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  1. As I said "There is a lot more to Lakeside than Ajijic!!!"...So if renting (my preference), buying or moving, my advise would be exploring ALL of the North shore...you might be very surprised at what you find...and each persons needs and desires are completely different.
  2. Frankly I do not care about Ajijic. Try to avoid it at all costs. There is a lot more to Lakeside than Ajijic!!! Not only the traffic, but the parking, congestion and noise is mostly avoidable...to me at least!!!
  3. WOW!!! We have an actual fanatical expert here. You are correct Sir! However in my humble opinion it has taken off like a rocket with the most recent US administration and if the potential in-progress legislations pass there, it looks ominous for them and will effect us all HERE!!!
  4. There is a saying (dicho) here that goes "When the US sneezes Mexico gets the flu" !!! So this poster, myself and all here (local and expat) will be seeing much more of this into the future. There is also a dicho in the US that says "The buck stops here!"...where is that today regarding the Jefe Puppet NOB and the people behind the curtain pulling the strings? Their poll numbers are dropping like a rock across the board including other D's and even the complicit media!!! I hope that I am staying within the bounds here since this has, and will continue to affect us ALL here.
  5. Same response as I posted responding to another notice of this here. Horrendous inflation taking place NOB. Please no celebration until the COLA reaches 50%!!!
  6. However It looks like inflation will eat that up plus much more NOB due to the spectacularly incompetent government there. I am sure that as usual this will translate down here also.
  7. This is all very confusing, but the main question still remains for most of us...does any of this pertain to us expats here being able to LEGALLY access Medicare...A, B or C???
  8. I did not derail this thread however you are certainly prolonging it. I used the term "Mainstream News" at the beginning of my last post in response to someone naming CNN and MSNBC as "educational"...HILARIOUS!!! At the end I used the term "Mainstream Media" as a generic term in another context. Get your facts straight!!! And as far as you trying to smear me by saying I have "no understanding of what socialism means", this just goes to prove how deep in the mud you can go!!!
  9. I did 4 and out, so no Tricare, but VA Healthcare is a good backup for emergencies such as the time I had a botched hip replacement here.
  10. First, I never said that "anyone using satellite TV is a fool"...just that there are better options today. Also please check this thread to see who took it off topic...it was not me. I was only stating the obvious that SOCIALISM is taking over the so called "Mainstream News". The poster I responded to called CNN and CNBC "educational". I have no problem if you or him having a different political view, but being a history buff, I would only point out how this has worked in the past!!! Is Fox News more educational? Repeating what I said “Judging from what I hear is spewing on other so called "Mainstream Media" I would give it a definite YES!!!” Just my humble opinion!!!
  11. Someone ELSE took this thread off topic and I just followed with some insight on the reality of what is going on today regarding so called satellite "news". They brought up CNN, MSNBC, etc. being "educational"...PLEEEEEZE!!!
  12. Because his ad in El Ojo del Lago is headlined HOW TO USE YOUR MEDICARE BENIFITS IN MEXICO! He admits that "Part A and Part B do not cover worldwide emergency and urgent care". He goes on to promote Medicare Advantage Plan Part C. Fine... most of us here have little idea about Part C but a little research with Sn. Google shows: What is Medicare Part C? Medicare Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, is an additional insurance option for people who are eligible for Medicare. These plans are offered through private insurance companies. With original Medicare, you’re covered for Part A (hospital services) and Part B (outpatient medical services). Medicare Part C offers coverage for parts A and B, plus additional items and services. Some of these include prescription drugs, dental, vision, and many others. OK...so if you are not interested in these extra benefits, just those in Part A and Part B and what we would call basic Health Insurance...what does his plan COVER here in Mexico and what is the COST. We are all standing by breathlessly waiting the answer!!!
  13. "If you have one of the military insurance plans like Tricare For Life they offer some other company insurances that cover overseas." As a vet, I have US VA Healthcare however to qualify for the Tricare part you have to have a service connected disability, which I do not, so a no-go here for me. In any case this thread is about Medicare coverage and has been ploughed through here many times, and unless there is something new, it is a no-go for coverage here.
  14. Why not just wait till we get ALL the feedback we will ever need (and more) from those here who do attend!!! You know the old trope "If it sounds too good to be true......"
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