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  1. I suppose they are just not meant to be refilled. Years ago, I had it done too, and it lasted as long as the original ones do, but my printer needed to be cleaned after the second refill. Not worth it on a long run. I had problems to find cartridge #56 for my HP for a while even Costco didn't have them. I checked today again, and they have them and at a more reasonable price than online. I like my all-iin-one HP printer and wasn't ready to change. How can we resisit that store?
  2. Kudo. The only reason for all this dancing around is for tax purposes—nothing else. The government of Canada wouldn’t give a hoot where you chose to live if they were not concerned about taxes. I believe that they make it quite fair. If you are (officially)* a resident of Canada (no matter if you are physically living in Canada, or not), you are filing your income tax as a regular resident (with or without benefits, etc.—depending). For those who don’t live in Canada but continue to give a Canadian address---which is acceptable--according to the Department of Revenue, they are still considere
  3. 8 de Julio, Guad. just off Lazaro Cardenas at Plaza de las Torres next to IMSS. Easy and quick.
  4. I tend to agree with you. My husband had a multitude of birth marks on his back. She could only remove the big and medium ones (about 10 out of 20) within the time allocated. When he came home, I could still see most of them. He was told they would go away . . . they never did (three in part), and he never cared to return. ($500 pesos for 15 minutes)
  5. I got it in just under 400 characters but I only

    see part of my name so ....

    John Theroux


    765-7197 (Riberas)

  6. Well I waited until now to see if there would be

    any more would-be players but no...

    I'm usually on the tennis court in the morning.

    How does playing at LCS sound? It's so nice there.

    You pick the day and time. Do you have cards?

    I should tell you I haven't really played since 1956 in boarding school but it'll come back I'm sure.

    John Therou...

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