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  1. There is a bad one on the carretera by the San Antonio hospital but the one above Walmart on the carretera has been sort of repaired.
  2. We are about 5% above normal (since 1940). No where near record amounts as Tony Burton has pointed out.
  3. I wonder if those figures are from the same weather station over the years.
  4. Juan has a real barber shop on Colon at the NW cormer of the Ajijic plaza. 80 pesos. I have used him for years. He takes Covid precautions. He evens puts hot foam on the pack of your neck and shaves it with a straight razpr.
  5. No, it is never too late for future reference obviously. I phone the HSBC 800 numbers now and again. Before I had a package at Telcel now I have a plan -billing may be different now.
  6. I will go back to Telcel with a Mexican and double check.
  7. I had to go to that area anyway and it isn't far. The call to Canada lasted for several hours and probably would have been more than 50 pesos.
  8. Telcel says I will not be charged as I have a plan!?
  9. The message does not say that you will be charged at international rates. It is supposed to be free for me. I am phoning HSBC in Canada and they insist that I won't be charged. I wonder. None of the answers have addressed this.
  10. I use Telcel not Telmex. It is not at all clear how an 800 number could charge my plan at Telcel.
  11. A neighbour tells me that when you change the 800 number like above a message comes on that says you will have to pay for the call but I don't see how they could collect from you.
  12. I have HSBC in Canada and never pay ATM fees at the HSBC ATMS at Laguna mall.
  13. Sorry. I found my list .You change it to 882
  14. I can't find my list. What number do you change 1 877 to to phone Canada
  15. The Aragons have two shops-one in Chapala and one in Jocotepec. They always do a good job.
  16. There are 3 new malls on Lopez Mateos sur. One of them has a large Liverpool.
  17. Thanks for the replies. I will stop at Quality care tomorrow and ask.
  18. A friend who does not use this Board has vein failure in one calf. They told him he needs an EDC. The friend wonders if there is any place Lakeside where he can get it as he hates going into Guadalajara. I will ask at Quality Care also.
  19. Your message is not clear. Are you buying or selling? I have a new 830 receiver-never registered or used.
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