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  1. Try Similares generic brand Pravastatina. Not sure about 80 mg. I buy 10 mg. there at a very low price.
  2. Are you a poor or even middle class family up there paying DOUBLE to fill your gas tank??? And God help them when the have to heat thier homes this coming winter and what about the HUGE inflation on food and other necessities??? And now up there they are buying oil and gas from Russia, Irian and even talking to Venezuela when they were oil independent 2 years ago!!! All of this because they were held hostage by this cartel (they do not "encourage"...they DEMAND) and then forced to pay double to these dictators who are laughing all the way to the bank!!! Do these countries negotiate policy with "new green dealers"...NO...because they would all be in JAIL or worse!!!
  3. This is just one of MANY instances of misinformation, retractions, lies or whatever you want to call them!!! The worse, worse it is (ie. larger numbers reported) the more $$$$$$$$$ and POWER. Thus hundreds of thousands got the Death notice or Diagnosis or hospitalizations reported, when they actually succumbed or had something else...FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!
  4. Here come the Nun, here come the Nun...with her sad face and I am sure a sermon to follow!!!
  5. Maybe your are not good once as you have never been!!!
  6. Remember...this is The Nun preaching...whatever she says is Scripture and you shall not oppose anything she says!!!
  7. Very short and intense late yesterday afternoon with heavy rain for about 20 minutes. Power went out and just came back 15 minutes ago here in Lower SAT.
  8. Please read the post...I said to turn the oven off and just use the timer...that is what the OP is looking for!!!
  9. Have a toaster/oven with a timer: turn to the off position and set the timer to desired time...very accurate and sounds a bell when done!!!
  10. I thought that there was a post on this just a few days ago but cannot find it. Years ago I had a completely botched hip replacement here that thankfully was "reconstructed" by VA Healthcare in Phoenix, USA. It will never be the same but still doing my daily half hour walk along the malecon here in SAT. Recently there has been a lot of pain in the calf area of the same lower leg that seems to radiate from the hip area. Tried an electric air compression leg massager as well as hand massage in the area with little or no relief. Would like to try acupuncture and looking for some feedback on this procedure as well as references. Gracias
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