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  1. Flu is a virus as is a cold and there have many versions of it. Which strain are you talking about. Where is your data. What is your background and why should anyone pay any attention.to you.
  2. Thanks all. Ours don’t swim they mostly raid the humming bird feeder and look and talk to themselves in the mirror over our outdoor bar. They can be raucous!
  3. and it’s about the size of a robin and they seen to travel in pairs. Anyone gotta guess?
  4. I believe that the above referenced agencies in the link you posted all fall under the NIH umbrella. You seem to be a very combative individual.
  5. I was not referring to masks with a vent in the front but rather those on the side. You were not at all specific in your original post. Notice the source you quoted says with a valve of the front. Nor does your source refer to masks that are rated as N95. I qualified my post by saying SOME OF THE BEST N95 masks. Why do you think we would be asked to leave N95 masks for use my medical professionals if some of them aren’t any good? By just tossing generalizations out there you are spreading bad information. You are the same person that was encouraging people to go to the “organic market” a short while ago. Now you’re an expert on how to stay safe. Really? Do you even know what an N95 or a KN95 mask is?
  6. Some of the best N95 masks have breath exhaust valves built into them to make breathing easier and keep the wearer comfortable. This board has an over abundance of people who know little but post a lot. Don’t be one of them.
  7. If you read my post you will see I was discussed available of airline seats. I’m sure I caused some confusion as my post didn’t go where I intended.
  8. I had that has well when we first bought our place here and kept it he until he finally gave up the ghost. I started using a Telcel cellular modem about 2 years ago and was getting and still am about 40 down and 10 up since I have line to sight to a cell tower. I have kept it for a backup but the fiber optic service has been so reliable for both phone and verse I’m thinking of getting rid of it.
  9. I’m in west Ajijic and have TELMEX fiber optic service and at this moment I’m getting 150 down and 45 up with a latency of 48ms. Honest injun.
  10. I just ordered Kirkland Vodka online from Costco less than 5 minutes ago. Sale was confirmed by email. We’ll see what happens.
  11. There are more flights than there is demand. Schedules and city pairs have been vastly reduced and arriving at you destination may require an extra connection but there is no shortage of seats. Check the facts before you speak. There is already plenty of false informal posted on this board.
  12. What a stupid post. Please note, I am not calling you stupid, just this post.
  13. Although I have not been to the Tuesday market in years, as I recall the overwhelming majority of those present appeared to be well over 60. The US CDC strongly recommends that those over 60 try to avoid all shopping trips period. It seems odd that a market targeting health conscious individuals should encourage people to ignore that guidance. b/t/w the reason I stopped going was because people were constantly trying to out jockey each other to get to items of choice. I can’t see them being good practitioners of social distancing.
  14. I have a Bosch that I bought at Home Depot several years ago and have never had an issue. The capacity is 12 liters/per minute and that is sufficient to allow 2 people to shower at the same time (yes, in separate showers😊) The only maintenance required so far in changing batteries.
  15. You are absolutely bat shit crazy! Where on God’s green earth do you get your information?
  16. JRPJR


    Actually Kam and Kyle, I checked out a few OTHER LOCAL VENDERS first because i wanted to stay from groups of people and I didn’t find any. You probably know that produce is perishably and sometimes sellers have better quality than others. I was simply letting people know that Superlake, a locally owned store that has employed many local people for years, had some nice produce.
  17. JRPJR


    This afternoon Superlake had just received a shipment of the nicest cauliflower I have ever seen outside of California. Check it out.
  18. COVID-19 is a new (actually now 2 different strains of) and little understood virus. It is not a Republican virus or a Democratic virus; it was an unexpected act of nature. It was nobody’s fault. Just as it is nobody’s that that there are not more hospital beds or respirators. We don’t have the luxury of having extra stuff just sitting around in case it might be needed someday. Worldwide there have been 8312 deaths from corona virus; 3237 of them in China. In the US there have been 100. By comparison, there have been more than 10,000 US deaths from the flu this season. The world still don’t have anything like a effective flu vaccine. If it makes some of you shallow people feel better to blame Donald Trump of the spread of COVID-19 go for it. But please have the sense not to embarrass yourselves by doing it publicly.
  19. I haven’t done this in a couple of years. I know there has been a good deal of road work done so I’m wondering what the best (fastest) route might be. TIA
  20. As well as some other businesses as well. Still don’t know if they are closed or on holiday.
  21. Since you asked, I’ll tell you something you don’t know. Climate change is about a lot more than CO2 accumulation. That’s so 90s. Methane gas emissions from cows is now considered by many to be a major problem as are NO containing compounds. If you think it’s all about CO2 you are badly under informed. Perhaps more time researching and less time posting would help. Get the ring out of your nose and stick in a research journal.
  22. With the recent spike in violent crime I think that the boards owners should revisit their policy prohibiting the reporting violent crime. No problem with prohibiting discussion as that leads to endless speculation and opinionated post. Admittedly most of the current violent crimes are almost certainly gang related, I feel people, particularly non Spanish speakers, should be informed as a matter of safety. Not good for selling houses but good for keeping your clients safe which I know is important to you.
  23. I hold a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry and have taken several courses in free radical chemistry. I would suggest that the complex atmospheric interactions between HO- and CH4 (methane) are unlikely to be intelligently discussed in this forum. Just a thought.
  24. I have not seen them open lately and I get a fast busy when I call them. Are they closed for good or maybe just on vavation?
  25. We have had the service for about 6 months now. We average about 30 Mbps both up and down and with almost no latency. We are on the mountain side in West Ajijic and have direct line of sight to a cell tower. You do have to purchase the modem and agree to a 2 year contract but the contract can be terminated for a modest fee. Definitely the way to go.
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