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  1. Posted August 20, 2017 I found this one in Guadalajara. An old fashioned, well established clock shop. Lama Relojeria Pavo # 121 Guadalajara, 36 13 32
  2. It usually starts June 12th at 11pm.
  3. I had dengue a few years ago. No rash or bumps just a lab test. I was tired and achy for a week. A Mexican fiend moved in for a week to help me with garden up keep. I have since been vaccinated against it.
  4. Yes, they are filed for public record according to my notary.
  5. Probably it isn't as dry in central RC as all the neighbours water extensively. The rainbirds seem to like drier areas.
  6. In eastern Raquet Club in previous years their noise was overwhelming. This year in central RC I have heard no sound from them. Just a few drops of rain last night.
  7. Unfinishd projects have been common in Mexico for years for various reasons especially if the funding is from Mexican sources.
  8. sm1mx's works better for me.
  9. I spend about 30,000 a year and get 2 percent off because I have a black Costco card and pay cash. I will have to ask what percent I would get off if I used their CC.
  10. Some interesting comments. Does anyone use Costco Wholesale on line for deliveries rather than going to a Costco.
  11. If that is the case why get it now? Avoid the rush?
  12. There was an ambulance on the west side of the Ajijic Clinic. A few years ago I asked Dr. Rodriguez about it. He replied that it was an antique that did not operate. Maybe they have a newer one now.
  13. Costco on Lopez Mateos in Zapopan has lately had a booth set up to sign people up to their CC. Does anyone have comments about the Costco CC?
  14. Not true one more time what do you thing parts there of means. I rarely respond to your posts as they are usually ill informed. Now you are contradicting your self.
  15. The ones I had definitely did not do the whole body. Each one focused on a specific area.
  16. Where are the private ones located?
  17. Hospital on the libramiento
  18. Definitely not. Most focus on a particular area. "For a cervical spine (neck), you will enter the MRI scanner head-first. For a lumbar spine, you will enter the scanner feet-first, and depending upon how tall you are, your head may be out of or near the entrance of the magnet."
  19. Do you mean PCR test? What do you mean by: "this newly named airline"? It has been called that for years.
  20. The new Riberas hospital does MRIs. It may depend on what part of your body you want an MRI done on. I've had MRIs done at both hospitals. The Riberas one was more professional.
  21. That is expensive. A relative does it for me for free.
  22. Almost the same in the Raquet Club. About 10 times yesterday. Today 3 or 4 times so far. Just for a few minutes each time.
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