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  1. That's to renew a visa though. On the website for getting a passport and the e-mail reply I received yesterday they state that only emergency passports would be issued and they want to know what the emergency is.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I did e-mail the consulate and was told that they are basically closed except for emergencies. Since we don't know when we'll be able to go back north I'll just wait to renew.
  3. My passport is due for renewal the beginning of November. I've visited the website, printed the forms and need to make an appointment. I have the phone # for the embassy but when I call I get a recording asking for my pin#. What's this and where would I get one.
  4. I would certainly hate to be the person that had to work in a smoke filled environment. I'm all for the new law.
  5. I'll probably regret this. Stopped in today and saw that they have a nice quantity of black licorice. Sorry, no Twizzlers (but that's not really licorice). They even had the Red Vines in the 16oz packages. Also Australian licorice.
  6. This new location makes it perfect though when going to Costco, less than 5 minutes away.
  7. Coming back from the Costco on Lopez Mateos this morning I noticed that there is a new Home Depot going in. It's located on the right side as you head south, not far from the new Galerias mall. Couldn't see when it will open but from outward appearances it should be fairly soon. I wonder if they will close the old store on Lopez Mateos just north of the periferico? Would seem strange to have 2 so close together. I'm looking forward to seeing it open as the old store was always a hassle to get in and out of.
  8. I also like Beto a lot. Just be aware that the better the iron worker is the busier they are. Don't expect next day service.
  9. Vitacilina is also another popular substitute for Neosporin.
  10. Same here. Although going north on Lopez Mateos, right around where the outlet stores are, there was what looked like at least a 6 car pileup. From what we could see driving by going south there were 2 or 3 cars that had their front ends under the rear of the car in front of them. Typical going too fast, following too close, and not paying attention.
  11. What if you're not home when they try to deliver the letter? Will they keep trying or is there some where you could go to pick it up in person?
  12. Maybe it depends on the plan you have. They ask us to renew ours every year.
  13. Yes, just opened recently. Just south of the Costco on the right side as you're going south. You can see the Liverpool store closest to Lopez Mateos.
  14. Yeah, that's my biggest complaint. I really like my avatar. It suits me. With my shaved head I really look naked without the beard!
  15. Oh I'm hoping you're right. The first time it was from the clerk at the vehicle license dept. in Ixtlahuacan then when we got home I asked one of the workers that is doing work on our home and he said that it was correct. I think it's bs also but these are weird times.
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