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  1. I've been using iShop. Don't have to be worried that packages will vanish. Small fee for their handling, 30p for small package and 80p for large.
  2. Aw geez, here we go again! You just can't leave any thread alone without your misguided right wing views.
  3. LOL. Not conducive for rowing. That's why I want to start riding a trike.
  4. Reviving an old post. I'm contemplating getting into riding a recumbent trike. I row but the conditions on the lake aren't always conducive to going out. I'd prefer to ride a trike instead of a regular bike mostly for comfort and physical reasons. Has the situation improved as far as the availability of trikes in this area? Are there groups that get together and ride? Thanks.
  5. I'll believe it when I see it. I row out of the kayak club which is located right next door. Hard to remember the times we've seen workers doing repairs to the structure. Would be nice if they finally finish. I see they put a dock on the west side of the building, with the water going down not sure if that was a good decision.
  6. +1. I also ordered the Samsung sound bar and woofer from Amazon Mx. Well worth it.
  7. I've often wondered about this. It's amazing the number of gas stations that have been started and almost finished but after years still remain closed.
  8. I also was impressed. It would have been nice if they carried other brands besides Truper but I guess I can go to Home Depot for those.
  9. Granted it was a couple of years ago. I had it done at LCS also. Not impossible that they (passport office) have changed their requirements.
  10. Then why was mine accepted? The first one I had taken was denied because of the background but the size was never a problem.
  11. I've gotten mine at Guadalajara Pharmacy. Just be careful that the backdrop they use is white and doesn't have any wrinkles or lines in it.
  12. I figured as much. I would have no problem taking the truck myself to Guadalajara but there's still the question of who to take it to. Anyone have experience with this?
  13. Looking for recommendations for repair on my 2000 Ford Ranger. I'd prefer someone that specializes in automatic transmissions as opposed to a general mechanic.
  14. And to think these are supposed to be two grown men!
  15. It goes without saying that you need to make sure the walls are free from salitre or you'll be having the veneer pop off eventually
  16. Can you state an example of rudeness that you have personally observed? I frequent The Garage probably more than Pancho's just for particular items that I know they have and are easy to find. It's also faster getting in and out. I have never found the employees to be rude or unhelpful in any way. It's also silly to complain that the Garage doesn't have the same size selection when the store is 5 times smaller. We should be rooting for more specialty shops to open, the more competition the better. If a store can't provide what we need or has bad customer service they won't stay open long. If the GG is expanding they must be doing something right.
  17. The toll at the entrance to the macro-librimento off the Chapala/Guadalajara road has gone up to 103p, a 6p increase. Can just imagine what the cost to drive to Nogales is now.
  18. You're thinking about Oscar. His phone number is 331 154-9270. Still in business as far as I know.
  19. Semantics. A factory is a building where goods are manufactured or assembled. I've sent the OP a PM.
  20. Sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong. I can see at least a dozen items in our home that we got custom made in Tonala. Most of the iron factories can make items just from photos. There are several factories that specialize in dinnerware from affordable to very expensive. Wood furniture usually can also be custom made. The tianguis on Thurs. and Sun. is fun to go to at least once for the experience. Think Chapala size x10, mostly goods.
  21. Must not have tried very hard. https://wagwalking.com/symptom/why-is-my-dog-rolling-on-his-back Basically they're happy!
  22. Another problem with the light at Super Lake is that the people driving west cant see the light unless they stop well back from the street. Just got back from shopping there and had the green light to enter the carretera and 2 cars headed west didnt even stop and when I honked my horn got a dirty look.
  23. Think across the street from S&S auto and 1 block further west.
  24. Since my wife and I came from San Diego the weather definitely wasn't a factor. Cost of living was for sure. I retired when I was 55. With the sale of our house and some investments we were able to move down here and live comfortably until SS kicked in. My wife being born in Mexico also played a part in the decision.
  25. Thanks for the address. I've already ordered one from AmazonMx., being sent to my house.
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