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  1. What if you're not home when they try to deliver the letter? Will they keep trying or is there some where you could go to pick it up in person?
  2. Maybe it depends on the plan you have. They ask us to renew ours every year.
  3. Yes, just opened recently. Just south of the Costco on the right side as you're going south. You can see the Liverpool store closest to Lopez Mateos.
  4. Yeah, that's my biggest complaint. I really like my avatar. It suits me. With my shaved head I really look naked without the beard!
  5. Oh I'm hoping you're right. The first time it was from the clerk at the vehicle license dept. in Ixtlahuacan then when we got home I asked one of the workers that is doing work on our home and he said that it was correct. I think it's bs also but these are weird times.
  6. I heard from two sources today that as of July 1st men must be clean shaven, no beards or mustaches. All because of covid-19 and face masks. I haven't been without a beard for at least 30 years, not happy. As prevalent as mustaches are here in Mexico I don't know how this will go over.
  7. What did you think I was talking about?
  8. I have a set of black carpet style floor mats for a 2017 fit. These should fit most years. Like new, hardly used. I bought all-weather mats shortly after we bought the car. No longer have the Fit. Asking 300p. I can deliver.
  9. Good to know. My wife received her payment, direct deposited, to our account in the U.S. about 4 weeks ago. Still nothing on my deposit to our Mexican account. I receive the 1099 form delivered right to our house so if I receive a check I hope it doesn't get lost.
  10. That's an idea. I've been there quite a few times for other things and have never seen them but could ask. I know, that's where I first saw them but was hoping to find some closer.
  11. I'm looking to find about 5 of these wood posts. I know that I can get them in Michoacan but wonder if I could find them in this area?
  12. My wife has her SS check deposited directly to our credit union in the states, she received the stimulus payment last week. I wonder if mine is being delayed, held up, because I have a Mexican account?
  13. Am I reading this wrong? From your link: ACA notes that the IRS requires the use of a U.S. based bank account for direct deposit of the recovery rebates with an exception made in the case of an individual receiving U.S. Social Security benefits, in which case the individual will have created an account with the Social Security Administration and personally inputted the information allowing direct deposit into his or her foreign account. From this I would be receiving a deposit to my Mexican account.
  14. Not me, but I made sure they saw your responses. It's the least we can do for all the wonderful people and business here.
  15. If you want to be able to have your favorite local business still here when this crisis is over we should be looking for ways to make this happen. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and help out if you can.
  16. I gave up on cutting my hair ages ago. My beard isn't quite as long but my avatar has a striking resemblance.
  17. Just an update. A Mexican friend of ours had an appointment at IMSS in Tlajomulco and was told that the oncology and nephrology departments were still honoring appointments.
  18. Don't know but they only wanted to let one of us through. My wife doesn't look Mexican and they never asked for ID. Went again this morning by myself and the answer seems to be to go before 8:30. They were just putting up the lane dividers and coming back just before 9 they were in full force.
  19. Well I had to go into Chapala on an errand today just after noon. Only my wife was with me in the car. At first they only wanted to let me through but my wife being Mexican was able to sweet talk the "officer" into letting both of us proceed.
  20. My wife made my last mask with pipe cleaner for the nose and it made a huge difference. As a side note unless your using transparent fabric it shouldn't make a difference what the color is. The pipe cleaner is encased in the hem across the top.
  21. I've yet learned to live without eating. I'd rather shop at Costco (Lopez Mateos) where there is less congestion, the store is cleaner, the company seems to care more for the health of the employees and customers and I can stock up on items so that I'm not going to the store every other day.
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