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  1. We've had Oscar do a lot of work for us and have more to be done so I was curious if he had moved. Just called his cell and he said he's still in the same location. Probably best to stop and see if the doors open. I admit that just driving by you would never know it's there.
  2. Word of warning, the new coin doesn't look exactly like that. It's all gold with no silver center piece. While it does look very handsome it's quite easy to confuse it with a 10p coin.
  3. My wife got hers on 4/6. Mine is hopefully being mailed to me. Curious to see how many weeks that will take.
  4. Roses do very well here. Also they are incredibly cheap. Why not look into a climbing rose?
  5. How timely! Just got gas about 5 minutes ago. Zeta Gas. 12.66/lt. Back in January it was 10.81/lt.
  6. The one in SJC has always been our favorite. Might not always have the best prices but the variety and the care that they give to the plants are top notch.
  7. Since I get mine mailed to me I'm not expecting to have it show up for another month or so.
  8. I just went this morning and they have all the lights working. Coming down the libremento get in the right lane and take the right exit, just before you exit onto the main road there is another light stopping traffic from blocking the entrance to the road on the right side of the auto parts store.
  9. LOL. Probably the same one I received yesterday telling me that my $600 stimulus check was on it's way. I received the check March 1st, almost a month after it was sent. Since my bank, Bancomer, won't accept a US treasury check, no matter the amount, I've been forced to mail the check to our credit union in the states. With the $1200 check I accidently sent it by regular mail, costing 69p, and it arrived in San Diego about a week later. The $600 check I sent through DHL, costing over 900p, and it arrived in 2 days. Both checks I used IShop.
  10. I agree about taking it to the dealer. However the dealer recommends every 10k km or 1 year which ever comes first. I suppose the age of the vehicle might play into it also..
  11. I think it must vary slightly from account to account then. Mine is always deposited on the 4th depending on what day of the week the 4th falls on. Like next month it will be deposited on the 2nd because the 4th is on Sunday. I also bank at Bancomer.
  12. Nice example of a cantera fountain! Good luck in your search.
  13. Do you want concrete or cantera stone? If the later try the cantera stone yard next to Tobolandia. They had several in stock the last time I was there or they can custom make one for you.
  14. Between 1.5 and 2 hours, definitely under 3. I remember the times when we had to waste all morning waiting. To those of you who don't like going to Guadalajara or waiting for any length of time by all means get someone to help you. I've never had a problem driving in Mexico and with my wife being Mexican it admittedly helps.
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