall sent a guy who did a very thorough job. I've had 2 others do the spraying and they weren't near as good. One was very expensive the other was not very thorough and was very sloppy with the chemicals.
  6. For me it must have anchovies and onion.
  7. Below and to the east of La Vita Bella. I was there in November and there was no such problem as the OP reported. I went there maybe 10 times when it was El Risco and likewise never had any problem. The menu and staff are different from El Risco but it still has a spectacular setting. Worth a visit.
  8. I have the December 5-11 one which you are welcome to. PM me if you are interested.
  9. I have quite a bit and will give you some. PM me to arrange.
  10. Many things. Fish, beef, chicken, etc.
  11. Osoprehistorico could be correct. Did you see a doctor and have tests done?
  12. Blessed? A nonsense word. I have no choice. The largest part of that is taxes to Jocotepec and to my fraccionamiento.
  13. There are other taxes besides income tax that we all pay. For example the 16% sales tax. Last year I probably paid more than 60,000 in taxes.
  14. I went there last week. The food and service were good. It was very interesting to see the house inside. It looks like it might have looked 90 years ago. Furniture, pictures, etc. all in situ.
  15. The above isn't quite right according to the StreetSmart map booklet. Hidalgo extends west out of Chapala not to the libramiento (which is much farther north) but to the road that becomes the Carretera. I'm not sure exactly where the name changes from Hidalgo to Carretera but it is somewhere near the cross streets San Mateo or San Pablo in Riberas. Some maps show the Carretera extending farther east to Las Palomas thus making Hidalgo only 4 or 5 blocks long. StreetSmart shows it called Hidalgo in west Riberas then as you go east becoming the Carretera again for a brief stretch then Hidalgo. Co
  16. It looks like it is closed forever but there was no sign so who knows. All the adjacent businesses were open at the time. I'll phone before I go next time.
  17. I don't understand what the changes to the median outside of City Hall are supposed to do. The center median is nice and neat but is it for walking across or parking on or? There are no seats there. I suspect people will try and park their cars there unless some barriers are installed. The Nacimiento and decorations on City Hall are nice.
  18. That is the one that was closed yesterday. Who knows for how long?
  19. I know the place as it is usually where I get my lawnmower repaired. I went there yesterday at noon and it was closed.
  20. Does anyone know of shops Lakeside (maybe even Guadalauara) that repair lawnmowers? I'm looking for places that would sell used lawnmowers.
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