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  1. My rational, as a businessman, is that professional gardeners have their own machines and tools...Works for me!!!
  2. I would not trust a gardener that does not have their own equipment. Would you trust a plumber without the appropriate tools?
  3. Yes, I pay the father and son team $500 pesos for 2.5 hours. That works out to $100 pesos each per hour and that includes the machines and gas. Believe me they come and get it done on a very large piece of property! The father keeps an eye on the son and sometimes, especially during the rainy season they put in a little more time. I also like the fact that they are in and out in that period of time since I enjoy my tranquility and one guy would mean twice the time putting up with the machine noise. Plus there are some jobs that are best accomplished by 2 guys. I gave then a nice raise about a year ago, since gas prices went up, and for about 9 years of constant great work, showing up on time and my dogs love them (as well as my maids...I keep it in the family).They are happy and so am I. Just the way I roll!!!
  4. Out posts came together at the same time, but we are on the same wavelength on this one!!!
  5. Being a businessman I certainly would tie the payment to how many hours would the job take. The OP did not say how large or complicated the property is or how many hours he/she anticipated the job would take.
  6. An hour??? I have a father and son come to my large property here in lower SAT once a week, and pay them $500 pesos a week for about 2.5 hours of work. They have their own equipment and pay for the gas. I gave them a raise a few years ago because of the higher gas prices. During the rainy season they have more work because of the grass growing but they also keep busy in the non rainy season with bougainvilleas, tree and bush trimming and always raking the leaves. The wife/mother as well as daughter and aunt (3 Amigas) are my maids bi-weekly at the same price and time here. Works for me with this family for over 10 years now!
  7. Your PM says it cannot receive messages. I have an older Nordic track Pro, in good condition that I will sell for 3000 pesos. I am in SAT, and you can PM me with a phone number or email. I also have a pickup truck if you do not have transport for this.
  8. You are a pathetic and pitiful liar... "Dennis apparently found my email address in one of the telephone books lakeside. And he emailed me." LIE "We are communicating on a regular basis." LIE " Apparently he is happily married to...…. More later." LIE "Don't worry greengo, I will not share any personnel info I---we may know about each other" LIE You know nothing personnel about me except my email address that you stole from somewhere and YOU emailed ME. The only email I sent you as indicated above was my response to that asking where you got my email. I have never, ever met you, talked to you or had any other direct correspondence with you except what you started and I abruptly ended. I am seriously considering contacting the owners of this board to discuss my options (possibly legal).
  9. You are a sick puppy!!! I never emailed you except to respond to yours where I told you to buzz off. Other than that there has been NO COMMUNICATION. Here are the actual emails, so you are the liar, not me. Peter Johanson <johansonpete61@gmail.com> Jul 20, 2020, 4:55 PM (4 days ago) to me Do you remember when I posted that that the Coronavirus epidemic has changed my plans and that as a result thereof I would not be returning from Seattle as planned in early July? And that as a result thereof I was going to wait until there was a coronavirus vaccine which I may not return until next year? Well before then, I was interested in your satellite dishes. Now, I still might be whenever I am able to return, But I am not now. And you are very fun to tease. Sorry you took it wrong. 😁😎 Dennis (edited my last name and email address) Jul 20, 2020, 7:22 PM (4 days ago) to Peter How did you get my private email address? If you have any emails from me before this please feel free to publish here or just F---- OF!!!! And just to set the record straight, I have been happily divorced for over 30 years. Sick! Sick! Sick. And please do not delete this since it is all true.
  10. I do not know him from Adam...Was very surprised to get a private email from him and was told that he, as a Mod here, has access to this information. Is this true? Very scary!!!
  11. As usual, you are not making any sense at all!!! Maybe the smoke and chemicals in the air up there effecting your logic!!!
  12. Exactly!!! MC posted some very interesting documented FACTS, and of course some here disputed that without any documented FACTS of their own. When I pointed this out someone here claimed that there were "gray areas" in FACTS!!! I then disputed that and it went from there.
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