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  1. May I bring three pets with me to Mexico? I would probably be arriving by air.
  2. There really is a doggy named Ginger at Lakeside and she needs a loving home. She is truly sugar and spice and everything nice. Ginger is a sweet three-year-old pit bull mix, on the smaller end of medium sized. Workers living on a Riberas del Pilar property after the owners returned NOB brought Ginger there. Sadly, they abandoned the dog when their work was finished. Ginger is now alone on the property. Although she is being fed and watched after she misses the companionship of people. This little girl needs a home and people of her own. She likes other dogs and grew up with kids. Ginger has been evaluated by a dog trainer who found her to be a healthy, happy young dog who would be easy to train. The property Ginger lives on is for sale and when it is sold she will need to be removed. Hopefully before that she will be safe in a home of her own. Can you help? (PM me for pictures.) If you would like to meet Ginger please contact Marina BenzRental LocatersPhone (376) 766-5202Cell (331) 047-0653US (916) 469-6424
  3. I now live in the US but while living in Mexico I had this happen to several original watercolor paintings. If the mold is just on the matting, all you have to do is change the matting, wash the frame with a solution of vinegar and water and then replace the brown paper. If you suspect the back of the painting could also have mold the easiest thing to do is to put the painting out in the sun for a few days, after dusting it off with a soft brush. You can prevent mold for occurring by putting spacers on the back of the frames. They should be at least 1/2 inch deep so there is some distance between the wall and the painting. If there are watermarks on the painting I don't think there is anything you can do about that. I also think it's wise to periodically check the back of any paintings that are hung on an exterior wall periodically. You could use a mild vinegar/water solution on a nearly dry sponge to wipe the brown paper (not the matting or the painting itself) if mold is occurring. I learned the hard way! The issue I ran into when replacing matting is that there is now fewer matting colors available on the Mexican market than previously so I couldn't find the color I wanted. Then Isabelle on Guadalupe Victoria Street lost my painting while she looked for a new source for matting in Guadalajara. Something she never found.
  4. Well, Giltner, we are loving our new lives in Florida. Glad to have all that behind us now. Just wish the house would sell.
  5. Ditto . Awful pots, maybe not fired enough. you can varnish them to help extend their lifespans . The best pot factory there closed several years ago.
  6. Dr . Briseno was charging 600 pesos per visit a year ago . Must be more now . Hard to say what a procedure might cost. we've been living back in the US for four months now, I am amazed and horrified at medical costs here. we have Medicare and a supplement or I don't know what we would do!
  7. Dr. Briseno trained with Dr. Najar . Both are excellent,
  8. Dr. Enrique Rico Curiel Hematology and Transfusional Medicine Homero 443 Guadalajara 333 563 3002 Speaks enough English to communicate with you. Tell him Linda Herrin referred you. He treated my husband for years (until we moved NOB) and knows us well.
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