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  1. I've seen both at Pancho's (several months ago).
  2. CRUCIAL MESSAGE: FROM THE SECRETARIA DE SALUD, MEXICO... A very important message. We just finished a meeting with scientist from the Universidad de Guadalajara. Through a predictive model, we decidedly agree that the upcoming five days, starting today (Friday) are the greatest possibility days of transmission for the contagious Coronavirus. So at this time, we are asking all of the citizens, EVERYONE - REGARDLESS if you have been to Europe, USA, etc. - to maintain isolation, especially for the next five days. We need everyone to realize this commitment of this very important decision in orde
  3. Used to be the LCS's thrift shop Que Ganga's location.
  4. Had the same loss of signal in west ajijic yesterday and so did my neighbors.
  5. Is Immigaration the only place to get a CURP number? Aprroximate time to receive it from IMN?
  6. The new wine shop is next to the Waffle House (east side).
  7. West Ajijic (next door to the Casa de Waffle) 8.56Mbps down, 580kbps up @ 10:58am 4/21/17. Same as this time last year.
  8. I need to repair/replace the exhaust system on my 97 Carolla. Any recent Lakeside recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  9. Check the status of your order under "mi cuenta", then "mis pedidos" your outstanding order should appear along with it's status.
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