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  1. A friend of mine is still using Windows XP and is happy with it. Maybe it depends on what you are using your computer for.
  2. I agree. I had to take mine back twice to that place before they got it right.
  3. This one is the best by far. I have tried them all.
  4. I talked to the Registry of Imported Vehicles in BC today. The asked if my Mexican vehicle insurance covered me in Canada. It did cover me in the US but Canada? They said I would have 1 month to register my Mexican vehicle. If I wasn't covered by my Mexican insurance in BC I would have to import the vehicle to register & insure it. They said to import it the vehicle would have to meet provincial and federal guidelines and I would need to check with them to see their guidelines. I tried to do this online but it would not work.
  5. It is an interesting place as it is quite different. Very low or no walls around the properties as if they aren't worried about security. More like NOB in that respect. For many years they had no security at the gate-when they did it wasn't very secure-a bit casual. Maybe because they aren't surrounded by villagers. Some great views and nice breezes. No stores nearby (in walking distance).
  6. I will try contacting them again. Maybe I will get a different answer. They thought I was importing it as my time in BC didn't have a leave date.
  7. I didn't ask the provincial police https://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/buy-vehicle/Pages/Importing-a-vehicle-into-B-C.aspx
  8. That is good to know as my fax machine has packed it in.
  9. Facsimile comes from two Latin roots: facere, meaning "to make," and simile, meaning "like." Fax machines are so called because they copy and transmit facsimiles of documents, or faxes for short, over phone lines.
  10. But how is one to know when they aren't made properly especially when you buy an existing house. Buy the more expensive bricks?
  11. I wanted to drive my Mexican plated vehicle into British Columbia earlier this year and I was told by the BC transport people I could not even though I was a non resident Canadian. Among other things they said my vehicle would have to be inspected very closely and I would not be able to obtain parts for it in BC as that model was never sold in Canada.
  12. Nice brickwork can be interesting to look at but bricks can crumble. I had a brick house north of Bucerias where part of the exterior wall started to crumble. Nothing could be done but to chip it all out and replace the bricks with new ones.
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