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  1. May I bring three pets with me to Mexico? I would probably be arriving by air.
  2. There really is a doggy named Ginger at Lakeside and she needs a loving home. She is truly sugar and spice and everything nice. Ginger is a sweet three-year-old pit bull mix, on the smaller end of medium sized. Workers living on a Riberas del Pilar property after the owners returned NOB brought Ginger there. Sadly, they abandoned the dog when their work was finished. Ginger is now alone on the property. Although she is being fed and watched after she misses the companionship of people. This little girl needs a home and people of her own. She likes other dogs and grew up with kids. Ginger has been evaluated by a dog trainer who found her to be a healthy, happy young dog who would be easy to train. The property Ginger lives on is for sale and when it is sold she will need to be removed. Hopefully before that she will be safe in a home of her own. Can you help? (PM me for pictures.) If you would like to meet Ginger please contact Marina BenzRental LocatersPhone (376) 766-5202Cell (331) 047-0653US (916) 469-6424
  3. For anybody interested in medium to large parrots, there is a breeder right off the highway between Chapala and Guad. PM me is you want more info. I have already given the info to Bigrig. I got my grey from him.
  4. We live in lower Riberas and consider our area to be the stepchild of Chapala. Keep expectations low and you won't fret. Our street is so bad only people with SUVs or Jeeps can visit us during the rainy season. CFE did come by and repair some street lights several months ago but we had to pay extra to have it done. Water? We have a bizillion filters between the street water and our indoor plumbing. We wash the filters no less than once a month to keep the water flowing. We built a three chambered septic system and it works quite well. So, as you can see, don't count on the government to do anything for you, have the ability to do it yourself or have enough money to hire competent "experts" to help you.
  5. Here is Dane's email dane@danestrom.com . He has done several website in our area. However, I know he is busy and is also heading to the US for a few weeks in the near future. Eventually he gets back to you.
  6. One of the doctors at Dermika may be on maternity leave so I am not sure what that does to waiting times for appointments. We have paid as much as $500 pesos when we had a lot of work done. On the other hand we have had follow up visit where not one peso was charged. Dra. Monika Ramos diagnosed and treated my husband for shingles on three occasions. She has also burned off actinic kerotoses, taken biopsies and removed cysts for us. We love that clinic.
  7. It's on the highway in Ajijic just west and across the street from the shopping center that has El Torito and Salvador's Restaurant in it. There is the casino, Marisa's Bakery, Isilab and a Telcel in the same shopping center.
  8. Dermika Clinic, Dra. Monica Ramos, or if she is on maternity leave, Dra. Tanya Sanchez. Both speak English and are excellent. 766 2500
  9. Oh my gosh, thanks for the COMPLETE answer. We have a dobe female who is nearly 3 years old. She has always been a nervous nelly but the dog we rehomed with us (Lex, he was advertised here about a month ago) is a fairly staid, if juvenile, 18 month old dobe. I think he would be perfect for personal protection training. He needs some more time with us before we even consider having him trained. Like you we live out in the boonies, in Riberas, but with no home phone line and empty lots all around us. I really believe in dogs as loyal friends and protectors and therefore am looking in that direction to keep us safe (and, as I mentioned before, an electric fence). Thanks so very much for all the info and the videos.
  10. Myhomesweethome just mentioned that she had her dog traine at Wolf's. We have a doberman (or perhaps 2) that we would like to have personal protection trained. Please tell me, and some other interested friends, here about your impression of the school. Were both you and the dog trained? Which facility of the two around Guad did you use? What kinds of behavior training techniques were used to train the dog? Was the dog left in their care for a month? I assume the dog was person defense trained and not just obedience trained? At the end of the day, what was the total cost for the dog to be trained, boarded, etc. Any light you can shed about Wolf's would be appreciated. btw, we are just finishing up getting our electric fence installed. It can't be any too soon in my mind. I'm glad you are taking staying safe seriously! And no, don't all of you who believe in no walls, no locks, no bars on windows, no dogs and on and on write telling me and others we should go somewhere else if we don't feel secure here. I've heard that a million times so please spare us all another walk around that block.
  11. We always go through Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Chihuahua and out through the Santa Teresa crossing. Then we catch I 25 and go straight north. All of the Mexican cities have bypasses around them so you don't have to go through the cities themselves. I don't have great recommendations on where to stay because we always travel with our truck and camper so stay at Pemexes or toll booths. A...

  12. We are planning to go to Pueblo near the end of the month.Any recommendations on routes to take or places to stay? Thanks, Maryanne

  13. We aren't planning to go to Denver anytime soon. Not sure if we will drive this year because of Bill's health. When are you planning to go?

  14. Please write me at lindaherrin@gmail.com or do you have instant messenger? I don't have a landline phone where I live so it's easier to communicate by computer. I have both google talk and skype. My husband has had two bouts of shingles in the past four months.

  15. Ain't that the truth! Insanity reigns.

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      Lake heron. I has tried 1000 avenues looking for African Grey and even got scammed by an adoption add Could you please please give me the breeder in your areas contact info. Thank you

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