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  1. Correct, the answer is no. Just got back from Walmart. Decided not to venture to Ajijic today for the refill on Ocampo so I bought a extra 664XL cartridge...$654...exactly HALF what I paid for the HP2135 printer itself there a few months ago and that included the original black ink cartridge as well as the color!!! I do not do a heavy volume of printing, so running out of ink after about 2 months was a shock. Should have listened to advise to buy a laser printer.
  2. I normally go to the place on Ocampo in Ajijic but looking for someplace in the SAT area. Any comments?
  3. Wow! A rare kumbaya moment!!! "Can we all get along?" Also to add to the homage to Sn. Manuel...he was not just a greeter, but in and out of the kitchen tasting and even chopping and grating when they were behind. Also seeing him give "fatherly" advise to the wait staff (all women) mostly I suspect who were family and just running a "tight ship" in this extremely competitive business here.
  4. And I would also like to add, unlike many other restaurant proprietors, he was always seated at his little table at the front door with a friendly greeting and upon leaving a little chit-chat about your dining experience and a hearty HASTA LUEGO! In all my years here...never a bad meal or dining experience at his establishments.
  5. So sad to hear about that...a true institution and character here with his pot belly, guttural speech, handlebar mustache and fly swatter always at the ready to the peril of any unsuspecting fly. I called him The General based on the cartoon character in the US TV insurance company commercials. His fish shack opposite the Coca-Cola plant was legionary until the government finally evicted him and then he built the present location that continued the same great seafood meals. Besides Pancho he also has other children and an extended clan, all very successful in their own right. He will be missed my many.
  6. Does this not open the floodgates to any vendor delivering their products to Superlake, Panchos or anywhere else? Just asking...where is the red line!
  7. I thought that this was a business hustle free zone!!!
  8. And where are they?
  9. OMG...here we go again...dogs in restaurants!!! I am sure there are a lot more pressing problems than this to worry about. If you are concerned, simply call the restaurant you are thinking of going to and ask "Do you allow dogs there?" Get over it!
  10. Lighten up sir...do you not think it funny that on a thread regarding drunk driving that someone would post "That's checkpoints if for drunk people drivers, so take care, I so in 1 ago like 2 gringos in hsbc checkpoint, maybe they are in problems!" I simply advised that person not to drink and drive. And who are YOU to insult ME as you have above. GET A LIFE!!!
  11. Ahhh...and what are you drinking? Please do not drive, stay in your house.
  12. As you can see from my OP, my concern was having money transferred to me from someone who ONLY has the debit card # through the OXXO money transfer system. I now know that this is how it is done, especially since I have done it the other way, sending money with THEIR debit card #. I am now assuming that a HUGE company such as this has all the safety precautions in place.
  13. RVGRINGO said " Never give your card number like that ". Well as far as I know this is the accepted way that OXXO transfers money. I have done it many times myself sending to people here that I do business with. Only this time I actually sent the debit card number to someone to someone to send money to ME...and it was almost exactly at this time that there was a fraudulent charge on my card. Now after talking to a number of Mexican friends i am convinced that this was a coincidence since I am being told that it is impossible to make any charges on the card with only the number on the front...you also need the expiration date and the 3 didget number on the back. So now in my mind it is safe to send or receive money through OXXO using only the debit card number. Claro?
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