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  1. A friend from San Juan Cosala had the Sinovac vaccination in mid March. Then she flew to the US. She had an antibody test there and it showed none. So she had the J and J vaccine in the US. She then had a strong reaction she thought that was the J and J producing antibodies. Now she has antibodies.
  2. No it is not saying that but it is possible.
  3. The opportunity to what? Have the first or second?
  4. Good luck with that. Many places say buy a new one unless it is something simple.
  5. Maybe do the first and second Sinovac and later a RNA type like Pzier or Moderna.
  6. The reason is the Mexicans are so disorgaized no one knows when the second Sinovac will happen. It is already overdue. Poor communication.
  7. Why indeed but they are doing it and suggest I do the same.
  8. I cleaned my own but most plumbers will do it.
  9. Some people I know had the Sinovac vaccine about a month ago. While waiting for their 2nd Sinovac vaccince they got a different vaccine instead. I can not find any good information that this mixing should be done or not. Any ideas out there?
  10. Check the Covid Information Center on Facebook
  11. Covid 19 Information Center on Facebook
  12. Many places sell doormats that would work
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