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  1. cedros

    Costco tires

    I was there early today. My first 2 choices for tire brands have to be ordered and then you come back in 5 days to get them installed.
  2. What businesses Lakeside do wheel alignment?
  3. Interesting as the inside of the house is very dry but the outside yard (and under the house?) can be quite wet from seepage up the hill. Maybe they come up the showers drains (but they are covered) or up the drains holes in the wall for the dishwasher or the kitchen sink. I put out many sticky taps to catch them to try and see where they are coming from. There is one small building here (the studio) that has no plumbing or holes (so should be very dry) and it is the worst. This building is near the septic tank but the only door to this studio has a good rubber sweep under it. Mystery nuisance.
  4. cedros

    Hydrating powder

    Thanks. Do you remember what it was called?
  5. cedros

    Costco tires

    To get tires at Costco do you need an appointment or do you just show up?
  6. On a recent trip (5 hour flight) to Vancouver I had a terrible time with leg cramps. At a drugstore in Vancouver they told me to buy some hydrating powder. (like Electrolyte but you can take it on a plane). You just dissolve the powder in a glass of water. It worked like a charm on my return trip. I've asked for such at Farmacias here and I just get blanks looks. Does anyone know if it available here? What would it be called. I'm going to Zapopan tomorrow and would like to find some.
  7. cedros

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    It is through a Canadian bank but the numbers on their website don't work toll free from Mexico. You have to try and make a collect call but there sometimes is no one there to accept collect. So just don't use the toll free numbers I guess. Dial direct. I tried that this afternoon but I was forced to go to live chat which went on for an hour.
  8. cedros


    Paying in advance is probably less problematic.
  9. cedros

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    Okay the most likely number I would call in Canada is that for MasterCard but I don't see it on Canada 411. The numbers on my Canadian MC don't work from here.
  10. cedros

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    That is interesting-I've never heard of that but will have to try it.
  11. cedros


    It depends where you live. Where I live (San Juan Cosala) the bills are never delivered to homes. You have to go to a certain pharmacy in SJC after the announcement is made in church that the bills are available. You then usually pay at the Pharmacy or you can go the CFE office in Chapala or Jocotepec and pay. I always check my bills online but never pay there. CFE can't be trusted-I've heard too many horror stories. CFE says payment not received and cuts the power off etc. I like to have a CFE bill stamped paid on hand in case CFE ever shows up to cut the power off. I always check my bill with my daily meter readings. Ask your question for the specific area where you live.
  12. Interesting no leaf cutter ants for me but lots of pill bugs in the house and casita for months now. I'm hoping their season will end.
  13. cedros

    Grout sealing

    9 years ago I watched my contractor here sealing the grout with a very small paintbrush and clear liquid. So it has been around for quite awhile.