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  1. We have had this number for 13 years so I doubt that’s the case but that was a very good thought. 🙏.
  2. We have been getting 10 or more spam calls a day from fake computer generated numbers for 3 weeks now. There is a real person on the call speaking in rapid fire Spanish. It is not Telmex. Fortunately my base unit on my phone system allows me to block numbers when I enter them. Has anyone else experienced this problem or are my just lucky? If so, how did so deal with it without relying on medication?
  3. Oscar says they are planning on upping their game and making improvements to their current location or moving to a new location that they have found here. We first met them in their old location next door to where Elegante is now the night we first arrived in Ajijic. Wonderful family from their parents through their children! We will miss them while they are on sabbatical writing a cook book and selling real estate!
  4. Why tell us what you are gonna do, why not just go do it.
  5. Interestedly, I went by Paz this morning a bit before 10 AM and noticed it was closed. It may have always been the case but for some reason I thought it strange and I think that’s the only reason I noted it. Maybe a new law or temporary rule during the pandemic.
  6. The first sentence is a bit of a problem. The US Mexican border never closed. It did and still is closed to non essential traffic but I don’t believe that affected heath care here.
  7. No, I was not implying that the latest cases reported are not real and I have no idea why you would suggest I were. You need to go back and repeat Mind Reading 101. The case I was referring to was reported several weeks ago.
  8. I think there may have been some doubt about the veracity of the story.
  9. And perhaps, like the the trees along the bike path, they will provide some shade in about 30 years...
  10. Good Eric, You have it all figured out. Business don’t need customers. Please keep us posted on how this works out.
  11. I worked in the chemical industry for a while and hold a few patents. Patents can of different types; process, application, or composition of matter for example. So for a given pharmaceutical you could have one or several patents covering how the active ingredient is made, what it is used to treat, and how it is compounded or delivered to make it work properly. There is a lot of art in disguising from your competitors what you are marketing by claiming broad ranges of materials that may or may not actually be in the product in the market. This is an oversimplification but I think you can get the idea🙂
  12. The overwhelming majority of those who die are older folks, true, but you don’t have to be old to contact and spread COVID. This has not yet run its course. I am not a fan of big government but this has to be contained.
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