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  1. I have 4 addreses listed it insists my Canadian one can't be deleted.
  2. It won't let me delete some out of date addresses.
  3. But I still want to cancel. They have not posted charges to my CC.
  4. I used iShop several years ago to receive things from Amazon. Then I returned to Canada and ordered several things form Amazon to be shipped to a Canadian address. Now when I try to order from Amazon they insist that I have 2 default shipping to addresses-one in Canada and one in Mexico-anything from Amazon wil probably be rejected at both addresses. I cannot correct that so I think I will just cancel all my recent Amazon orders and try eBay maybe, or try Home Depot in Guad. eBay seems to be connected to Amazon in Mexico. How do you cancel things ordered on Amazon.com.mx?
  5. In general many Mexican towns and cities are too crowded for me.
  6. No I did not hang out at a store -I went and did other things. I did this a number of times. I think you are confused or poor at math 2 + 2 =5.
  7. I bought a house that had a Mabe fridge. It would not get cool enough-it could not make ice cubes and food would spoil. When looking for a new fridge I went to various stores with an extension cord and thermometer. I would turn the fridge on and check the temperature after several hours until I found one that would get cool enough. Just to be certain it worked. I bought a Whirlpool.
  8. I received an email from Amazon confirming my order. Of course they suggested I buy several related things-which I did.
  9. Finally my order went through I think. The problem was I did not know the postal code here as I have moved around quite a bit and mail does not come in this area. Thre was no one here to ask about the PC so I guessed.
  10. One on Amazon looks like it might be fine but I don't know how to order it. I have never used Amazon. I have an account from years ago but that just seems to confuse things.
  11. I have to use pulleys as I want it quite aways above the ground.
  12. I searched there also but they did not see very substantial ones. I am thinking about hanging sheets outside to dry and wind coming along and causing problems. I have had a clothes line collapse because the plastic weapped metal line had rusted through. Rewash clothes.
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