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  1. Yes, I saw the same in BC. Costco was open 8 to 9 am for seniors and had quite a line up. Save on Foods, which is the major food retailer in BC, had a similar arangement. They were not very busy before 9. A good time to shop.
  2. I have heard there are special hours for those over 60 for the Costco on Lopez Mateos but it is not mentioned on their website. Does any one know if that is true and when the hours are?
  3. It is very important that you pay the finiquito when an employee is terminated for whatever reason. Best to get a lawyer and get a release from the worker or his/her family. The law favors the employee. If you don't pay it you could have legal problems. Finiquito can be quite pricey.
  4. I have no idea and you probably don't either. When somone tells me I am wrong I accept it if there is evidence.
  5. Of course, but he IS going about it the wrong way. He has to get the message.
  6. Don't use the postal service but use a courier like Fedex or DHL. Have it sent to you at ishop if no one might be home.
  7. Lots of alternative medicines. Dr. Daniel Hernandez, urologist, from Guadalajara who comes to the big clinic in Riberas (Hidalgo 244) on Wednesdays is an expert on the prostate. 331 411 2702.
  8. They sell KN95 masks at Pancho's in Riberas.
  9. Their ATMs have lots of money this (Saturday) morning.
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