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  1. Is there a babershop anywhere in the area that has been cleared to open? I need a cut or I need a violin.
  2. email office@camacho-choza.com. Cel 333 441 5902
  3. 75 pesos per hour is what we pay our maid and I think it is fair. We, too, have been paying her during this period as she would normally ride the bus from SJC and we felt it was not safe for her.
  4. Yeah but where does my Molsons stand in this company? Those are all pretty sophisticated beers but I stand corrected.
  5. Since when does beer exceed 12% alcohol? I thought it was usually around 6%
  6. How can anyone say things are returning to normal (in any sense)when new Covid case are still on the increase? Thursday saw over 4000 new cases.
  7. We had an emergency at 0200 hrs Monday morning and went to the emergency clinic at HSA. Was treated, spent an hour, and received a 440 peso bill. The doctor, who was not a specialist, did what he could and referred my wife to a specialist.
  8. Alfa


    Harry, do you have a contact number for the bomberos? I have 2 mattresses I will donate.
  9. For the past week or so the electricity in my house in Upper Chula Vista has been going off for periods of varying time. Usually a minute or a few minutes, once over night. Last night between 2030 and 2100 hrs a fairly strong wind arose and the light flickered for about ten minutes then stayed on for the rest of the evening. We call every time it happens but CFE does not seem able to correct whatever is the problem. does anyone else have this problem with this "World Class Enterprise"?
  10. As of 15 April this place must have closed. Operator says number does not exist. Any other number available? Correction! Just some trouble with their line as he called me back and I ordered my pizza. It was a little light on the cheese and could have used more pepperoni to be considered a good pizza. I have to agree that the crust was in fact chewy as was previously reported.
  11. Why is there a run on toilet paper? As far as I have read, diarrhea is not one of the symptoms of the corona virus.
  12. I just recently closed the sale of a house in FL with Notary No 5. No problem.
  13. Thanks but it did not help. In additon I have received no less that 18 threat warnings MS Defender - and it continues. Malwarebytes says there is no threat when I scan?
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