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  1. If you are referring to Rosarito Beach, that is on the northern Baja Pacific coast just south of T.J. Spent many wonderful weekends there at the old Rosarito Beach Hotel when I lived in the Los Angeles area...about a 4 hour drive.
  2. OK...now I am now convinced that it will be a B&W Laserjet. Could i get some input on the latest and better ones from Walmart or Sterin. I cannot remember the last time I made a color copy and would like to avoid paying for new cartridges or refills. I do not have a Costco card but maybe Mercardo Libre would also be an option.
  3. I had misposted this in the cocina section. Sorry My trusty old HP 6210 just gave up the ghost after many years of fine service. Need to buy general service replacement. Any feedback and recommendations of what is out there would be appreciated. Also open to good quality, lightly used one. Gracias, hombregringo@gmail.com
  4. Comments and recommendations on new as well as a good gently used one appreciated. Gracias, hombregringo@gmail.com
  5. My HP 6210 just gave up the ghost after many years of fine service. Need a general service replacement, 766-5322 or hombregringo@gmail.com.
  6. That was the email address that I had sent my inquiries to (3 times) before i got the response I posted.
  7. And what exactly is Wizz and what do they provide?
  8. I signed up the day after they opened the office in Ajijic. Promised in 2 months...nada...another promise of 2 months...nada. 2 weeks ago sent an email and after 2 more tries just received this yesterday: Ing. Víctor Godínez <hugogodi@mail.tvrey.com.mx> Jul 16, 2019, 8:23 PM (13 hours ago) to me, Magally, Jesus, Angelica, NOC-TV-Rey Our install team is working on your area. Service should be up in 2 weeks at most. I AM IN SAN ANTONIO...HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!!!
  9. I think not yet but would also give her a big thumbs up. Her dentist father runs a first class lab in Guadalajara so the whole process is smooth. My situation was difficult and required a revision, but no problem...all ended extremely well at no additional cost.
  10. Need to buy black cartridge for HP-6210 printer. Online search shows many choices (#64, #65, #64, #63) all with variegating prices. Any advise of place to buy Lakeside and the best model choice?
  11. Not much of a steak eater...trying to eat healthy and stay away from red meat. Also rarely have had a good beef experience here after many years. On Saturday I had the urge and went to Tony's. The waiter brought out a cart with many cuts of steak displayed on a ice bed. He pointed to the Rib Eye and said that many customers raved about them and that they were USDA. There was a large and medium and I chose the medium. I asked the price and I thought he said $165. I thought this was a very good price and ordered it cooked medium with the baked potato and steamed vegetables. Not bad...a little tough in spots but somewhat tender and I figured that I had gotten my steak fix for the year. Then came the check...$465 for the meal not including the 2 beers! Thinking there was a mistake I asked the waiter and he said, no mistake. The steak was about 6" long 4" wide and 3/4" thick. I might return once in a while on Sundays for the BBQ lamb special at $160...but no more steak.
  12. Please PM me or email at hombregringo!@gmail.com. Gracias
  13. Have had the box for 11 years and upgrading to a larger size with others sharing. Can accommodate 1 other at US $80 for 14 months starting August 1st. PM me or email at hombregringo@gmail.com.
  14. Please...do not do this..."I plan on getting a Texas address and maybe even buying and registering a car in Texas if that is necessary and a TX drivers license"...This would be a disaster. You need to start by applying for a Temporary Resident Visa at the nearest Mexican Embassy and that should be a a simple process. If you bring a US plated car here and want to make your home here, at a certain point you will have to convert it to a Mexican registration and it will be very expensive. It is very simple to buy a Mexican plated car here at a good price. You can then use your US drivers license until at some point you can get a Mexican drivers license to complete the process. I know this as a fact for 11 years ago I drove my old Ford F-250 truck here and had to sell it for parts because converting it to Mexican plates would have been more expensive. As far as taxes, you should consult a tax attorney since if you are retiring and living on SS or other retirement income, you can file paperwork to prevent the Feds from coming after you.
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