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  1. I lived in Brisas in 2005 and all that was available was telMex dialup. The pain Oh the pain!!
  2. Yes I was wondering why they were at my door. Felt real uncomfortable and had a little trouble locating my card of course. Thanks for all the input. I contacted Spencer and he said the Perm. cards do not expire, which is what I thought all along. Card date is 15~02~2013........issue date. Silly Me believing the Immigration Officers.
  3. Thank you, They were incorrect in telling me my card was expired. Pretty bad when the people enforcing the rules do not know the date they read was the issue date. Any idea how to get a new one anyway as this one is falling apart. should just need my passport and maybe a few pesos. Any idea would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. Had a visit from the INM.and was asked for my immigration card.no problem but they pointed out that it is expired. Anyone know what is needed to get a renewal
  5. was not me! Dang I could use some money though. I do drive a 2010 Chevy Silverado Pickup.-I'll have to paint it white and make myself look like this other Barry. Probably not his real name anyway!
  6. When we moved here in 2005 we also only had dial up , even in the Brisas De Chapala for the first year or so only dial up. The when we moved to Ixtlahuacan De Los Membrillos just over the hill on highway to Guad, we were shocked to now have actual high speed but the highest ever achieved was a little above 1.0 mb . Did the speedtest.net thingy and usually .76 or so but that is more than 10 times faster than dial up. Just this last 8 months or so I am using a line of sight using about a 1 foot dish and at times the speed has been over 20mb ps or mabybe per minute. All I know is it has given me a lot more access to torrent sites and live streaming. So much free downloadable movies TV and music too. 300 pesos a month. Hope the guy is able to keep it running smooth but so far so good. I wonder how many more years till Tel Mex upgrades the line in our frac so we could use their more stable service,but until that happens this is doing great for me.
  7. So you have already set up internet in both places in case you do die so you can email us all to let us know? Oh and what are they charging you and what kind of hi speed is available, I bet the lower place only has dial-up.
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