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  1. Has this place suddenly changed? I find the food awful, the atmosphere dismal and usually the music less than mediocre. Maybe this is the exception? Doubt it.
  2. Digging for the truth; maybe the LCR can get the story on this: (Link from the Facebook page Chapala Jalisco) Just how involved was the Presidente? Chapala Jalisco 17 hrs · ---DEBES VERLO HASTA EL FINAL--- DEGOLLADO LO SABIA Y NO HIZO NADA--- Pasaron 85 días para que Javier Degollado tomara en serio las acusaciones de violación de menores en un Kinder de San Nicolás de Ibarra en Chapala ya que les negaba los exámenes a los padres y desestimaba sus denuncias llamándoles "Mitoteras" ¿CUANTOS CASOS MAS DE VIOLACIÓN HABRÁ EN CHAPALA? ¿PORQUE EL PRESIDENTE NO HIZO NADA CUANDO SE ENTERO? ¿PORQUE DICEN QUE ESTO NO ES GRAVE? ¿SE CASTIGARAN A TODOS LOS RESPONSABLES? --- you must see him to the end --- slit his throat and he did nothing --- It took 85 days for Javier Degollado to take seriously the allegations of rape of minors in a kinder of San Nicolás De Ibarra in chapala as he denied the examinations to the parents and dismissed his complaints "Mitoteras" How many more rape cases will there be in chapala? Because the president didn't do anything when he found out? Because they say this isn't serious? Are all those responsible punished?
  3. That will be far easier than transforming La Bodega into a restaurant.
  4. Oh, golly day and possibly poop shit to boot! I attended the presentation and I have a totally different perspective from OneMexicoExpat and Travis. Yes, I heard some laughter at ridiculous comments from the presenter and yes, I heard some scornful remarks but at no point did I feel they were over the top. These folks are trying to pull one over on us and I sure hope that we are way more intelligent than they seem to think we are. Lisa, we are expat residents and hear us roar; we have not lost our voice. I thank you for bringing this atrocity to our attention. However, the developers deserve only as good as they give which is, IMHO, pure crap. Let's rid our wonderful village of this pollutant before we begin to inhale their fumes.
  5. Attended also; food was lousy. Woman presenting explained that she does not work for Naimar (the developer) but is a paid consultant. She answered questions frequently with "the study has been done." When asked by someone what could be done to stop the project, she replied "nothing" that construction would begin in 6 months. She also stated frequently that market studies indicated that this is what "you want." She pointed out that baby boomers are coming in and this is what they want. So, they are just giving us what they know we want. However, nobody asked us already living here what we wan; at least not that anyone I talked to knows of. Such a development may be wanted by baby boomers in the US and Canada if constructed north of the border. I have yet to meet an expat who left his/her country to live in such a horrible monstrosity as this. So, guess we best show them that we do NOT want it.
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