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  1. That will be a sad day if most all Shaw channels go. It is the best for me. It depends on what you like to watch. I don't watch movies.
  2. I've flown Aeromexico from Vancouver to Guadalajara via Mexico City a number of times and my bags always go through all the way through to Guadalajara. No fuss with them at MC. I always ask if my bags go through on their own when I check in in Vancouver.
  3. Are you happy with the new Microsoft Edge
  4. That site doesn't seem to deliver here. You may have to check with a local flower store.
  5. That is an if. It depends on how effecient hepta filters work.
  6. Looking at that video I might have been safe on my last Aeromexico flight. I had seat 1A, no one beside me, no one in the aisle seat on the right side of the plane. So the nearest person on my right would have been over 2 meters away. (there are only 4 seats per row in business class). One person in the two seats behind me.In any event if you have to fly it is probably best to pick the safest options.
  7. Maybe. I had a flight on AirCanada Toronto to PV connecting with Aeromar flying to Guadalajara. Baggage was to be auomatically transferred except the government kept cancelling the last flight
  8. Interesting . I flew business class on Air Canada from Toronto to Puerto Vallarta in April. There were 18 seats in business class. I was the only passenger in there. About 10 people in the back of the plane (a plane that holds about 200). The planes seem to be flying much fuller since then. Earlier this month I flew business class on Aeromexico to Vancouver. Business class was almost full. In the back of the plane there were 90 some passengers. Most of these 90 some were Mexicans flying to pick fruit in British Columbia.
  9. If you fly Business class on Aeromexico on that route two large bags and one carry on are free aren't they? Probably cleaner air also. Another plus with business class on aeromexixco is that my dog could ride at my feet without a crate and no charge. My dog flew twic like that.
  10. I always follow procedure. I repeat the only person sitting within 6 feet of me was behind me. I asked for the seat beside me to be empty. There were very few lines-none at boarding as I had priority, none at immigration a bit of a one at security. You have to wonder about the infection of everyone everywhere. No buses.
  11. It is expensive but I suspect the person who was concerned about flying can afford it.
  12. Pancho's new store is understocked compared to Superlake but he has some things that Superlake lacked. Fresher bakery selection, some very nice displays of deli products, and numerous cooked meals and premade sandwiches there that are to go. He has a better alcohol selection. A lot of the specialty, imported things at Superlake were very overpriced and I would virtually never buy them.
  13. The Scandinavian bakery at Laguna mall in San Antonio and Jocotepec have fresh sliced rye bread.
  14. True but there are some precautions you can take. Fly in business class. Do not take an aisle seat as the hoi polloi will walk pass you when loading. Window seat only at the bulkhead so one one is in front of you. I recently flew Aeromexico to Vancouver. The aisle seat beside me was empty. The only person within a meter of me was the person behind me. Masks were required. I did not hear any coughing in business class.The Aeromexico video clip claimed that the air inside the plane was almost operating room quality.
  15. I have seen several news stories and the video currently being shown on Aeromexico flights to Canada that on board the plane things are quite safe. Aeromexico says they have hepta filters that filter out 99.99% of airborne virus and bacteria and that they let jets of clean air from outside into the plane. Who is checking that?
  16. Yes, Trudeau promised it months ago.
  17. If you also use UV light sand filters are the way to go . Better quality and less fiddling.
  18. You don't need replacement filters is you use a sand filter. You just back wash it automatically on a regular, predetermined, basis.
  19. I've been to their store on Lopez Mateos a number of times and there was nothing that caught my eye-pretty cheap looking. and not that comfortable.
  20. Juan on Colon in Ajijic is open. Walk in-no appointment needed. He has been there for years and his father before him. He gives proper haircuts.
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