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  1. I don't think there are any restrictions. A neighbour collects it from the roofs of building into 2 aljibes. They hold about 130,000 liters.
  2. What Caribbean island do you prefer? I've been looking for the right one for me.
  3. Has anyone knowledge of what affect the climate around Chapala has on arthritis in comparison with more humid and lower altitude areas? Is the warmer drier climate around Chapala better or worse for arthritis problems?
  4. If you get the Picture this app on to your cell phone you can take a picture of the plant and it will usually identify it. I took a picture of your picture and the app said Mexican shrubby spurge Euphorbia cotinifolia.
  5. cedros

    Perry's Pizza

    Last year they were the flavour of the month-what happened?
  6. It is an interesting place and well worth a visit. Travelling there should be nothing to do with politics.
  7. Yes, but it can be tricky. Would it not be better if they could just go directly to Cuba?
  8. If I was an American I would be quite annoyed that my government was restricting my movements.
  9. A big step backwards for the US.
  10. That is surprising that you can't use the pool by paying a fee. Is that what the office said?
  11. A Mexican notario should be fine. I have done it for my signature to release a mortagor on Canadian property. . As you said "it's only to verify the signatures, it's not for a court-filed document". If you are unsure use the US consulate.
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