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  1. Has this place suddenly changed? I find the food awful, the atmosphere dismal and usually the music less than mediocre. Maybe this is the exception? Doubt it.
  2. Digging for the truth; maybe the LCR can get the story on this: (Link from the Facebook page Chapala Jalisco) Just how involved was the Presidente? Chapala Jalisco 17 hrs · ---DEBES VERLO HASTA EL FINAL--- DEGOLLADO LO SABIA Y NO HIZO NADA--- Pasaron 85 días para que Javier Degollado tomara en serio las acusaciones de violación de menores en un Kinder de San Nicolás de Ibarra en Chapala ya que les negaba los exáme
  3. That will be far easier than transforming La Bodega into a restaurant.
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