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  1. Has anyone been able to receive a rebate from Air Canada for their tourism tax when entering Mexico. I have not been able to find the procedure for this.
  2. I also need some boxes, does any one out there have extra boxes. Thanks 331 364 6912
  3. Sent you a private message regarding a car rental
  4. Just PM you about a electric walled secure parking that we have available. We have a double garage and do not need one side.
  5. If you are still looking, I have a home in Riberas, $800 mo.  I had tenants up till April 1 and am looking toe rent again.  You can reach me at 106 2137 or pm me.



  6. I have had success with both United and Air Canada flights getting a refund of approx $26 for flights entering Mexico as a permanent resident. I sent a copy of my passport and residency card. Volaris maybe another story.
  7. Is the tourist tax only applied to the airline ticket upon entry into Mexico or is there also a tourist tax upon leaving Mexico?
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