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  1. Crazy. I paid also and they told me to come back in April for the tarjeta but it sounds like I should have gone back the next day for the tarjeta.
  2. Does anyone know if they have the stickers in yet in Jocotepec?
  3. The installer came again today and said be patient as Shaw seems to be having some problems. He said not to turn off the receiver so.... The installer thought maybe I owed Shaw money but I checked my bank account and Shaw took money out of my account January 6th.
  4. Thanks again. Yesterday when the installation guy was here with the meter the signal strength of one was 85 the other was a bit less. It is a receiver that I have had for several years that was registered to my account. This morning I have a narrow horizontal blue strip om the screen that says "Unsupported video signal". Now that it is the next day should I try and do a refresh again? I wonder if I should get the installation guy out again.
  5. I tried what you said and it didn't work. I refreshed 4 times and it said no more today.
  6. Thanks. Are you certain? The installers today said I would have to use a VPN but they try to stay away from that part of Shaw and may not know. I don't want to botch things up.
  7. My account has been registered with Shaw for 11 years. To ask them online to do a refresh you need to use a VPN no?
  8. We have to expect that shrinking to come to all of us. There is nothing else you can do.
  9. I was wondering if CFE would do that with second meters. In my case my architect took a picture showing that the house and casita were separate buildings and talked CFE into giving us another meter. He was a good sweet talker and CFE can be flexible.
  10. My pool was salt water. After awhile I found I had to buy a salinity meter to keep close taps on the salt level as the panel that registered the salt level was very slow to adjust to changes. I would do a salt water pool again.
  11. Today they installed an LNB on a Sky dish and connected up my 630 receiver. This receiver hasn't been used for 10 months and it says I need a refresh. It has been quite awhile since I have done this and I can't remember the details of how to do it. I have my own Shaw account in Canada. I seem to recall I used Tunnelbear VPN and it was difficult. I don't have Skype or Vonage. Could someone please tell me how to go about it? Ajijic Electronics told me that if Shaw asks I should tell them they put in a XKU LNB. Does that make sense
  12. I had the same problem so I put my casita and pool on a separate meter from the house meter. The total bill for the two meters dropped to under 900 pesos every 2 months. I used solar panels to heat the pool. Pools are a lot of work but they are so nice to have.
  13. Who knows why? Because they say you have to.
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