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  1. Plus this is Mexico! If I were to outline the huge Novela that I am going through now just to get my phone service switched back to Telmex from ILox it would take pages and pages here. ¡Viva México!
  2. The last 2 posts...ALL FAKE NEWS!!! What is ARISTEGUI NOTICIAS and who is Ernesto Acosta??? Maybe the New York Times and Jim Acosta of Mexico? I do not believe a word and neither should you. After all these years of doing business and living here, I only believe reality when it actually happens. Chill!!!
  3. Do you not believe in free enterprise? If not is that not communism, or it today's political correct jargon, socialism? And yes, I am always looking for better treatment, better foods and better education...what is wrong with that. Who is the fool, I politely ask?
  4. "The PAN proposes...."...."Senator Kenia López Rabadán explained on Tuesday that the proposal seeks that, "without simulations"...The initiative proposes to reform articles 36 and 77 bis 1 of the General Health Law..."To be congruent with what even the federal Executive (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) has said that there will be no charge in the health service, today the law clearly establishes them," said López Rabadán.... Blab, blab, blob, blather...and I only got through half of this guy Alan's first post above. Most of this is political drivel and grandstanding such as you would get on C-span in the US mixed with a writers commentary of who knows what persuasion. Maybe this would be of interest to a dedicated Mexican voter, but I doubt there are many of those on this board. As I said before, lets just "chill out" regarding this since there is nothing that 99% of us here can do anyway. What a wast of time and space.
  5. For almost 12 years my gal is Lupita on the plaza in SAT. Started using her out of her mother in laws house just up the street from me when i first moved here full time. A few years later she opened her shop on the north side of the plaza and never a bad haircut. Her prices have gone up a little since then. I think now only $70 and I always give her $100 and she is very happy. It is just her and the shop is always busy with both guys and gals and all seem like regulars so she is doing something right. Tell her that Dennis sent you!
  6. Unfortunately there seems to be a small (i hope) clique of anti U.S. ranters here. They simply are ill informed bigots who do not have a clue. I can point to many current realities including record clean air and water there, the worlds best economy (by far), an enviable record (at least now) of race and religion equality and yes the most yearly acceptance of immigrants of any country. If these folks would read history they would also know the the US basically saved Europe and much of Asia during the First World War and saved the entire world ending the Second WW. I would venture to say that we would all be speaking German now if not for that. Health care in the US is universally accepted as first class. Without going the Socialist route, most Americans are happy with their employer provided health insurance and private providers. It is also against the law there for a hospital to turn away anyone including illegals. Is it perfect? of course not but compared to most (including Canada) it's enviable throughout the world.
  7. You can believe what you want and I will believe what I know. The word ATTEMPT in your first paragraph above is the operative word. Why try to get everyone riled up when this is still very much a work in progress, Lets all calm down here and I am confident that in the end, as always here, not much will change.
  8. My point is that nobody seems to know nothing about this situation. Even on this thread there are mounds of new government fine print that is contradictory itself and then this seems to be a situation that might change state to state.Your statement "I don't expect many retired foreigners to give a damn about Mexico's institutes or her problems" makes no sense in this context since I was only addressing those on this board who are almost all expats from somewhere else. I was just imparting what, in my extensive experience here including decades doing business, as well as a long time "retired foreigner" (and still conducting business) I have learned. Nothing is done until it is done here. It makes no sense to get your whities or panties in a kerfuffle over all of this typical barrage of government conflicting non-information information "press releases" and especially the know-all "experts" on this board. As my Doctor at Seguro Popular told me on Thursday when I brought this up as I was leaving, "Don't worry, nothing is changing here...hasta luego"
  9. All of this bla, bla, bla here is crazy. All we need to know is how this will affect us expats here lakeside. As far as I know, if you are registered with Seguro Popular (as I am) there are no changes; so please stop all of the fine print government press release blather. All is good... chill out...and enjoy this amazing place we have ended up at.
  10. I just got back from the Seguro Popular in SAT and had no problem. The new Dr. there (Dr. Santiago) reviewed blood and urine tests that I take there every 6 months or so. Did not even want to take a look at my 'booklet". Cholesterol a little high so he wrote me a prescription and only asked me for my CURP (which I had just printed out the new version of). In and out in half hour. No problema. .
  11. gringohombre


    By the way the price was also OK...soup, salad, 1 beer for $228 + tip.
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