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  1. I transferred 200 pesoa from my bank to Telcel. My phone was never upgraded and I have no balance. Telcel recognizes the payment. I have no idea why the payment was never recorded in my phone. MI Telcel account history shows no purchase on the date involved. Whenever I pay by cash, the device almost immediately acknowledges the payment - but nothing in this case. The Telcel office in Laguna shows the deposit and tells me I am out of balance. End of story. Is there any way I can convince Telcel that they did not give me the upgrade?
  2. AMLO held two previous referenums (i?) with representation from only a small part of the country. Does anyone belive that he will not accept the vote regardless of the the percentage of citizens that actually cast a ballot?
  3. I guess they are all visiting my garden in upper Chula Vista as we see a lot of them.
  4. I have obviously missed the boat- again. We have only received the Comprobante de Vacunacion, hand written, received shortly after the vaccination. Are we supposed to have applied for an undated certificate?
  5. I will take 500 pesos to Mannix this afternoon
  6. My wife, Dra Martha Nussgen, ran a program, "Ninos del Rio" for many years and Pat and Ralph were great supporters and donors to her project. With their help she was able to provide housing and education for the 30 odd children involved.
  7. I like to think that the Feds are not deliberately snubbing those of us over 65 yrs, with their changes to the program, but do not have the Sinovac vaccine in order to actually finish the original plan. Why else would they digress and vaccinate teachers and now those between he ages of 60 and 59 years? Are they hoping to reopen the schools in May? or June? Is that logical? I wonder who is doing all this "planning".
  8. Thanks, Natasha. I will give these a try and see what happens.
  9. Our house cat went walkabout Tuesday morning in Upper Chula Vista. He is neutered, very friendly, shy and this is his first experience of being loose in this area. He is basicly grey with wide black stripes on back and tail. Would appreciate any information if anyone has seen this cat. chasmx97@gmail.com, Please
  10. I have found the Goodyear shop near Soriana in Chapala to be reliable.
  11. Well in the notice in the paper of the week-end vaccinations it stated that it was only for residents of Guadalajara.
  12. My daughter is (was) an advocate for rice and when we found the ants after mt rose bed, she sprinkled rice liberally across their path and near the plants they were eating. Next night most plants had lost their leaves and the ants had taken all the rice to their nest. Enough with the rice, says I and out came the Hormigal. Did the job and now, 3 weeks later, the next is still inactive. I use it sparingly and only directly into the nest to limit any danger to pets.
  13. Don't know who told you there was a second line but we were just led to the exit when we had finished. There was no sign of, nor were we told about signing up for the second Sinovac shot.
  14. I was having a similar problem so I wrote an email to.. "tramitecurp@segob.gob.mx" asking them to verify my CURP and they replied and was able to register.
  15. My CURP starts out like this,"FAXC..." this does not appear to correspond to the info shown in Mostlylost's article. but when I enter my name this is what appears. Some booboo? Or is this another deviation applicable to foreigners.
  16. I cannot register. When I enter my CURP I get a response,"not registered" or two other different responses. My wife, who registered initially at the same time as I did, was entered successfully. When I enter my name to search, the CURP is correct. My wife is Mexicana. Any suggestions??
  17. I you will read my previous comments, you will realize that I have never asked this question before. I called a woman who owns a shop and she told me she does not go to client homes to cut hair.
  18. Does anyone know if there is a barber who plies his trade at a client's home?
  19. Why is this such a big deal? In a previous close down Walmart provided delivery service and it seemed to work quite adequately. Presumably it will work again. Maybe not perfect for some but will keep everyone fed.
  20. Tony, Sometime in the early 90s, my wife operated this hotel willfor a short while. Send me a PM and I will give you some names.
  21. Maybe going electronic will help our attendance which has been around 20% for the past several years. At least in our fraccionamiento.
  22. How does this modernization of the plaza fit in with the recent designation of pueblo magico? The two do not seem to be compatible IMHO.
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