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  1. hola john, probably seen you around town...enjoy sparring with you. i used homeopathic chamomillia to treat an autistic neighborhood boy here and his 2000 seizures a month stopped. traditional drugs only halved them from 4000. he now goes to school in the usa. just an idea....you say your meds do fine for you. peace, nan

  2. When going to your link "No file exists". Yes, I told you that Los Arroyos Sur is built on fill, much of it is dirt and not crappy construction debris which some crappy builders use. Building on fill is not a problem. I watched every single house being built here on a daily basis, I can tell you what went into each house, what the ground was like that they were built on and what they were backfilled with. Let me tell you what else at Lakeside is built on fill: Los Arroyos, Arroyo Encantado, Arroyo Alto, Los Sabinos, Los Olivos, Riviera Alta, Chula Vista Norte and many others. I am not at all
  3. What's all this fuss about earthquakes? We don't live in an Earthquake Zone at Lakeside. Just because there are a few fault lines and we get tremors from Colima and Mexico City doesn't mean much. You're all looking at those sh*tty buildings and homes in Haiti that have NO STEEL or very little steel in them. Your house won't come crashing down here. At worst case you might get a few hairline cracks. These houses are built of brick or block with concrete between them, Dahlas (Armex) at the base of the wall, Castillos (Armex) at doorways and every couple meters tied into the foundation Dahlas and
  4. Continued.....

    As such, your comments are offensive. We've contacted Jesus Tejeda and have his quotes; no, we can't afford the 17,700 policy for her with high deductibles and whether or not anyone wants to compare with the USA is moot. We don't, and don't want to.

    Many others, like me, are much too old for Mexican health insurance don't have that option. You fail t...

  5. John,

    You just don't get it! My wife happens to have had to stay at home with an autistic son for 21 years, then her husband left her high and dry. She never worked more than part time, has no pension, no savings and no Medicare. I taught school, have a tiny pension and SS totaling less than most individual people get on SS alone. We survive & enjoy life until some asshole say...

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