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  1. No problem....anytime. Love your handle...very appropriate for the majority of your posts.
  2. Way too much time on folks hands here...Please...you can get out...just "social distance".
  3. Who's on first? if this were not so serious it could be a Saturday Night Live skit...Dana Carvey where are you?
  4. I see that you fixed your "you are a restaurant" text (I also use the EDIT function here). As a great American once said "Can we all get along?". That was Rodney King after the LA riots precipitated by his freeway beat down by cops in 1992. I was right in the middle of all that and saw a lot of destruction and human suffering. We do not have to get down hard on others but it is worthwhile pointing out reality to some who are getting their news and information from dubious sources. Stay safe!.
  5. Is this all you have to say? That says a lot about you! Did you read this thread?
  6. Not me...are you doing OK?? And no, I am not a restaurant!
  7. Who are you to say that my posts are "unwelcome"? And as far as the difference between real news and FAKE NEWS, this is in the eye of the beholder and truth...and again this is the FOOD part of a board for information regarding Lakeside and Guadalajara; so why are you pursuing this here? I did not instigate any of this! Read this thread.
  8. Was I the one who used it on this thread first? Please reserve this important phrase for only the most egregious of the FAKE MEDIA sins!!! We are talking FOOD here!
  9. First of all, I did not quote you. My post was a general observation and a comment on a very favorable recent review. I do not look at this as news, so let's save your favorite phrase for real FAKE NEWS!
  10. Not a dog in this fight, but sometimes here folks that maybe had a bad experience years ago want to regurgitate it over and over. Times change!. Over my 12 years here I have had some great meals there and maybe 1 or 2 mediocre. I take Carnivore at his word of his recent experience. In this difficult situation, why not give them a second chance?
  11. Yes, I can see extremely well (I recently had successful cataract surgery by Dr. Claudia, but that is another story). Have you read this thread? It is hilarious!!! Yes there is a serious situation going on, but surely (don't call me Shirley) you can see the humour?
  12. I hope that you all are enjoying this as I am in these trying times. This thread just illuminates where we are and how some are taking things to the ultimate extreme. We need a little comedy. Gracias!
  13. Yogi...where are you when we need you??? This is insane!!!! I hope that this is a parody...if so it is good!
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