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  1. A young man who works through he taxi stand there is supposed to pick me up privately. I don't have his contact number to change my pickup time. He was Francisco from Ixtlahuacan (sp?).
  2. Ana sometimes has such terrible service. Long waits while she chats. Last time I went she would not help me as I had bought a plan though he Telecel store. She said go to the Telcel store n Laguna.
  3. It is just a domestic flight so 3 hours should not be needed no?
  4. Does anyone have the phone number for the taxi stand at the Guadalajara airport?
  5. I have a 10 pm flight on Saturday night. Does any one now how busy the Guadalajara is at 8 pm? I have never been there at night.
  6. I have a 10 pm flight on Saturday night. Does any one now how busy the Guadalajara is at 8 pm? I have never been there at night.
  7. The case with my Canadian sim card is if I use it in Mexico I am charged $12 for each time I used my phone in Mexico. An expensive partnership.
  8. I didn't use my phone for 4 months so Telcel in San Antonio told me my sim card was not valid and I had to get one with a new number
  9. So far it has been disappointing here in San Juan Cosala. Just a few drops.
  10. They gave me a replacement one Tuesday even though I didn't have the one that wasn't working with me. No questions asked by Telmex. I didn't report it- I just dropped in to their office. When I got home the one that hadn't been working was working. So I have a spare.
  11. Yes, those kids sitting on the truck back gate. Pretty brave-maybe they miss riding horseback.
  12. Sometimes you feel like you are navigating a parking lot on Madero.
  13. Yes, but they are making money on the rental also. I got what I needed. I think.
  14. Me too. The possibility of future business?
  15. Thanks. One of them should answer. Sorry about any confusion. I didn't realize that my partner in crime was also checking this.
  16. We have asked Too Corp and LLoyd but haven't heard back. I don't know of others.
  17. Does anyone know where you can get vehicle insurance for a week only Lakeside.
  18. Via FedEx and have it sent to iShop. Shippers like getting their hands on CCs. 60 dollars is normal and is worth it. You don't need to use the iShop website. At iShop you don't need a box-just give iShop's address to the sender. Track it by FedEx and then go to iShop when it tracking says it has arrived at iShop. iShop may charge you nothing or 30 pesos I have had a number of things shipped to iShop. I have never used their website. Very reliable
  19. The manager at HSBC in San Antonio told me once you are past 69 years and 11 months you can't get one. Not a law just a custom. I haven't been able to get a Mexican CC anywhere. Costco told me they could issue me one but I could only use it at Costco
  20. "A big yard, like a football field. 9 steps." 

    It sounds interesting. Where is your property? How much would you rent the casita for? What does the casita conisist of?  Do you have pictures?

    Cedros (John) 

  21. Where? How many steps? Is there a yard for my little dog?
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