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  1. cedros

    Adios Pemex....Hola BP

    The Pemex in west Ajijic has almost completed the switch to BP. They say gas will cost more there now. I will check.
  2. cedros


    Collection of 90 flags from various countries and states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Various sizes. Some real beauties. 333723 0376
  3. cedros

    webboard for Manzanillo?

    There is this; https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g150791-i474-Manzanillo_Pacific_Coast.html and this https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/ShowTopic-g150791-i474-k10771622-Is_it_safe_to_be_in_Manzanillo-Manzanillo_Pacific_Coast.html and this; https://www.tomzap.com/ph5/list.php?15
  4. I had exactly the same problem. I had paid the bill as I knew how much it would be but I went to Telcel today and asked them what the problem was . The ladies answer didn't make sense. She said I owe again December 30th. My password to enter the site to view my bill has been the last 4 digits on my phone number. When I do that it says my password must be 7 digits. The gal at Telcel said no, your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number. What? that doesn't work. Some months they don't send me a bill but I pay anyway as I know how much it should be. Weird.
  5. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    Thanks to all for cluing me in. I have figured out what to do. I will pay them a big bonus just to be sure.
  6. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    Sounds reasonable
  7. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    Weird but interesting.
  8. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    They were paid the same rate for gardening and painting. Yes I can separate the hours.
  9. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    Yes I have kept track of hours (money) paid to do painting and salitre work. That is how they wanted it-separate. Are you saying you don't pay Aguinaldo and vacation on this. " If OTOH you feel the pay for hours worked painting, construction were a part of their salary, you could add up those payments and divide it over 52 weeks and add it to their weekly salary before calculating the aguinaldo and vacation pay." That might be the solution.
  10. cedros

    Aguinaldo & vacation pay for irregular pay

    Thanks, but I find it much better to pay by the hour as many contractors do. How to pay aguinaldo and vacation pay for this was my question.
  11. My gardeners do their gardening bit on a regular basis and I can figure out the aguinaldo and vacation pay for that. This year they have done quite a bit of irregular work-repairing salitre, painting etc. for which they were paid separately by the hour. How do you calculate aguinaldo and vacation pay for the irregular work. Rolly Brook doesn't seem to mention that.
  12. cedros

    Tuesday Market hours

    10 and they are finished by noon more or less.
  13. cedros

    Screw for glasses

    Good idea Ferret.
  14. cedros

    I need some translation help

    Crazy. Who could think up something more ridiculous. I was thinking that Brazil is a suburb of Mexico City. How can the postal people make such huge mistakes? My package contains my new credit card and new drivers license-will I ever see them?
  15. cedros

    I need some translation help

    Thanks. The package is supposed to be going to ishop in San Antonio, I don't know what the Brazil bit is about.