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  1. Just an idea. I use Windows Live Mail which is the free version of Outlook. Sometimes when I drag and drop the file goes into the wrong folder. If I drag and drop, I usually double check that it ended up where I wanted it to go. If not, then use right click and "move to folder" that way I am positive which folder it goes to. Use the mail search function to search fin ALL folders for it. Search defaults to current folder.
  2. I am much too late for OP, but apparently this only works for Windows Ultimate -
  3. If we use the remarkable growth of Android and IOS to the average non techie user, then perhaps Linux could replace Windows for the 98%, but not for me
  4. I do trust you. Yes, OS2 is very difficult to use. You mentioned Linux was ubiquitous and many didn't know it (Android), I only mentioned OS2 because, it to (at one point) was ubiquitous and many didn't know it (ATMs). And I find it interesting that people, who are much smarter than me (Genetics prof at UC Berkley and my chip designer brother) are ardent fans who will not use anything else. My NAS drive runs on Linux, the OS is wonderful.
  5. I got some help with OS2 from a Genetics Prof at UC Berkley and he loved OS2 so much that he wouldn't use anything else. My brother, considered brilliant by some, also swore by it. For mere mortals, like me, we are happy with Windows.
  6. Sorry, I am not a Monty Python fan I attended an OS2 user group meeting in Mountain View, CA in 2003, this 2017 link didn't get your memo on OS2 being dead - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/19/new_version_of_os_2_arca_os_5/ Suffice it to say, you are a great fan of Linux, so am I, as I have a lot of great utilities written in Linux, but Linux & OS2 are for the geeks like us. I will stick to Windows for practical use
  7. Can you be more specific 1. Windows GUI isn't written in C# 2. Banks never used OS2 for ATMs and OS2 does not have a current user community 3. A shell is not used by Linux to give a GUI or all of the above do you know C# do you know OS2 are you a Linux developer
  8. My wife had VPN installed on her XP, it was just a matter of tinkering with Windows software, no purchases necessary. I guess it depends on what your needs are. Opera may be adequate for accessing Spotify. Ask an expert.
  9. I suppose, but my understanding is there is a difference between using C# in Windows to do OS commands using GUI and overlaying your OS (Linux) with a script to do your OS commands with a GUI. You can purchase a script for basic Linux and install it on your computer for easy GUI, where as using C# requires you to learn a complex programming language to get an easy to use GUI But your original statement was that Linux is everywhere, whether we we know it or not. I agree, but few care. Remember IBM's , OS2. It is still very predominant in banking applications (ATM ), and has an active User base, but who cares.
  10. Computer Guy can clarify, but there appears to be 2 approaches to VPN. You can hire a monthly service, or presumably, you can hire Computer Guy to set up VPN on you computer on a one time basis and avoid a monthly charge. I guess there is that annoying Netflix strategy of blocking VPN which presumably a monthly service would seek ways around for you
  11. I am not sure how it works as I rarely use Bit Torrent, BUT I use a Buffalo NAS drive for backup and part of the software includes BIT Torrent. Presumably you could schedule Bit Torrent of movies and use the Media Player to play them on your TV. I am not interested in such stuff
  12. Yes, Red Hat CD has an impressive suite of free software ready to do anything most users want to do. BUT - I spend most of my time running trading software, Sierra Chart not available in Linux without using WINE. AND isn't Linux still a command line based OS, like DOS ? the GUI is just an external wrapper (shell) on the CLI I will readily admit I am Linux ignorant and part of the 'I do not care' community that Computer Guy mentions
  13. U can still convert WIN8 to WIN10 and in the process choose English for install. Use product code from sticker on side of computer https://www.howtogeek.com/272201/all-the-ways-you-can-still-get-windows-10-for-free/ I tried WIN10 - too much bloatware to remove and I didn't like interface. Rather than install a WIN7 look alike over it, I went back to WIN7. WIN7 good until 2020
  14. My experience same as Computer Guy. I was a long time devotee of Firefox, but switched to Opera after Firefox update problems.
  15. I live in a cedar ship lap rancher in Canada. Had a Torch on Roof applied. one fire extinguisher, for each propane torch, on the roof at all times. All existing roofing material removed. A membrane is rolled onto the plywood and screwed down. Then the a thicker water impervious layer is rolled out and a torch is applied between the two layers of material to glue them together. This is the "torch on" process. Then hot knives are heated up very hot by the torches and applied to the seams to glue them together. 30 years if done right. We had a brick chimney that was falling apart and leaking. A frame was built around it, plywood screwed to the frame and then torch on applied to completely seal the chimney and no more water leak problems from the chimney. Comes in various colours.
  16. That is why my wife usually doesn't ski weekends; too many snowboarders ripping by at high speed. I had stopped skiing double blacks due to 50 years of arthritis in my lower back, but a friend, who has the ski locker next to mine, suggested skiing the moguls a little wider and now I am back to skiing double blacks again, although not all day anymore. this friend had 2 knee replacements and he skis double blacks all day, I do not know how he does it. A beautiful skier I am not, but most of them had parents who started them young. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. I thought you were singing the John Denver song - Rocky Colorado High - but apparently you had original lyrics - sounds like a magical time 83/84
  17. Sounds like you were NOT a snow bunny. I still ski every year, how about you? Just bought new Salomon skis and new Killtec ski jacket, so I plan on many more years of skiing. My wife is from CA originally, but since she moved to BC in 2003, she enjoys skiing every year. He knee health may become an issue.
  18. 75 days of skiing for me this year, big smile on my face
  19. My experience (in Canada) has been different. About every 4 years, SS sends me the form, I sign it and mail it back. I have not had any disruption in SS cheques. With your warning, perhaps, I should be more pro active and mail in the form each year. Any feed back ?
  20. just relaying the experience my B&B friend in B.C. Canada had. He made a web site but got nobody coming to it. He looked at Booking.com and AirB&Bj. He found that the extra charges from AirB&B were more than the $13/night charge from Booking.com. Booking.com has been able to keep him very busy. Booking.com provides you with a website and you supply the photos. He goes to a lot of effort to ensure all reviews on Booking.com are at least 9/10 and he submitted his own reviews to Google.com. He thinks that the $13 CDN is too much but finds that Booking.com is keeping him busy. He has had calls from other companies to list with them, but their rates are no better.
  21. I access over 100 miles of set dirt bike trails from my front door. I prefer snow over dirt for skiing. I have ridden in Mexico (Baja and Copper Canyon) and love it. Thinking of doing it some more, but would like to learn Spanish first
  22. Mostly helpful people on this forum. I am a computer geek and I enjoy the advice that I get from Computer Guy. Although I can understand why many move to Chapala for the weather, even with 3 feet of snow in my backyard, I realize how lucky I am to be living where I am. You may have guessed that I am a skier and a dirt bike rider
  23. I day trade a lot which requires a lot of drawing of lines with Sierra Chart. Lately my drag and drop functionality (using a wireless thumb ball) has been a pain. I clean ball, check battery, etc. but to no avail. I haven't reinstalled WIN7 since 2008, so I plan on reinstall WIN7 SP1. My intent was to apply all MS updates (Office 2010 and WIN7) up to date and then turn off automatic update. Sounds like I should not apply any updates and see how my WIN7 is operating. Other than drag and drop, WIN7 has been pretty stable for 10 years. I realize there are some options that can be applied to drag and drop. Sierra Chart has an option to allow me to drag the Profit target without holding down the Left Bottom, this helped, but couldn't get WIN7 equivalent to work as well Question, not applying any updates since WIN7 SP1, is this a good idea. the Drag and Drop working poorly, Is this more likely WIN7 or wireless thumb ball (I have cleaned and checked battery) My wife has the same WIN7 SP1 and wireless thumb ball, hers is a joy to use when dragging and dropping folders, moving windows, etc.
  24. I understand Ferret is dealing with WIN10, I presume in WIN7, that if I accidentally install MS update for this hack (Meltdown & Spectre) that still have the option to uninstall. I am doing a Reset of my WIN7 and usually I apply all updates then turn updates off. Unless I uncheck KB4056894 2018-01 Rollup, , I will accidentally apply the fix could slow down my OS.
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