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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone. I certainly appreciate it. But how about shock absorbers? That might help me decide between the two Goodyear and the shop on the Libramiento.
  2. Again,everyone must make their own decision. I chose to read the law and there is nothing that says you can drive with expired plates. I prefer the law over legal advice from an insurance broker. You might try a lawyer and see what they say. good luck

  3. I got it in just under 400 characters but I only

    see part of my name so ....

    John Theroux


    765-7197 (Riberas)

  4. Well I waited until now to see if there would be

    any more would-be players but no...

    I'm usually on the tennis court in the morning.

    How does playing at LCS sound? It's so nice there.

    You pick the day and time. Do you have cards?

    I should tell you I haven't really played since 1956 in boarding school but it'll come back I'm sure.

    John Therou...

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