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  1. It would not be as a drug runner.
  2. This is what she says "I am sick of begging these frigging doctors for some as I have severe anxiety!! What do you thiink?"
  3. I probably have to give it to somone who is going to British Columbia and that perosn could put it in the postal service there.
  4. Thanks for all the information. So I can buy it here. My cousin wants me to mail it to her in Canada that may be the difficult part.
  5. A cousin in Canada asks if Ativan is available here. I willask here first before I check local farmacias.
  6. From Ojo del Lago; "From the terrace of our home in Ajijic, I look south across Lake Chapala at cone-shaped Mount Garcia. It’s one of many extinct volcanoes that rose eons ago. The dome on top may be a hardened lava stopper that sealed the tube and ended an eruption. Lower down the slope is another cone, perhaps a later eruption that broke through rubble under the cork." Written by Alice Hathaway
  7. But the owner of the house has it for sale.
  8. Thanks. I got it. That is certainly an easier way but in some rooms it may be unsightly.
  9. When you say outside the walls do you mean on the surface-either inside or outside the house?
  10. The old galvanized pipes are rotting away and leaking. I there an easier way than chipping out the brick/concrete, removing the old pipes and putting in new plastic ones. A daunting job.
  11. On the right. It is past Costco and past Fresco. You can see the store from Lopez Mateos-just get ready to turn right when you see it. No need to worry about the lateral. Try google maps for Home Depot, Santa Anita
  12. Yes. If you go to Costco first rather than the old Home Depot first then after you leave Costco you go south west on Lopez Mateos for about 10 minutes and the new HD is on the right just past Fresco. On this map https://www.google.com.mx/maps/place/The+Home+Depot+Santa+Anita/@20.5725788,-103.4548934,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8428ab809304f8d9:0xc1b069589269983a!8m2!3d20.5683449!4d-103.4597214?hl=en Costco is on the top right the new Home Depot is on bottom left.
  13. The SA hospital is out of that flu shot now.
  14. "experts" say herd immunity wil not be the answer.
  15. I guess many places will be closed tomorrow. Does anyone know if Walmart and the Ladron vet clinic will be open or closed.
  16. Speaking of construction. There sure is a lot going on between Ajijic and Jocotepec and between Jocotepec and Zapopan.
  17. Ask Jose at Teleservicio Calvario at 387 761 0379
  18. I have had him repair many things. I suspect smart TVs would be easy for him. You could phone and ask. There is a young man there that speaks English.
  19. I got an Omron brand one from Guadalajara Farmacia. It seems like a good one. I will have to compare it's readings with my old doctor's one.
  20. Thanks for all the replies. I am stil waiting to hear from my GP. Then I will go shopping. I have been using a US Panasonic one that a neighbour lent me. I have been taking my BP about 6 times a day-very interesting
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