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    Spago’s open

    Four of us went for dinner this past Saturday and thought the food was better than OK but that the service was terrible. The servers were young, clean cut and friendly but we all had the impression that this was their first job of any kind. I spoke with the front side supervisor whom I knew from his previous position at another restaurant. He told me that they were totally overwhelmed by the mumber of customers coming. He added that they were planning on reducing the choices on the menu, expanding the kitchen and adding both kitchen staff and servers. The physical plant is nice and I wish them well, out they definitely have work to do. We will not try it again for dinner for several weeks. Breakfast and lunch may be fine.
  2. As would I. Thanks. I have read articles on adding Kodi to Roku and before attempting it, I was curious if anyone had done it successfully. If anyone has been able to watch USTVnow on Firestick I would be interested in heading about that as well.
  3. Chillin, that was helpful as well. I read an average of 2 books a week. Watch sports and maybe a couple of hours of news a week on TV. My minds still pretty much OK.
  4. For those not familiar with it is a great service that allows people outside the US to watch some US networks for a reasonable fee. In can be installed on your Roku device effectively only by using Kodi. Watching from tablet, phone, or PC is a pain. Any thoughts?
  5. Eric took the initiative to find my phone number in their reservation book and call me last night. I admitted to being a short tempered Irishman with a short fuse and was probablely already PO’d because I had just gotten a flat tire from a piece of rebar sticking sticking out from the curb on Constitution. Bottom line: I’d be cutting off my nose to spite my face by not returning frequently to a restaurant as good as Elegante over a silly mistake.
  6. Eric, i appreciae your.apology, however that’s not entirely accurate. When we made our reservation, our waitress, who is wonderful, ask if we would like anything special that night. I said it would be nice if you had the lobster that night and my wife said the regular menu is fine as I really like the salmon. Perhaps we will come back again under an assumed name so we don’t embarrass ourselves. Oops, I hope Larry and his wife didn’t have a problem as well. As the last posters comment, no compensation is wanted or desired. Your thought is appreciated.
  7. We had made reservations in mid January to have dinner here on the 26th to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We dine here with some frequency when we are at our home here in Ajijic and have always enjoyed it. When my wife and I walked in that evening in we were greeted by the owner stopping us in the entrance and saying “Not tonight”. I said something about having reservations and she said oh you are those people. Only after we were seated did we learn that they were only offering a prefix menu that evening. Our wonderful hostess/waitress tried her best to accommodate us but as my wife has a seafood allergy and doesn’t care for beef, there was not able to help. We love the staff and think Steve is a very talented chef. An apology from the owner would have kept us coming back! If she hadn’t posted here thanking everyone for coming without apologizing to the frequent dinners who had made prior reservations that she was unable to accommodate,I would not have posted this.
  8. JRPJR

    Oui Oui

    Food quality and variety, ambiance, price/value? TIA and I appreciate that this is subjective!
  9. Looking at your interests, I’m guessing you don’t go to the Tuesday organic market. Not digging you, I don’t go either as I find the folks attending overly aggressive. Sorry all, this is totally off topic.
  10. Have been going for about a hour. Anyone have a clue what’s going on. If it’s an accident it must be serious one.
  11. Gogiri, I believe you are correct. Some are former eSun people and some are new. I was impressed that the had a replacement module for my inverter in inventory which indicates they are most likely on pretty firm financial footing. That is speculative on my part.
  12. We had eSun install a solar pv system about 6 years ago. We knew that eSun had ceased operating a while back but had also heard that Opiere Solar was honoring eSun warranties. When our inverter blew a fuse we called them and their technicians diagnosed the problem and found that we had a bad capacitor in the inverter. They replaced the entire upper unit of the inverter within half an hour of discovering the problem. And yes, it was covered under the eSun warranty. They can be reached 766-6148.
  13. Just opened Amazon Prime Videos on my iPad and surprise there is a Banner that says “ TV to Watch While Abroad “ and it works, no VPN required. Selections and limited and seen to be mostly Amazon Origional productions. Hopefully, there will be more to come.
  14. I’m tired of having to replace some electrical appliances and putting a surge protector on each appliance is like herding cats as it’s hard to keep up. My appliances are able to lolerate the voltage changes in Mexico but not lightning strikes in the area .Thanks for any help given.
  15. Exactly same issue here in West Ajijic
  16. Elegante and St. Remy are both very big on ambience. Very high end table settings and food is quite good but a bit on the expensive side. I have been to both in the past week. The food at St. Remy is quite rich so if that is an issue for you it would not be a good choice.
  17. I mentioned it because police walking around with in restaurants with automatic weapons at the ready is less than a common occurrence. That mention was a fact. I stated that I might be mistaken but I thought that was the place the murders had occurred some years ago. I did not state that as fact. in terms of being being thankful for the police presence no where did I suggest that I wasn't and clearly stated we were treated courteously when transiting the checkpoint in both directions. I usually don't bother to respond to post such as yours because I realize that some people have a need to build themselves by dragging others down. Others have a fulfilling life and don't feel the need to constantly try to show how smart the are. I'm sorry for you that you appear to fall in the former category.
  18. I thought some people would find this interesting. If you're not, I am good with that. Although, I don't understand why you bothered to post about something you don't care about.
  19. On the way to Jocotopetec about 3 this afternoon we saw 2 State Police trucks in the parking lot across from the last of the " fish restaurants " which I believe is La Iguana. They we watching traffic with guns at the ready. Just before the bypass to Guad there was a road block on both sides of the read. We were clearly speeding when we approached it but we waived through. Car and trucks were stopped and the occupants removed as the vehicles were searched. We were not stoped and treated with courtesy when we were waived through in each direction. On our way back home to Ajijic the police that had been across from Iguana were in the restaurant walking around with their rifles out. If I'm not mistaken and this is the same restaurant a couple of bad guys were murdered a few years ago. Clearly these guys were looking for someone or something. thats all I know.
  20. Phone number for reservations please
  21. I am wondering how widespread the outage is? Who else is experiencing this problem.
  22. Are you from SC

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