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  1. Mexconnect used to be a useful forum but it seems to have faded for some reason.
  2. Thanks mudgirl-there is hope.
  3. That is a possibility but I would prefer to say I lost it. I think you are right -they have all the data they need but...
  4. Interesting. I could handle scowling.
  5. Gumint=government. That had me scratching my head. Yes the possibilities are endless. This must happen to other people so I am curious what happened to them. It is not as if I was a criminal-just negligent. It would be nice to know in advance what would happen. Have a lawyer with me?
  6. It makes sense that INM would take me in but.... If they didn't what would they do send me back to Canada, fine me or force me to enter as a tourist and seize my Residente Permanete card? It would not be good to be stranded in Mexico City with my little dog. I still have a Mexican plated car & stuff in Mexico and a bank account.
  7. Thanks Alan. It was such a confusing time for me. I was sick. Me in a wheelchair with my little dog on a leash. I think the wheelchair pusher maybe took me directly to my boarding gate rather than to immigration first. My travel agents husband was helping me at the Guadalajara airport and he got an extra INM form for me. I could use that one rather than one they give me on the plane as the number on that form will be in the right series? I hate the thought of them turning me back at the MC airport. Where would I go with my little dog? Eneter as a tourist-then I might lose my Residente Permanente. I would hate to lose my RP as I have a Mexican plated vehicle and other thing sin Mexico. They did stamp my passport when I was in MC heading north and I have the luggage collection slips showing I traveled from Guadalajara to Vancouver.
  8. I don't fly north very often so I am wondering about the following. When you go to the Guadalajara airport you get a 2 part INM form which you fill out at their office there and get it stamped. Then when you fly into Mexico City I assume you check into immigration there. Do they take the smaller part of the INM form in MC or is it held at Guadalajara? I can't find the larger part of that INM form that you need when you fly back from the North or else you could have problems with your Residente Permanente visa. I am just trying to figure out where the larger part of my INM form went. What would happen if I can't come up with the larger part of that INM form when I fly into Mexico City?
  9. Keep resisting ezpz. They are always trying to push us around. But you will need some of the updates.
  10. This has been a very helpful series of posts.
  11. So where that cell phone place was for a bit.
  12. I have my own account with Shaw. I wonder if problems are coming with stacked accounts. Ajijic Electronics was taking preorders for the up date to the dish-not for the receiver (that apparently isn't really needed). These updates never seem to have arrived. I think Francine is still here as I sold her an extra dish I had.
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