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  1. in that people seem to know nothing about seiches on lakes. Nothing to do with holy -just facts https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-48319-6. Someone post on here that the Conagua data was wrong because as he walked along the lake it looked high. Obviously a seiche. I spent my lat year at university studding Limnology and I see some really ignorant posts here about the lake.
  2. Maybe but mainly I hate ignorance and apathy. Maybe comments like the above is why many newbies never use this forum. Social media like Facebook are gradually replacing these forums.
  3. That is what boards are for. Many people haven't a clue what shape the lake is in and there are things we can do. Who says it is just for assistance? Wrong. Why can't it be one for knowledge also. bmh you are missing the point. It is going down much to early. There is very little here that we have control over but we can have input here.
  4. Were you, jmj21 trying to send me a message?
  5. That is certainly possible but not the whole picture. Lakes this size have seiches caused by wind and variations in atmospheric pressure. For example Lake Erie (which is much larger) has had seiches of 22 feet. Lake Chapala has had seiches of 30 centimeters-meaning water gets piled up in some areas and was 30 centimeters higher that the average. There used to be 22 stations around the lake to measure the water level as it can vary a lot from area to area depending on seiches. I don't know how many such stationsx there are now.
  6. Don't worry about it then-let others. The lake is not pretty high. Remember it is only about 31 feet deep. Where I come from a lake this wide would be hundreds of feet deep. It is after all Mexico's largest lake. Without the lake this area would just just be a series of scruffy towns. When I go NOB a common question. I am asked is how is the lake level.
  7. Yes, it depends on the flight. Earlier this year I flew Guadalajara to Vancouver in Business class. That section was 1/2 full but only one person right behind me and no on else in the row of 4 seats i was in.
  8. If you pick the right flight and price their is social distancing on the planes. Earlier this year I flew from Toronto to Puerto Vallarta in the business class section there were 18 seats and I was the only one in there. And the plane advertised a very good filtration system.When I flew Guadalajara to Vancouver later the business section was 1/2 full but only one person was immediately behind me and no one was in the 3 adjacent seats. After me at Vancouver customs came 90 Mexicans from the back of the plane. They were going there to pick fruit so I guess they got through okay.
  9. Each motel/hotel have their own policy. Best to check in advance what that is. I've been turned away from ones that weren't as clean as my dogs. In Culiacan the nicest one in town took dogs. Maybe because it is in an area for duck hunting and better off Mexicans travel there with their hunting dogs. In Durango a fairly modest motel said okay but... he showed me his mangled hand-caused by a dog. He pulled a rifle out from under the counter and said if either of mine caused a problem he would shoot it. There was not problem as my labs weer very amable. There was a list that a number of us made
  10. Yes,not a good portent for the Spring. The low levels in 2001-2003 started n the Spring. Maybe they haven't opened the dams on the Lerma river yet. A lot of development happening on the north shore of the lake. They are already fighting over who is to get access to the limited water supply.
  11. According to Conagua the lake level is dropping already. It is almost a meter lower that his time in 2018 and about 60 centimeters lower that this time in 2019. Not a good sign for the future. Normally the peak is reached in late late October or November.
  12. I looked at that one several months ago and wasn't impressed. Some of the suites were just a bedroom with no windows. That area of Chapala is quite poor and has drug problems. A facilitator gave me a tour of about 8 of them. Some in La Floresta were quite nice.The nicest one, I thought, was In San Juan Cosala. Next to the lake
  13. Maybe some of you aren't aware of the number of pesos crisis this country has had and the large amounts of money many people lost. https://www.nber.org/papers/w6516.pdfu
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