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  1. 7 hours ago, rafterbr said:

    I was told when we first came Lakeside that people would use the LCS until they became established in the community.  I find this to be true, we were members for 3 years and finally just quit going.  They have done some good things for the Mexican community, so I think as several others have said maybe they need to go back to basics.  The library and bus trips were the only things we ever used. 

    The library and the bus trips were the only things I ever used. Now that I know my way around Guadalajara I don't need the bus trips.

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  2. I have half a dozen watches that I keep going. Neither of those two can do it properly. I guess if you have a cheap watch it tdoesn't matter. It it is a good watch you have to take it to Daniel Jackson. He is a jeweler in Ajijic at Hidalgo 29A,  376 766 2223. If it is something he can't do he goes to Guadalajara once a week and will leave it with an expert watchman there. 

    I have used the two mentioned above and they are novices. 

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  3. 31 minutes ago, #HarryB said:

    It amazes me that persons who repeatedly express hatred of Ajijic spread false rumors about the community. No trees have been removed, are being removed or will be removed during the construction work. i just spoke to Juan Ramon Flores Delegado as the source for this information!


    I thought the trees being removed referred to the Chapala plaza.

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  4. 14 hours ago, happyjillin said:

    Get with the programme,we are talking gas stations for vehicles not propane for the house.-SNORK!

    Of course-that is obvious. You missed it. 

    I remember getting gas at a Pemex north of Puerto Vallarta a few years ago.  I knew exactly how much my VW van would take.  Soon they were supposedly putting more gas into my tank than as if it had been empty. I protested. At that point the Pemex guard came over (with his rifle) and said you pay. So I paid.

    Pemex gas stations for years have been notorious for shortchanging customers. They have been know to fiddle the pumps as soon as the government inspector leaves. When I moved here 11 years ago we soon had a list of stations to avoid for cheating and which ones were okay.

    I keep a close eye on the pump when I am getting gas and tip 5 pesos per window cleaned.

    I don't hear any complaints now-either the govenments inspectors have clamped down or people just don't notice.

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  5. 49 minutes ago, mhn237 said:

    To avoid all this rigamarole, why doesn't your sister get the Ativan in Canada.   With a doctor's prescription, not a problem, and not very expensive.   Be advised it is quite expensive to buy in Mexico!!

    This is what she says "I am sick of begging these frigging doctors for some as I have severe anxiety!! What do you thiink?"

  6. 44 minutes ago, AngusMactavish said:

    I wouldn't do that for my mother. It must be illegal to do so in both countries.

    I probably have to give it to somone who is going to British Columbia and that perosn could put it in the postal service there.

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  7. From Ojo del Lago; "From the terrace of our home in Ajijic, I look south across Lake Chapala at cone-shaped Mount Garcia. It’s one of many extinct volcanoes that rose eons ago. The dome on top may be a hardened lava stopper that sealed the tube and ended an eruption. Lower down the slope is another cone, perhaps a later eruption that broke through rubble under the cork." Written by  Alice Hathaway

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