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  1. 10,000 liters is quite small. I had a 35,000 liter cistern. I think my roofs would collect about 40,000 liters per year of rainwater. The rainfall collected could be quite significant.
  2. About 6% but it is negotiable when listing and it can be affected by other factors at closing
  3. What have you got against Mars? I am definitely not part of the water shortage problem but part of the solution I hope. I hope you don't take up tea readings. There are a number of places Lakeside that get water 24/7. I know a guy Lakeside who collects water from his roofs into aljibes. One aljibe holds about 50,000 liters the other about 60,000. And it is water that is low in dissolved minerals. A definite property asset. What else can you do-be patient and make your property water self sufficient.
  4. I think you are right. We may have to do what they do in the Caribbean-funnel the roof rain water into large cisterns.
  5. Not at all like 2 lungs. This could lead to a water shortage.
  6. I wonder how Covid19 will affect house prices. Especially in places like the Raquet Club where the second well collapsed.
  7. There is little confidence in the local governmen from locals or foreigners. Regardless of what the local government said neither market should have been open,
  8. Bisbee Gal was being picky. Neither should have been open.
  9. Like a buzz saw. Especially on hot afternoons.
  10. Intercam is a relatively new bank. Time will tell how stable it is. Intercam Banco , SA, Multiple Banking Institution., Intercam Grupo Financiero is a Mexican company formed in 1996 as Intercam. It operates in almost the entire Mexican Republic through 68 branches, [ 1 ] and an Intercam ATM network. It is made up of a group of companies with a track record in the financial sector. Currently they serve more than 50,000 clients in the management of company treasuries and personal wealth investments. One of the smaller banks in Mexico
  11. Before that large leaves. I have used the same.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I found the perfect places. Neighbours, under cover, and free.
  13. That can be one reason but somehow or others many get around that. Another main one is that they are familiar with the language and the health care system in Canada and some think there are fewer substandard doctors and hospitals in Canada.
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