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  1. when we needed one, we had to call for a particular one from one of the clinics over the area....and we paid for it...we had not insurance...
  2. I did not know that we had security issues...I haven´t heard of break ins or robberies around....
  3. I do not think so, the cost of the divice now, would be as 1800 mx peso, nobody can spend this kind of money here....
  4. people here is bored...they need to think or do something new and different. Other than go to the same restaurants, the same medical clinic, the same old Ajijic village....
  5. For Lord´s sake! this is México, México is a warm Country! they do not die at 10 like USA !....this beautiful Country is not in war, Mexico does not need a curfew! Please! realize that you are in México!
  6. 1- all the people from Argentina to Canada, are AMERICANS. 3- BTW now Canadians are the well off here, their Economy did not have a crash!...
  7. loneliness is a boring company...

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