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  1. How silly...are they going to eliminate the huge shelf loads of plastic garbage bags, zip-lock bags, milk, juice, bleach and all the many thousands of plastic containers and wrappers throughout the store? Just another example the "Ecology Police" losing their minds!!!
  2. It was posted here that the Ajijic branch was closed and someone else said that you could deposit at the ARM's there. What is the limit of the deposits? Is the Chapala branch open, and exactly where is it located? Gracias
  3. He said..."Ajijic Bancomer closed indefinitely"...this is MY BANK!!!
  4. This OP does not have a clue. Think of all the lower and medium pay employees who now have no job.
  5. The headline says: Ajijic Bancomer closed indefinitely. Now Bancomer is my bank so can I go tomorrow to deposit money? How did this thread deteriorate into the Chapala tianguis? Please lets keep it real here. I am not thinking that my bank of many years is closing for good. Unless someone with real knowledge tells me that my bank is closed, I will be there tomorrow.
  6. These things are stupid anyway!!! Just a way to avoid common English language. My biggest beef nowadays is young folks using text instead of THE PHONE...one of the best inventions of mankind, where you can use your own voice including inflection and drama has been reduced to 28 characters and those thingies...how sad!!!
  7. Here we go again...Is this some kind of sick joke???
  8. Very helpful. I am sure that I could waste my time and find a hundred "videos" of motorists mowing down motorcycles. How about the idea of putting a simple metal barrier in the middle of the "bike" path...one side for motorbikes and the other for bicycles and barring pedestrians completely. Maybe the same government bigwig who green lighted that monstrous concrete barrier also has a cousin/brother/sister in the metalwork business. And by the way I cannot wait to see how those planters will look every few meters and find out who has the watering and maintenance contract for that.
  9. Telmex phone in lower SAT also back. ILox internet always strong here.
  10. From what I understand the bike paths are not for motorcycles. I can be corrected but since the new paths are so wide, why not have a separate path for motos and another for bikes and pedestrians? Maybe this is too sensible a solution? There is plenty of room for bikes to avoid pedestrians since there seems not to be that much traffic of both and this would take the crazy motos off the carretera.
  11. By the way, my initial headline and info on this thread (July last year) turned out to be way off base and a temporary situation. So glad I made the Ilox internet switch!
  12. I was getting multiple dropped calls, sometimes talking to the same person i would have to redial many times. Also not able to reach numbers that I know are good with messages IN ENGLISH "this number is unreachable". Since returning to Telmex phone service...no more problems. Beware!!!
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