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  1. I was having a similar problem so I wrote an email to.. "tramitecurp@segob.gob.mx" asking them to verify my CURP and they replied and was able to register.
  2. My CURP starts out like this,"FAXC..." this does not appear to correspond to the info shown in Mostlylost's article. but when I enter my name this is what appears. Some booboo? Or is this another deviation applicable to foreigners.
  3. I cannot register. When I enter my CURP I get a response,"not registered" or two other different responses. My wife, who registered initially at the same time as I did, was entered successfully. When I enter my name to search, the CURP is correct. My wife is Mexicana. Any suggestions??
  4. I you will read my previous comments, you will realize that I have never asked this question before. I called a woman who owns a shop and she told me she does not go to client homes to cut hair.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a barber who plies his trade at a client's home?
  6. Why is this such a big deal? In a previous close down Walmart provided delivery service and it seemed to work quite adequately. Presumably it will work again. Maybe not perfect for some but will keep everyone fed.
  7. Tony, Sometime in the early 90s, my wife operated this hotel willfor a short while. Send me a PM and I will give you some names.
  8. Maybe going electronic will help our attendance which has been around 20% for the past several years. At least in our fraccionamiento.
  9. How does this modernization of the plaza fit in with the recent designation of pueblo magico? The two do not seem to be compatible IMHO.
  10. Hey BMH could be a mapache? They like fish along with almost everything else and the could easily catch them.
  11. I am wondering about lscats statement concerning the size of the virus? I have previously read that the Covid is very small, not larger than some other viruses??
  12. Yes, I had my 2001 Highlander serviced regularly by Dalton Motors on Lopez Mateos for nine years before I drove it back to Canada. I found their service well done and the people easy to deal with.
  13. Why would anyone pay 750 pesos for a flu shot when itis available from the health dept free of charge?
  14. Diiane has been here forever and is finally taking a well deserved break. I think it was her choice to retire. Thanks Diane for all your social works over the years.
  15. When Walmart arrived, Chapala should have installed a proper intersection (which Walmart would have paid for, probably). Finally they are doing it. When we get used to it, it will probably prove to be to everyone's advantage and hopefully will avoid some of the hassles and accidents that have occurred in the past. It was a dog's breakfast the wayvehicles used all entrances to enter and exit causing confusion. How many times have you seen vehicles exiting by the Auto Zone and edging their way onto the libriamiento? I am sure the guiding lights will come sooner than later.
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