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  1. Unless you have someone who has dug their own well on their property or someone who doesn't live there permanently and can simply get a pipa (water truck) delivered when they need it. I live in a fracc also and it's a big problem.
  2. I also use Tamsulosina. Be careful where you buy it. They used to sell it in boxes of 90 capsules but is available now only in boxes of 20. I bought some at Guadalajara pharmacy and it was 139p for 1 box. Week later bought 2 boxes for 79p at Costco, different manufacturer but same product.
  3. Sorry, my bad, didn't read the post clear enough!
  4. Don't know if it changed later but they were allowing people to park in the upper lot by the school.
  5. I'm 73, not been vaccinated before. Got my shot today in Chapala. If you don't have a registration form don't worry they are set up to get it for you, do need the other documents though. They started at 8 and we were out by 10. Very well organized.
  6. Don't feel bad, you're all not alone. We have megacable and it's continually going out. Could be for 5 minutes or half a day. When we call it's usually a message saying that they're aware of the problem in our area and it will be fixed soon. The last time after they had someone come to our home to inspect they replaced the router, still went out. Now they are saying that it's because they are upgrading the fiber optics. we shall see.
  7. What's supposed to happen after you fill out the registration? My wife and I filled them out over a month ago and have heard nothing.
  8. I wish mine were that easy. I use the PO that services Ixtlahuacan and as of this Tues. they still didn't have it. I have a BBVA account and they won't accept U.S. Treasury checks even though my SS check is deposited automatically in my account. Then I have to mail it to my credit union in San Diego because they're not set up for android phones only iphone.
  9. I use my BBVA account to receive my SS checks so the stimulus checks get mailed to me. For some reason it seems to take a month or more for the checks to get down here.
  10. Curious to see who has received theirs. Still waiting
  11. Word of warning, the new coin doesn't look exactly like that. It's all gold with no silver center piece. While it does look very handsome it's quite easy to confuse it with a 10p coin.
  12. My wife got hers on 4/6. Mine is hopefully being mailed to me. Curious to see how many weeks that will take.
  13. Roses do very well here. Also they are incredibly cheap. Why not look into a climbing rose?
  14. How timely! Just got gas about 5 minutes ago. Zeta Gas. 12.66/lt. Back in January it was 10.81/lt.
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