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  1. Why is there a run on toilet paper? As far as I have read, diarrhea is not one of the symptoms of the corona virus.
  2. I just recently closed the sale of a house in FL with Notary No 5. No problem.
  3. Thanks but it did not help. In additon I have received no less that 18 threat warnings MS Defender - and it continues. Malwarebytes says there is no threat when I scan?
  4. Today, I can't open MSN news. Usually it opens when I click on start. today, it does not pen but appears on the task bar and from there I cannot open the program. Have I screwed up ( again)?
  5. I have been hoping some fiscal expert would be making comments and predictions about the peso which is staying so strong.In view of the Mexican economy not being so great, who is doing the investing and buying to keep it there?
  6. My Mexican wife tells me the name "La Pueblita" means nothing.
  7. As of 6 Feb there is a 2 week wait for more stickers in Chapala.
  8. Wife and I went to the Chapala office and renewed our tags but no stickers! Come back in two weeks. Paid on Friday,17 Jan
  9. My Ilox went out Monday afternoon and I thought system failure and waited. Wednesday I decided to go to the office. Found out there was no system failure but only my service. An hour later it was back on.
  10. Sorry, I did not mean to deposit cheques but to go to direct deposit from ones account. Bad wording on my part.
  11. Happyjillin, that is exactly the tool that would do the job.
  12. There should be no reason why you can't have your govt pension cheques deposited directly into your Mexican bank.
  13. Ffor EA93105 have you noticed the curb they are installing between the bike lane and the traffic lane? There is no way anyone will be able to park on the North side of the street. With the minimal byke/pedestrian traffic, I do not see the need for separate lanes as it looks like in chapala.
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