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  1. I have never been anywhere near Sat or had any dealings with them.
  2. Gualberto Real is very good. Tio Sam's sent him to me. Quote
  3. Time will tell whether or not I need a RFC #
  4. Sat has nothing to do with me having one as far as I know.
  5. Mabe are a standard joke-which is maybe they will work maybe they won't. Some Mabe appliances I have used were good-some weren't but they are usually cheaper. I had a Mabe fridge that was a dud.
  6. Then I have an official RFC # which I don't really need. This could be the case with many people
  7. My RFC number follows that same pattern so maybe it is real.
  8. It was exactly the same number as my RFC # was in my car papers.
  9. If the fire ever gets in that gully to the west it could quickly burn up to that lone orange house. I have wondered for years who lives in that house. Do you know?
  10. A fair bit of forest burned last night but just smoking now.
  11. Above the town of San Cristobal, It could be a corn field being burned off. Now that is is getting dark you can see the flames from the north shore. Will they make it to the forest above?
  12. The first internet cafe that I went to generated my RFC # from my CURP #
  13. I suspect that I may have 2 RFC numbers.
  14. You are not helping me at all as you are confused. Read things again. I will report back as to how I made out at internet cafes.
  15. Assigning a number for various things was common practice 10 years ago according to the facilators. You will get it-keep trying.
  16. Both my Curp and RFC # have my birth date in them. (I am adding this here as I can't edit what I wrote above last)
  17. Why? Because when I moved here in 2009, a facilator in Jocotepec, Maria Barbosa, got me every card that was possible to get. I am pretty sure I had a real RFC card, but since then I have lost track of it, so I think that I have been assigned a generic one that is not real. I have not forgetten any password as I have typed sheets of them. For awhile I had 2 temporary resident visa numbers which I thought was odd but no one cared. It confused things when I went to renew IMSS
  18. My RFC on my car tags starts with the first 2 letters of my last name as does my CURP.
  19. Yes, mine is there but is it real.
  20. I think that I have a real RFC number-but where.
  21. I could not do it there because I did not have ContraseƱa: and e.firma portable. But my RFC # is shown on my various car tag payment receipts and on my vehicle's original factura. That site that ibarra posted did not ask for my CURP # . A browser thing or because it was bought through S & S?
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