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  1. https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/one-of-the-unsung-heroes-in-the-edmonton-oilers-shining-5-0-start-has-been-a-player-far-too-many-critics-love-to-hate-9-things
  2. CBC or CTV all news channel are much better that the business news channel for world and national Canadian news, not regional news, on the Shaw Satellite System.
  3. Yes, there is a formula but I'm told it often isn't used. People go much lower with various excuses.
  4. It probably would not be a problem. Only the buyer has to go to register the vehicle. It isn't clear how the value of the vehicle is established for tax purposes.
  5. How & where do you pay this tax on a used car? Is there a form to fill out? Would the new owners pay when they register the vehicle? Does this apply to two private parties. I 'm guessing that the new owners would want to put as a low a value as possible on the vehicle. Would someone contest a very low price?
  6. I had surgery done on eye by Dr. Rios $35,000. I had a trifocal lens put in one eye. It was supposed to fix it so that I didn't need glasses for close up, medium distance and long distance. It turned out that I need glasses for closeup. Dr. Rios insisted that I could read close up without glasses but I could not. So two years later for the other eye I went to Dr. Claudia. $38,000 She installed the same lens in my other eye. She insisted that I would not need glasses for reading but I did. So be prepared that results may not be quite what are promised. My medium and long distance vision was much improved by both doctors.
  7. A taxi driver/businessman told me it would be a hospital.
  8. I wish Shaw would hurry up and get finished with the channel changing. It is a pain for many people.
  9. I bought CBD oil in Canada from a store. It was useless-just as many medical people report. The production of CBD oil is unregulated and the actual contents are usually unknown. $50 wasted.
  10. My Knowledge network has been high definition for awhile. 223 on the advanced lineup.
  11. Pretty weak and unreliable information there. If only some of the flat earth people here would visit the artic or the south Pacific islands that are slowly being swallowed by the oceans there eyes might be opened.
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