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  1. How do you know where I live? I live and have been in lower SAT for almost 14 years, about 3 blocks from Adelita's.
  2. I had had problems in the past and also urinary track infections. I had the TURP surgery that seemed to work but the enlarged prostrate (not major) returned. I started with the Saw Palmetto Extract (250 mg) twice a day a year or so ago and it helps a lot.
  3. Just an update...SUCCESS!!! Muchas gracias CHILLIN!!! I picked up the batteries that he graciously offered me for my golf cart and had them charged and checked out by Jamie who gave the greenlight and had Armando, my mechanic come to install. He found that there not one, but 2 of the batteries (out of the 6) were malo, so thankfully my gift of the 2 were perfect. I charged overnight and have been test driving over the past couple of days and running like a race horse!!! Now I am waiting for Adelita's to resume the wonderful Sat. and Mon. music nights so I can take it on the short trip there a
  4. I get a PDF by email with bar code, print out and pay at OXXO.
  5. Speak for yourself...and your spelling, grammar and lack of punctuation skills show the level of YOUR intelligence!!! Oh...and maybe I should add content on top of all of that!!!
  6. Cannot you read plain English...did I not say "I have always had good luck with La Paceña and judging from the large (but spaced) crowds normally there, so have many others" ??? And "Love the fish and chips!!!" Pleeeze!!! Nothing wrong with a good FISH JOINT!!!
  7. Maybe it was a little tongue in cheek however I was in particular referencing "We asked our waiter if they still offered a table side preparation of their house specialty salsa (a charred vegetable and peppers selection)". Maybe La Paceña is a little more upscale than the original Letty's that was down the street years ago before the move to their current location, but not much. Also in a restaurant like this I would not expect "a special beverage menu with a great and interesting variety of exceptional cocktails". I am sure, like you said that they had these in the past but, in my mind at lea
  8. All Social Media sucks...and it is getting worse every day!!! I do not participate in any of it...and by the way I do not consider this Social Media; it is a an informational message board.
  9. I have always had good luck with La Paceña and judging from the large (but spaced) crowds normally there, so have many others. Do not quite understand the OP's beef...this is a fish joint not some fancy Parisian restaurant!!! Love the fish and chips!!!
  10. Never used a knife sharpener in my life. Have always had a block of knives that include a long thin sharpener that does it for me.
  11. I will be picking these batteries up from CHILLIN in a couple of hours. I have already notified Jamie and will be taking them to him to check out for the best way to proceed. Will keep you updated. By the way there are 6 batteries in my golf cart. Gracias
  12. Wow!!! Just sent you a PM with my phone #. Today started badly with my TV crappin' out and I just get back from taking it to Roberto to find out what is going on. Hopefully the day is ending on a positive note...Thank you CHILLIN and Chapala.com...you are the best!!!
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