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  1. Shouldn't everyone be a Lover if not everyday then especially on Valentines Day?
  2. There are hugs also at La Mision.
  3. Wish to purchase a Baby Grand Piano. Black is preferred but will consider other color. PM me or call cel 331 451 1476, Gracias.
  4. But do they reimburse you the ATM fees I hope they do because I have BofA savings and checking and also had Schwab bank acct. so have been using them as no fees period and reimbursement of ATM fees, but to transfer funds between banks BofA charges $3.00
  5. Would someone please provide me with Spencer's email address and his office phone # I have lost his card. Thanking you in advance for your kindness.
  6. La Mision has their large grill right in the center section of the main dining room, it is always on burning carbon and throws off a lot of heat when the extractor is not on.
  7. We have Netflix Mexico and for the last 3 days can open it, but it will not let you view anything. Was watching it 3 nights ago and it just suddenly stopped and it never came back on. Tried to go to a different movie and no go. Question how do you contact them. Notice they have taken out the Dec. payment from my bank. Thanking you in advance for any help.
  8. I am looking right across the street from La Mision and the large sign on the complex clearly has a logo " Sol y Luna.
  9. La Mision Rio Bravo #7 right across from Sol y Luna. Phone # 108 0887. Parking is plentiful.
  10. David is the chef at La Misison and Tabarka. and it is not ground prime rib it is chopped filet mignon. it looks exactly the same as a normal burger and the patrons who had it yesterday said best they ever tasted.
  11. Chef David has added his burger to the menu. The burger is chopped filet mignon, not your typical hamburger of the trimmings run thru a grinder. It comes on bread from Peter's Panaderia plus lettuce and tomato and grilled onions grilled perfectly so that they are soft and delicious. This burger is accompanied with 2 side sauces for you and I doubt anyone would want to put either mayo or ketchup on this delicious combination. Oh yes the cost is 54 pesos.
  12. Chef David completed all the tasks he had on his list and has now opened the restaurant today. So we are back to our regular schedule of open 6 days per week and closed on Wednesday. Our phone # is 376 108 0887.
  13. Published in our original post time and days open and closed. Sorry u missed it I should have not assumed you read the first post, sorry. We are closed Wednesdays. Give us a call after 12:30, looking forward to serving and meeting you.
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