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  1. I have paid the first month only with my Bancomer debit card. Does this allow me the extra speed they promise with a credit card? Also is there an extra charge for the box and the set-up?
  2. Just checked Mercado Libre and they have many of these priced from around 600 to 1200 pesos for a bottle of 120. My question is what would be the dose for a dog of about 50 lbs.? I would like to try these myself since I have some arthritis problems also.
  3. I am happy to hear that. I hope the when you do decide to go, you leave enough with your wife to give you a decent burial.
  4. I thought you were dead! Yesterday I got this email: Richard Koller The Computer Guy <computerguyajijic@hotmail.com> Fri, Mar 15, 6:53 PM (17 hours ago) to me Hi...Im Richard's wife...I'm sorry Richard passed away...😢 ... The funeral house want i pay 25,000 pesos but i don't have money for pay can you help with some money please?... 😢 The Computer Guy * Angel Flores #17 * (Between Juarez & Colon) * Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico 45920...And then other contact info including office and cell numbers. Is this "The Miracle on the Lake" a resurrection right here lakeside? Amazing!!!
  5. Minnie is getting a little older (about 10) and her back legs are stiff and sometimes, especially in the mornings, she are dragging a little. I talked to the vet and he thought that this might help. I bought a month supply and now are about half way through and it seems to be helping. It is a little expensive (about 800 pesos per month) and was wondering if there is something as good or better at a lower price. Gracias
  6. Again...has anyone actually experienced this TV option so they can advise from personal experience? I understand that in most cases there is the option that the subtitles can be turned off and the original version be restored. PLEASE, NO... I understand, or I heard...only comments from persons with actual experience in this TV option from ILOX. Gracias
  7. Sn. Google knows....all your personal information, gathered by its parent company Alphabet Inc. (Google it) and its subsidy minions Apple, Microsoft and Amazon This is a monopoly that only feeds you what it wants you to know and is gradually taking over the uneducated minds of the world, especially those who have graduated from the premier U.S. university's with degrees paid for by their privileged parents and not worth a dime in the real world. These are the people now being voted into politics today. Sad!
  8. Someone posted a chart of the channels earlier in this thread that they are offering and on the top it clearly states there is 79 analog, 24 digital and 12 HD, and it breaks down the channels under that into the 3 categories. So, Sn. Rick, you are clearly wrong when you say: "I doubt there is anything ‘analog’ coming across a digital fiber connection..... Standard Definition maybe, but analog???" I am only looking for a response from someone who knows the actual facts about this service and hopefully has had personal experience with it. Gracias
  9. Did you not read my post? I was asking about the ILOX TV package and you referred me to this post: "To get the networks, you'll need to stream, most commonly on an android box. Just google IPTV providers...like Nitro TV, Helios, Vader Streams, etc. I pay like $10 a month for 6000 Helios TV channels including just about every ABC, CBS, and NBC station in the US." First, I am not interested in the networks. I see many channels that are of interest to me and since they are American, I am assuming that they are in English. Second, I know that there are only a few in HD, and my question was, how are the analog channels received on a large flat-screen? Next, all these IPTV providers are illegal and require special gadgets, work around and tech expertise to keep them going. I am not into this at all and my Dish TV is very expensive and unreliable so for much, much less I was wondering if anyone has used this ILOC TV service and if they can provide any feedback. Very simple, verdad?
  10. I have recently signed up and only paid for the first month. Is there an extra charge for the hook-up and the modem? Also concerning the TV package...are the channels in English or Spanish? Also most channels seem like they are analog...what kind of picture do you get on a large flat screen TV? Anyone have this package and your comments please? Gracias
  11. Yes I had the same problems today...all over town, and you do not see the problem until you are on top of it so you are backing up and turning around on mostly one way streets. Why not put a person or sign at the top of the street with a warning? Crazy!!!
  12. Please don't encourage him...a complete bigoted :() and more!!!
  13. Of course i meant to say 12 feet and 6 feet...What an eyesore in my neighborhood (that's where the Gringo Loco lives)
  14. At first I thought that this was a prank post, but now I realize that he/she is serious (I think)! I only recently got a smart phone, simply because everyone here uses Whats app, have an old fashioned desktop (with tower), and I am sure that most 10 year olds have more tech savvy than I. I also fall within the average age group of the expat community here and many may have more knowledge of technology than me, but I think that most are just looking to get your average, standard NOB television programming here cheaply, easily and without a lot of workarounds, gadgets and constant fiddling. When I was at the new ILOX office to sign up for the service I was not aware of this option and the nice young lady simply offered the 2 speeds options (I chose the 30m). As a businessman/marketing guy I would strongly suggest to management there that some sales training be done to be able to offer the full spectrum of their services and maybe some bilingual employees be hired since I am sure at, least initially, our community will constitute a large percentage of their business. Just as an aside, I was asked to sign every page of a 12 page, single spaced double side agreement (In Spanish). I asked her in my broken Spanish "am I signing away my life?"...no response. And then "how many trees died to create this paperwork"...again no response or facial expression change. Maybe she did not understand my bad Spanish but good customer service goes a long way. I can't wait to get rid of my expensive ($75 a month) unreliable DISH TV. Anyone want to buy 2 satellite dishes, one about 12" and the other about 6'?
  15. Is this not exactly what a service like this would provide (cable cutters), In my case DISH TV cutter? The proof is in the pudding of what channels and programming will be available with their package.
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