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  1. Such a farce. Some people in Jocotepec still have not had their first Sinoavac shot and don't know when they will.
  2. Where and when do people in Jocotepec get their first vaccinations.
  3. I stayed in a hotel for a few days. I had a vehicle so I soon saw all the places from Roca Azul to San Nicholas and bought after a week. It worked out well but I had lived in Mexico before so knew what to expect.
  4. 1/10 of an inch of rain last night-just enough to cool things off.
  5. Thanks for posting that but I am still waiting to hear when they will be having first doses at Jocotepec (El Chante) for my 90 year old neighbour. If any spots the annoucement somewhere can they post it?
  6. Raining in Joco. I don't know which way it is moving as it is very calm but bring your laundry in. The first since January.
  7. It is not my personal opinion but labratory and real results.
  8. The test group is getting larger quickly.
  9. A raher simplified version of things. Having antibodies is key.
  10. It is that. Why not believe people who post bigoted remarks like X?
  11. You don't get to decide what is a Lakeside topic. You would not last long as a moderator.
  12. Virgo you can sure tell that you are a newbie or ? here. Over the years almost every subject except crime has been discussed here. There are moderators here. We don't need a narrow minded bigot telling us what can be posted.
  13. That right turn off the libramiento to the carretera or to enter Walmart seems to work well if there is no bike or pedestrian traffic.
  14. It would hold up vehicles going east or west would it not. They would have to wait for vehicles to cross the carretera from the libramiento to Walmart and from Walmart to the libramiento. Every time I go through that intersection I see somone going against the arrows or lights.
  15. Many prefer gated communities as they are like a haven of peace and security and there are many places to park. I alway feel relived when I get out of Ajijic and into Los Sabinos or the Raquet Club or Las Fuentes, etc. Many of the streets in fraccionamientos look deserted. Lower population density.
  16. If those barriers weren't there the east-west traffic would be slowed down. and then.... ..They should start from scratch.
  17. To go straight down they would have to fiddle with the east west lights and then.......others.
  18. A neighbour got very excited when he read that a million doses of Sinovac arrived at Mexico City Thursday as he is still waiting for his first vaccination. I suggested that he be patient as no ones seems to know if any will make their way to Jocotepec. I will try and find him a lot as he is 90 and has problems following this.
  19. I read where it says " overall confidence in its ability to prevent the disease".
  20. There are problems in eastern Chapala.
  21. I am doing my homewwork partly here where there are real people. Who are you to say it is not a lakeside topic? It obviouly is.
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