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  1. I have a pile of books that I need to get rid of, approximately 1000. They're all kinds, pocket novels, hardback, how to, decorating, travel, etc. Where would be a good place to take them? I've taken a few to the LCS before but not this many. Any ideas?
  2. Unless the dowels were never moved and were a permanent fixture I see no reason to worry about termites.
  3. I'm really torn about whether I should write this review. I really want Los Cinco Potrillos to do well but after coming back from eating the Sunday buffet I just feel that I have to say something. My wife and I went there at 10:00 which I felt would normally be when a restaurant would be fairly busy for a Sunday buffet. Other than a couple there with their young child we were the only ones in the restaurant and when we left there was no one there. As to the food. There were three dishes besides the beans, chilequiles, eggs and chorizo, and a chicken dish. While the chicken dish was tasty the other two looked to be on their last legs, the chilequiles looked soggy and the eggs and chorizo was getting dried out. They all were also getting cool. They had sterno type burners but they weren't being used. I can understand not putting out a lot of food if there isn't going to be anyone to eat it. I don't know what people that might come in after us would eat but it didn't look promising. No complaints about the price, 80 pesos, but I would have been more than happy to pay more for more variety and quality. Sea mentioned that they were planning on serving pizzas. If that is the case I'll definitely be back to give them another try, if not I doubt it.
  4. Actually it's one block past the plaza, two blocks if you count the plaza.
  5. Good to know, this used to be one of our favorite restaurants. It's also the closest to our house. Will definitely have to give them another try.
  6. I do my own. Not quite as long as my profile picture. I've had a beard or mustache ever since I was allowed to (frowned on in high school). Been shaving own my head for about the last 25 years. There a lot of good videos on YouTube to show what to do or avoid.
  7. Another vote for Ajijic Body Shop. They were able to repair the rear quarter panel on our 2 month old Honda Fit to good as new. I have work that I need done to my 2000 Ford Ranger and I'll be taking it to them.
  8. When I had my SS deposited to my U.S. bank it arrived on the 4th Wed. of the month. Moving it to a Mexican account it moved to the 4th day which was another positive for me.
  9. The last time we flew up to Tijuana Volaris charged us to have the boarding pass printed out.
  10. Are you one of the people that we met at lunch yesterday? If not, have no worries about bringing your own boats down. Best to check with the club first though as to availability of room. We're building a new rack so still have space available.
  11. I had the windshield on my Ford Ranger replaced by this same fellow. Very reasonable and did a good job.
  12. I think mexbound means the Chapala/Guadalajara road.
  13. Coming back from Costco yesterday the Federal Police had a tent set up right in that spot and 2 or 3 police cars in the median. No signs that it's illegal but just be careful. Also heading to Costco a couple of weeks ago right as we got on the Macro before the toll booth we were stopped by the FP and asked where we were going. After telling them Costco they waved us on.
  14. I like making oatmeal in my Instapot with steel cut oats. We brought some down with us from the states but that's long gone. Where can I find some here?
  15. The LCS has a lot of Koi. You might check with them as to where they get their food.
  16. Miguel is Oscar's brother-in-law. Stick with Oscar, I was unhappy with Miguel's work.
  17. This is what I ended up doing. Had a motorcycle that I brought down and eventually sold it to a dealer here. He promised that he would be able to take care of the paperwork. Of course when I tried to bring another vehicle down Aduana still showed the bike under my name. New passport took care of the problem.
  18. Once you get to the macrolibramiento just go under the bridge and take the onramp. Pretty clearly marked.
  19. As one that has kayaked and now rows on the lake I can state for a fact the lake is usually surprisingly warm. I could be wrong but I surmise that the depth of the lake has a lot to do with that. It's not a particularly deep lake.
  20. Interesting, my download is higher but upload lower.
  21. Didn't know you needed a sticker for fog since we hardly ever get any here. Or were you looking for a frog sticker?
  22. Same here. Oscar is his name. Miguel is his brother-in-law.
  23. This. As of now the plan is to stay the night in Pharr. Thanks for all the advice, lots to think about.
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