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  1. However he does not do cataract surgery. I went to him first just for the conformation since he has a reputation for honesty and reasonable examination rates.
  2. Went to the auto registration place on Degollado today to pay the fine. $422 (50% discount since paid within 5 days). Not bad. OXXO does not take payment for these tickets (Fake News from someone on this board). The worst thing was trying to get out of Chapala and getting caught on a one way street that was blocked for some reason way ahead. Many minutes stuck there and then all the drivers in front started waving all behind to back our. 10 more care behind me finally got the message and started the chain moving back to exit on a side street. 20 minutes wasted...bad karma for not wearing a seat belt? Maybe...but have learned my lesson.
  3. I had been suspecting this condition for some time since driving at night is now impossible with oncoming lights "dazzling" and blinding me. I went to a regular optometrist (Dr. Pinto) with my concerns and...yes, "for sure, cataracts in both eyes" he said. Now, as a lifelong businessman my job is to collect as much information as possible to winnow down the options to find the right solution. And yes, I do consider this a business transaction between myself and the the medical "profession" and I am certainly not going to lay down and accept whatever they demand. I will by then have "ballpark" figures and options that I have learned from such as the 2 very generous folks whom I mentioned before. That is the value of this board, not the few here who think they have all the answers to everything and blabber on and on and on and.......
  4. I was asking those who have gone through this procedure for feedback and ballpark figures, SmartyPants. I received 2 very detailed PM's with very good information on both counts, and I appreciate that very much. Am i not allowed to ask for this information here since I need to estimate how long I have to save in order to start this process. Please stay out of my life!
  5. I am simply looking for a BALLPARK figure. gracias
  6. Please...I did not ask YOU. I was trying to get an idea of the actual (hopefully negotiated) prices that actual patients have paid. Why do you think that I would "phone their office" to ask a secretary who will give me a rote answer from some price list there. Frankly I am tired of seeing replies to perfectly asked questions posted here such as "Sn. Google knows", "Check Facebook" "Phone their office" and other innocuous remarks not related to the specific questions asked. Just my OPINION.
  7. So this is a vegan restaurant? The OP photo sure looks like meat. Nothing against vegan bur would like to know more about the food choices there. Gracias
  8. I am not sure what the fine is...this is what a Mexican friend told me, maybe his info is outdated. Can someone confirm that I can pay at OXXO. Gracias
  9. Bad day so far. I had to get some money for a worker at my house and tried 4 ATM's with no luck here in SAT. Decided to go to Ajijic and found the money, but in my rush to get back home to pay him I forgot to buckle up. A gang of cops on the north side were eagle eyeing all cars going both ways and i got waved over. Tried to snap the belt in place before he reached me but he just smiled and asked me for my license and registration. I took only about 5 minutes to complete the paperwork and as he was leaving my window he spotted another offender and waved him over. There were about 5 cars pulled over on the north side. I understand that the fine is now $500 reduced to $400 if paid within 5 days. Please tall me the most convenient place to pay nearest to SAT. Be careful...I have learned my lesson!
  10. OMG! How could you possibly think about having a dog under your table! All those germs, fleas, ticks...and the hair, hair, hair! I have 3 very happy and grateful rescue dogs and they sit and lie anywhere they want. They have their food and I have mine and we are all happy, happy, happy. They would not be happy in a restaurant and I would not think about taking them there but have no problem with others having a well trained "comfort" dog sit or lie next to them at a restaurant. Just my OPINION.
  11. Who did the cataract operation and how did it go? Gracias
  12. Yes, I feel really terrible...only 902 posts over almost double the time (11.5 years) that you have been on this board (6+ years). Wear your crown proudly King Guy! This will be my last post regarding this subject since I am not in this to run up my numbers. However again, I am impressed in the volume of business Impressions that you have managed to achieve. Congratulations!
  13. First, let me congratulate you on winning the Gold Cup for the Most Prolific Poster here. You have been on this board since May, 2013 and posted 11,267 times since then. If my arithmetic is correct you post on average almost 5 times a day. Also, as an old marketing and advertising guy, a tip of my hat for winning the Blue Ribbon as well for the most BUSINESS IMPRESSIONS here since your user name is your business. WOW...such a font of knowledge as well as a marketing expert!
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