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  1. If that is illegal, then all the car dealers in Guadalajara are OPENLY doing something illegal. In the last few years, they quote their cars in pesos BUT their peso price increases every month. Coming back to my previous example of $900 US paid in 2012 (equivalent to $12,600) which dropped the following year. (then the landlord's loss). If It had been quoted in pesos ($12,600) for the first year with an increase of 10% every year, his rent would now be $18,500 pesos (MAS O MENOS) instead of $16,500 at today's exchange. BUT within the years because the exchange was lower, the tenant would have been paying more if slapped with 10% increase each year. What is the different to the tenant: $900US is still $900 US even if the exchange rate changes (up or down). It's just that he cannot accept that the landlord recuperates his loss because of inflation and the insecurity of his pesos. The peso is weak--period.
  2. Most landlords are not asking US $ but asking the equivalent in pesos. If you have a US debit card and withdraw $900 from the ATM, you get so many pesos. And that's what most landlords require if the lease was determined in US or CDN when you signed the agreement. Most foreigners prefer that as they have problems to deal with pesos in the first place and like to know how much they pay in US$ or CDN$.
  3. Not a crown on an implant, which is double than a regular crown--for many reasons.. Haro and Barrgan were even more expensive and did the same--up the cost to go with inflation due to the US$
  4. It's like everywhere in Mexico even in Guad. My dentist quoted me $10,000 for a crown. Three months later, I went and the cost was $12,000. He said that he bought his material in US and the exchange cost him more. After another two months, my husband had to pay $13,000 for the same job. What can we do? As Koko said, Mexico has a unstable currency and Mexicans, or people who do business here, don't want to lose on it. Check the prices in the store. They will reflect the exchange rate.
  5. Are the stores closed today or places like Tlacapaque or Tonala?
  6. Thanks. I guess we'll have to go to Bancomer in Chapala to have his card check out.
  7. Lake Chapala Moving - Owner, Winston Tortajada across Super Lake - 376-766-5008 Excellent service and good English.
  8. My husband tried to use his debit card at two different places this morning, and it did not work. It's asking if (the name) is the owner of the card: the answer is yes but there's not place to answer it. Then when he enters his PIN#, it does not work. He went to the bank on Colon, but they are closed because of renovation. And the card didn't work there either. Anyone else having problems to withdraw at the ATM with a Bancomer debit card?
  9. I suppose they are just not meant to be refilled. Years ago, I had it done too, and it lasted as long as the original ones do, but my printer needed to be cleaned after the second refill. Not worth it on a long run. I had problems to find cartridge #56 for my HP for a while even Costco didn't have them. I checked today again, and they have them and at a more reasonable price than online. I like my all-iin-one HP printer and wasn't ready to change. How can we resisit that store?
  10. The OP was asking about removing amalgams safely. I wish someone had warned me years ago about "not touching my amalgams" if I had no health issues. I wouldn't have the problems I have today if I had left them alone. As much as I appreciate your discourse, snowyco, about mercury and heavy metals contamination, you are hitting a fly with a hammer as far as mercury in amalgams is concerned. I don't think anyone will minimize the long-term effects of the bad industrial pollution, above ground nuclear tests that exposed many of us to significant radiation from Missouri to New England, and dangerous pesticides that contaminated decades of our foods. That article "Minimata Disease to know the risks of ingested mercury" does not mention amalgams as far as I could read. The debate among specialists regarding the danger of small quantity of mercury in our mouth is not conclusive. It could go both ways. We all agree that it could affect certain people but not others. I belong to the others. I got scared and wanted them out, and that's what hurt me. I was just fine with my 12 amalgams in my molars. I'm old enough to know that those amalgams did not affect my health. I keep asking myself: Why the hell did I touch them? FEAR OF MERCURY COMBINED WITH A BIT OF AESTHETIC. Everyone is free to believe and do as they please. Those who have no health issues should leave them alone. That's my opinion. You're entitled to yours. I never felt that someone was criticizing or judging anyone for health issues beyond their control. RV was mentioning his own experience and opinion. We are old enough, I think, to draw our own conclusions. Discussions don't hurt.
  11. I agree with RV and MyHome. Since I got scared of mercury, also for aesthetic reasons, I decided to remove amalgams in two of my molars, my problems started. And not because of the mercury. I had no reaction whatsoever with the amalgams, but I developed one with the resin in the new fillers. Composite resins are most commonly composed of Bis-GMA and other dimethacrylate monomers (TEGMA, UDMA, HDDMA), a filler material such as silica and in most current applications, a photoinitiator. Dimethylglyoxime is also commonly added to achieve certain physical properties such as flow ability. One or all of those ingredients are causing me many health issues. It's been two years and I'm still affected. I won't go into any details here, but be careful. You might exchange a vilain for a worse one. Fear and vanity are the worst advisors. If you are certain mercury is the cause of health issues, investigate thorougly before acting.
  12. Same here. And you can't do without that authentic mexican 'Viva Mexico' restaurant in San Juan Cosala down the road from RC. Great food and great price.
  13. One or two people, (you're not sure) both(?) cannot give you an explanation for their comments??? They warn you about something but seem hesitant to give their opinion. You even added that they might not have any reason to support their comments. Rather a childish attitude, isn't it? And if you know that the properties in RC look very attractive, it must be because you've been there already. So you know that RC is not in Ajijic. It's a strange question you're asking as if you wanted to start a discussion on RC.
  14. Every time i bought a cartridge from hp,the date was always at least 14 to 18 months. It ran out of ink just over one year even when I did not print much. I kept it going by printing at least once a week otherwise there's a risk that it dries out. I'm not sure if you'll get that much mileage with a six-month warranty expiration date. I'd be curious to find out.
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