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  1. I agree, It's disappointing that many just say go ahead and lie to the immigration authorities as if abusing the system is fine. Why should any country welcome anyone who feels this way. Also, I would guess that many of those who feel this way are the ones who complain the loudest about dishonest cops abusing the system and demanding bribes. Think about it.
  2. Your friends might also want to give some thought to coming up with a story about why they have no entry stamps in their passports and make sure that it is consistent with their story about why they no longer have the return portions of their visas. If they really are in poor health I would urge them to talk with Spencer rather than taking a risk, even a small one, of putting themselves in a bad situation.
  3. We gave up on them years ago because of all of the problems mentioned in the 2 posts above. Additionally they were charging us for monitoring us when in point of fact they weren't! Without doubt the most incompetent organization with which I have ever dealt.
  4. We had cut into our omlets but couldn't eat them We finished our coffee and asked for our check. We the waitress came to bring our check and clear the table she never asked why neither of us had eaten our breakfast. Made us think it was far for the course..... I think the primary reason many restaurants come and go here is that they are not very consistant. Seriously, why go somewhere where I might get a good meal? Let's all agree that everyone's tastes vary.
  5. We had omlets there a couple of months ago and they were both raw. Now, I'm good with soft boiled edds and eggs sunny side up, but this was over the top disgusting. We were the only ones there so there was really no excuse for it. Perhaps we caught him on a bad day, but I am never going back.
  6. Just a little bit of simple clarification for the original poster. Fiber filters do nothing but remove particulate matter, i.e. sand etc. Charcoal or activated carbon filters will remove some organic compounds that can cause odors. An RO system can further reduce the level of some other chemicals and salts from artesian well water or softenes. However none of these treatments do anything to reduce the bacterial content of the water. A UV system will not kill the bacteria but will inhibit it's ability to multiply and make you seriously ill. We have both fiber and charcoal filters, a UV sterilization bulb, and an RO system with a dedicated faucet. We drink and cook with all the water and the water from the RO system even tastes great! Neither we nor our guests have ever had a problem. I'll will also add this and I mean it kindly. If you are even a little bit like Howard Hughes this may not be the place for you.
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