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  1. I have metal pots and frying pans that have glass lids. A mineral deposit from the water builds up on the lids. Does anyone know how to remove this deposit without damaging the handles of the lids?
  2. cedros

    Friendly Factor

    OP it is your imagination.
  3. cedros

    Passing on highways with paved shoulders

    It may be polite to drive on the shoulder to let people pass but it is not so polite to other drivers and it is illegal to drive on the shoulder (acotamiento). You could get a ticket for doing that and it can be dangerous. I have seen 4 cars going abreast in the same direction between San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec. Scary especially when cars come onto the highway from side roads.
  4. cedros

    Printer Koist on Carreteria

    As long as I know what the person means, no worries Marine can be a very difficult person to catch up with when he has something of yours.
  5. Sevilla green aceitunas stuffed with anchovies. From Spain.
  6. cedros

    Need a plumber in Jocotepec

    I second Alberto.
  7. cedros


    I agree with jaybear but would add a security system with motion detectors in the house that when activated set off a very loud siren outside the house. The siren has to be located somewhere where it can't be disarmed. No intruder will hang around once the siren goes off.
  8. Was there any problem entering the US from Mexico with your car?
  9. cedros

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    The rest are overtaking the Board making it farcical.
  10. cedros

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    A lot of silliness being posted lately. For me I look at this forum to obtain information or to pass some along not to read some lame jokes.
  11. cedros

    Photo radar tickets

    Good idea.
  12. cedros

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    The gas station east of Piedra Barrenda had gas this morning but it did not show up on the app.
  13. cedros

    Photo radar tickets

    Much better service in Joco this year.
  14. cedros

    Photo radar tickets

    Mexican inconsistences. No one in charge.