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  1. The "paint" you buy at Prisa will work on whatever insects you are having a problem with. There is no need to tent your furniture for weeks somewhere. The "paint" worked for years. It was furniture that was on my covered mirador so no need to tent or worry about the fumes. I have worked with antique furniture for years also. I had 2 dogs dogs and there was no problem. You are making it more complicated that it needs to be. When I had a house by the ocean I we tried painting the wood with used diesel but it was too stinky.
  2. There is a much easier way, paint it with an insecticide.
  3. The people most familar with such things are Mexicans who deal with wood. Where do you live? There should be a good hardware or wood store in your area that is familiar with the problem and the solution. Take some of the maggots and dust with you.
  4. I wouldn't waste my time trying to research termites here-you won't find much. Just go to the Prisa store in Downtown Ajjic (you may even want to take some of the critters and some dust). They know what will solve your problem as they have been dealing for years with it here.. It may be quite different here than in Norther California.
  5. Sleep tight. The Las Fuentes guards are on duty. I live somewhere near you and my 2 screen doors don't have locks and I don't worry too much.
  6. Yes, it is strong so someone else did it for me even though I have a pesticde applicators license. It worked well-no more piles of sawdust. We did a neighbours also. Tell Prisa what you want it for and they should know what it is right away. Sorry, I don't remember the name. We didn't wrap it in a plastic but did it outside where the furniture was used.
  7. The Prisa/Truper store in Ajijic sells a clear product that you paint on the wood. It worked on my equipale furniture.
  8. The age old security question. I know a couple in Jocotepec who put in bullet proof glass and then bars outside of that.
  9. I think that is what the OP was asking about. So she has her answer.
  10. It was very windy in El Chante but no rain yet.
  11. Jocotepec. Yes, they can be seen depending on your setup. I have two 630 and one 830 receiver but only using the 630 right now.
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