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  1. Why would anyone pay 750 pesos for a flu shot when itis available from the health dept free of charge?
  2. Diiane has been here forever and is finally taking a well deserved break. I think it was her choice to retire. Thanks Diane for all your social works over the years.
  3. When Walmart arrived, Chapala should have installed a proper intersection (which Walmart would have paid for, probably). Finally they are doing it. When we get used to it, it will probably prove to be to everyone's advantage and hopefully will avoid some of the hassles and accidents that have occurred in the past. It was a dog's breakfast the wayvehicles used all entrances to enter and exit causing confusion. How many times have you seen vehicles exiting by the Auto Zone and edging their way onto the libriamiento? I am sure the guiding lights will come sooner than later.
  4. When I sold a house about 6 years ago, I deposited the receipts in an investment account. the interest I have earned each year has allowed me to provide scholarships for some 30 students at no direct cost to me. The income earned has varied between 8 percent and 4 percent ( the lowest currently I suppose due to the pandemic effect). My Canadian and US accounts pay below 1% and have never done any better during that time.
  5. I had a similar problem with this company several months ago. The driver put in 285 ltrs in a 300 ltr tank that already was 1/3 full. My wife was the victim as she had checked his receipt and paid him. I wrote to the company but never received any reply.
  6. My wife has one and she hates it. Claims she has lost some of her sense of taste due to the apparatus.
  7. I am caught between a rock and a hard place. My DL has expired..but so has my passport which one needs for identification. Embassy does not consider DL renewal an emergency so will not issue a temp Passport. Any suggestions??
  8. We have a big garden and have had our "gardener" for 35 years. I Feb I put him on paid leave (due to Covoid) and did the work myself. I found he had been doing a superficial job for many years and the shrubs and perennials were full of dead branches and stalks that had never been cleaned out. After two months, he asked to come back to work. I told him things had to change. This met immediate resistance. He had never signed on to work for any specific times but just as HE saw necessary. In fact, he had never "signed on" for anything. I have now laid out the basic ground rules and he is contempl
  9. Is there a babershop anywhere in the area that has been cleared to open? I need a cut or I need a violin.
  10. email office@camacho-choza.com. Cel 333 441 5902
  11. 75 pesos per hour is what we pay our maid and I think it is fair. We, too, have been paying her during this period as she would normally ride the bus from SJC and we felt it was not safe for her.
  12. Yeah but where does my Molsons stand in this company? Those are all pretty sophisticated beers but I stand corrected.
  13. Since when does beer exceed 12% alcohol? I thought it was usually around 6%
  14. How can anyone say things are returning to normal (in any sense)when new Covid case are still on the increase? Thursday saw over 4000 new cases.
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