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  1. cedros

    Home Depot paint colours

    Does anyone know if the paint coulours at Home Depot in the US would be the same as the paint colours as the same brand of paint at Home Depot in Zapopan.
  2. cedros

    Tooth implant issues

    I agree. I still don't know which dentist. There are a number of female ones.
  3. cedros

    Recommended RV parking?

    Many Chapala sidewalks have barriers/blockages for walking let alone for wheel chairs. Stay wires for utility poles, impossibly high sidewalks, missing concrete, impromptu vendors, very narrow staircases, etc. make movement difficult. It will be years before wheelchair access will be complete. It would be a lot of frustration.
  4. cedros

    Tooth implant issues

    HoneyBee who was the dentist?
  5. cedros

    Recommended RV parking?

    The Lakeside towns are not wheelchair friendly. Many sidewalks are impassable for wheel chairs.
  6. cedros

    Tooth implant issues

    She obviously isn't a specialist. Drop her. I had an implant done in Canada 15 years ago and it is still perfect. Go through Drs. Haro or Barragan. Top quality work.
  7. cedros

    Ladron Vet place

    Thanks everyone. Interesting camera. Things have come up and I can't go until tomorrow.
  8. cedros

    PBS Series, Wonders of Mexico

    I saw them on Shaw.
  9. cedros

    Lampshade seller?

    They had some custom made blue and orange ones for me. They didn't charge a lot. If you go when the owner is there (desk at the back) he is very helpful. Some of the staff are hopeless.
  10. Does anyone know if the Ladron's vet place is open Sunday to buy some pills?
  11. cedros

    Lampshade seller?

    Lumina y Decora by Sunrise restaurant in San Antonio/Riberas. The can also custom make them.
  12. cedros

    EXCELLENT auto body repair!

    About two week in total for me at Robert's. I tried the other place nearby (on the same side as Robert's) but they did a lousy job also. I used one in West Ajijic near Casa de Waffle several times and found they do much better work.