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  1. The answer is a lack of reservoirs-Waterstorage. It is a physical thing and lack of government built infrastructure. Quite simple. I come from a place thak has huge natural reservoirs and has 50 inches of rain a year.
  2. That is the obvious and right solution. Head stuck in the first world where as we have serious water shortages in Mexico. I live in the Raquet Club where they have acres of watered grass but some houses here and many in adjacent SanJuan Cosala don't get enough water. It is a problem that will have to be resolved soon as some wells are going dry in Jalisco. I had a large property in the Raquet Club that had 5 different levels and it would have cost a lot to put in a proper irrigation system and it would have used a lot ot water. So I just made sure that the sod they installed could withstand drought and bounce back to green lawn when it rained.
  3. I have a Shaw 830 that is hardly used. Once I get it taken off my account I will sell it. I use my 630 receiver.
  4. No beacause it was still registered to me. As soon as I get to Canada I will take it off my account and sell it. I use my 630 receiver. John
  5. I like those one. They could be Chinese.
  6. I bought a N95 mask at Laguna Mall in San Antonio at Dr. Candy's office and tried it for hours. Less comfortable to use than the KN95 as it is a snugger fit so maybe more effective.
  7. Now they say N95 and FFP2 are better. Does anyone know where you can buy them locally? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-12/should-i-be-wearing-an-n95-mask-the-evolving-advice-quicktake
  8. Same here. They sent this notice; "We inform you that, after the incident registered on the Mail2World platform, the leading international provider of electronic messaging, which provides the Infinitum mail service, we continue to work for it to be restored as soon as possible. It is important to specify that your information is protected and secure. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will notify you as soon as the service is restored. For doubts"
  9. That was my first thought but it is quite different than the format used for Sinovac. I ask because I have to send it to British Columbia and they may ask me what?
  10. Does anyone know what the number on the Comprante that they gave out is in the bottom left corner? Mine looks like N NO 123. What is that.?
  11. Yes. I have had the same experience -no problems probating a Canadian will.
  12. Do you have the address for the Ocotlan station?
  13. Recently I was charged at Costco for a pharmacy item at the pharmacy and again at the regular checkout. I didn't notice until I got home. They were very quick to give me a credit.
  14. Can't help you as I never go there Sunday as it is a zoo. Monday it opened at 9:45. They set up a shorter quicker line for those not going to the bakery which I have never seen before.
  15. The Jocotopec office was working today. They said there was a problem with the sysem yesterday.
  16. I wonder as they were in the office doing nothing. If it was a holiday they would be home or shopping. To celebrate they usually have a special meal at home including a Rosca de Reyes. "How to Celebrate Three Kings Day or Epiphany. Set Out Snacks. The three kings rode to Bethlehem on camels, so the night before the holiday, children set out grass or other snacks for them. ... Gather With Family. For many families, Three Kings Day is as big of a celebration as Christmas Day. ... Give Gifts. ... Make Sweet Bread." It was the day we took down our Xmas tree. "Is Epiphany a business day? Epiphany is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours."
  17. Yes, an improvement. There were multiple lines the first day and movement between the lines.
  18. I went to pay for the yearly tag for my car today in Jocotepec but they weren't doing it today. 4 workers just sitting around. (computers or website not working?). They said manana.
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