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  1. Por favor, please check out the FACTS before you spout off. I have been travelling and doing business in México for almost 25 years. I moved here full time in April 2008 and joined this board in October of that same year. You joined this board in July 2018. More Liana joined this board in May 2008 and I respect most of her posts, but I think that I have pointed out that she is wrong on this one. Maybe she can respond, but in any case it is not that important, although I will still be buying and enjoying this 100% Natural Juice. Welcome to the board!
  2. Addressing your response to my post, lets look at your first concern about the claim on the container that you contest: "Jumex Unico Fresco..."jugo 100% natural". Notice that it doesn't say "100% jugo natural"...and it goes on from there. Obviously you do not understand this since all the copy on the carton is in Spanish: JUGO 100% NATURAL in Spanish translates to English as 100% NATURAL JUICE, so your whole statement after that goes out the window. I don't intend to belittle you here, but would like to get FACTS, not opinions on this topic since I consider my health very important and have bought and consumed this product for years. I have a carton of Jumex grapefruit juice right in front of me and on one side it posts Ingredients: JUGO DE TORONJA...nothing else. On another panel in Spanish is a statement that I typed out and sent through Google Translate with this result: Spanish text: Disfruta de Jumex, el delicioso jugo de Toronja como solo naturaleza lo sabe hacer: Exprimido directamente de Toronjas, cuidadosamente seleccionadas para obtener jugo 100% natural, conservando sus beneficios y sin anadir absolutamente nada, ni agua, ni endulzantes, ni conservadores. Jugo 100% natural English translation: Enjoy Jumex, the delicious Grapefruit juice as only nature knows how to make: Squeezed directly from Grapefruit, carefully selected to obtain 100% natural juice, conserving its benefits and without adding anything, neither water, nor sweeteners, nor preservatives. 100% natural juice. I also googled Jumex and found out that is the largest juice company in Mexico. It would be hard for me to believe, even here in Mexico, that such an important company could plaster their product cartons with blatant LIES. This looks like juice, tastes like juice and until someone can PROVE differently I will continue to drink it believing that it is 100% natural juice. I have noticed that some people on this board post OPINION as FACT...this is not beneficial to anyone. Just my OPINION. I am a little sophisticated in this modern communications business so was able to sniff this out, but my concern is that others may stop consuming this perfectly good, high quality, healthy product because they read something on a well respected local web board. Just my OPINION.
  3. BINGO!!! Jorge had the info and now I am in contact with this guy. Muchas gracias. This is how this board works best. Post a question and get the correct information pronto.
  4. Muy bien...muchas gracias. I can see MUCH more clearly now.
  5. As I have freely admitted, I am by no means a tech guy (far from it) so please excuse my ignorance. I can see more clearly now...thank you for the clarification. By the way does not IP mean Initial poster? Again, thanks for any correction on this also.
  6. The IP said: A question for those using Ilox cable services. How is your reception? Both my neighbor and I have rather fuzzy reception, not something one would want to watch continuously. He referenced Ilox cable services NOT TV services. I understand that the few Ilox TV channels are mostly in Spanish and hardly worth even considering.
  7. This is not good news, since I am in San Antonio and have signed up with them to be able to get good internet TV streaming service. I am now getting 4 - 5 download with Telmex and recently signed up for 30 with Ilox. Since there are only a couple of replies here I am hoping that this only a sporadic situation. I just signed up for a WiFi TV streaming service here (dumping Dish Satellite) with hundreds of channels and am getting EXCELLENT picture quality even with the slow speed from Telmex. I am getting some buffering on some channels but overall very happy. I am not a tech guy at all but do not understand why you would be getting worse picture quality with higher speeds. What does picture quality have to do with the cable connection...I thought that this is a on/off kind of thing. HELP!!!
  8. Walmart juice section near middle...Jumex Unico Fresco..."jugo 100% natural". I buy the grapefruit juice and the orange juice "con pulpa" (there is also sin pulpa) because of the natural fiber. 1 liter for I think 18 pesos
  9. I do not think so. This guy in a manufacturer with a large workshop in Jalisco but somewhere outside Lakeside.
  10. I made contact with a vendor there selling very good quality leather bags. I have a small business exporting traditional Mexican arts and crafts from here and added a section of some of his products to my website. I had saved his contact info in a folder in my computer but unfortunately it has "disappeared". I think his name is Jesus (not 100% sure). Have tried to reach out to anyone connected to the Cook Off but found no info from Sn. Google. They do have a Facebook page, but no contact info there! I am sure that the leather guy is listed in the guide they hand out at the entrance but do not have one. Does anyone have one or contact info of some official or person affiliated with the Cook Off who might be able to help. Gracias
  11. I am a White, God-fearin (sic) folk, and my ma and pa are NOT brother and sister. Even if this was not directed at me, I find it highly offensive and fact very sick as have been many, many more by this same person in the past. I would be surprised if over 95% of the good folk here also do not find this highly inappropriate and not at all conducive to the high standards of this board.
  12. JonnyWhoever post "Who are the people who find that despicable? Well I'd guess they're mostly old, White, God-fearin folks whose ma and pa are brother and sister." I find this very personal and offensive. Why was not this and many more vile comments (some a lot worse) by this poster over many months not deleted as was mine calling out this bigoted, offensive person?
  13. Muchas gracias...this is the most sage thing I have seen here recently.
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