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  1. Your best bet is to go to Guadalajara. But it's not necessary to go to the fabric district. There is a Parisina store in a shopping center that's located on the right before you get to the Lazaro Cardenas turnoff. Stay on the right side of road as you go up the hill, just after the road crests the hill and starts back down there is an exit. Take it and the first right . The shopping center is there. Can't miss it.
  2. Come meet the group today around 11:00 at Maria Isabel restaurant.
  3. Since they open at 10 do they also serve breakfast?
  4. We've traveled many times between here and our daughter's home in Colorado Springs and find that the crossing at Sta. Teresa, just west of El Paso/Juarez, is the fastest. Usually no more than one or two cars ahead of us.
  5. Are you thinking of Carnes Fines de Sonora? Their address is, Ave. Vallarta #4951. Phone # 333 629-5159. Superb selection of meat.
  6. It's been my experience that to get a good auto upholstery job you need to go to a shop that specializes in auto upholstery. Unfortunately there aren't any of those lakeside. Look in Guadalajara.
  7. Well with the inception of the kayak club some six or seven years ago we haven't lost anyone yet. We regularly have safety classes in which it is required that you fall out of your kayak and either get back in by yourself or with the help of others.
  8. What year is your CRV? I'm sure there will be a lot of nay sayers but if it is fairly new try taking it to the dealers. My wife and I bought a 2017 Honda Fit new and have had all the maintenance since then done by Vanguardia. You'll be assured that all fluids and parts are genuine Honda parts. One time we had a noise coming from the front end that sounded like a shock had broken. Took it to the dealer and found out that there was a bracket that had come loose, fixed, no charge.
  9. There is no renewal for the green card. It's permanent.
  10. When we first applied for IMSS 10 years ago for some reason my account was put under my birth name even though I'd had it changed over 50 years ago. I've been treated in the clinics and even had an operation and never had a problem. This year we went in and was told that sorry you have to have your account in your legal name now and that I need to have my birth certificate and change of name documents appostilled. What a pain! Now I have to fly up to the states to have it taken care of.
  11. I would suggest finding an upholsterer that specializes in auto upholstery. There's a reason they're out there. Don't know of any lakeside, might have to look in Guadalajara. I took some seats to Miguel, after 2 attempts to correct their mistakes I ended up giving them away.
  12. They certainly get around! We were in Pena de Bernal in the state of Queretaro last week and saw them there. I'm sure they must have more than one pair of young men selling them. By the way we paid 550 pesos for a queen size.
  13. To each his own. I think eating Twizzlers is akin to eating licorice flavored plastic. And from that link they're not exactly cheap.
  14. I have a pile of books that I need to get rid of, approximately 1000. They're all kinds, pocket novels, hardback, how to, decorating, travel, etc. Where would be a good place to take them? I've taken a few to the LCS before but not this many. Any ideas?
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