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  1. Are you going to believe me or your LYING EYES??? Over 45 years visiting here and seeing record flooding and record drought and now living full time almost 13 years and walking daily on the lakefront...THIS IS A VERY NORMAL YEAR!!!
  2. The eyes have it!!! Many here need to get out for some fresh air!!!
  3. Looks fine to me...In fact the eyes almost look like they are staring at me!!! Every species of fish have different color skin and thus scales, so what is the big deal? I think that negative reviews here should be based on fact...not speculation!!!
  4. You guys ought to get a room. Oh...and wear a mask!!!
  5. Good for you...I was talking about "The vast majority of expats here...." Please read the post from the beginning.
  6. The OP was Is "Bancomer now BBVA Ajijic centro?" Again, at the risk of being accused of "going down another road" (that someone else created), I would suspect that the vast majority of expats here are smart enough keep a banking resource in their home countries for the bulk of their financial wealth. You do need some kind of local bank for access to pesos for day to day living expenses, payment of help, etc.
  7. Did I create the street??? I just saw it and took it!!!
  8. So, as a renter it is your responsibility to demand the lease in pesos, or else you are a sucker!!!
  9. This thread is going crazy...Like I said and rckrcr confirmed, BBVA (Bancomer) is "the largest bank in Mexico". I still remember going to the border south of San Diego at San Ysidro in 2007, parking my car at a large parking lot there and crossing the border over the pedestrian bridge to enter Tijuana. I had $US10,000 cash in my pocket to deposit into a new account at Bancomer. I had set up a meeting with the bank manager there, and we successfully completed the transaction and then I walked back across the border to my car to go back home. 6 months later I made my successful final move here a
  10. Suggest you post this on the La Cocina section on this web board. I also would like to find this amazing food here.
  11. As a 12+ Bancomer customer for the past many years the preferred customer # is 800.228.2728...follow the prompts to English...Always had good service there.
  12. Also most of this has nothing to do with the with the OP question, except my first post here and the last one above.
  13. Bancomer is hardly a small bank...and all the hoopla was about Canadian banks. Nothing to do with México.
  14. Again...Here are Canadians (and I am half Canadian on my mothers side) going far astray over insignificant minutiae that 99.9% here could give a flying you know what about!!!
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