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  1. They have 4 ATMs now . One is deposit or pay only . The other 3 dispense money. One ATM gives dollars or pesos- your choice. Maybe service will be better now.
  2. Call in a computer guy for help.
  3. Thanks but it was a different one that I may find again on Facebook. I do it myself but my exlandlord is paranoid about waiting in a room with others who may be covid carriers and he wants to pay as little as possible for help..
  4. Trying means she has done what they asked her to do but no results (email) yet-after a month.. She has phoned INM twice but still nothing.
  5. She advertises on this board or on Facebook and I got a hold of her months ago and she did it for my landlord months ago.
  6. I buy the car washers a cold drink once a week and they keep an eye on my vehicle.
  7. A friend is trying to change her address with INM. It is still in process a month later. I had to change my blood type on my DL it took about 3 months.
  8. Another idea. Thanks. Ladron's stayed open later so I could get some Virbac.
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