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  1. The subject by the OP was Great Steak...at Home. Who cares that you do not have a valid contribution on this subject!!! Yes, the conversation has veered into cooking said steak, health concerns and even if BBQing contributes to climate change but still all interesting posts...until yours!!!
  2. Yeah, and I am sure that this also was the cause of the last ice age!!!
  3. I brought a large Webber gas BBQ when I moved here 13 years ago, however it soon crapped out and has been sitting on my patio ever since. I have moved away from a lot of meat, but still enjoy a good steak once in a while. I would like to try one of these steaks mentioned here but need some help in recommendations for purchasing a small BBQ to cook it. I gave away my 5 Gal. propane tank years ago and do not have a connection to my household gas tank on the other side of the house. I am solo so just need a small grill for 1 steak. Do I need a gas outdoor or maybe an electric indoor and what bran
  4. Yes, this is on the left shelves as you enter. Also other types of cake, pies and goodies there that are very good!!! They also look and taste "homemade".
  5. Google this!!! Mark Zuckerberg’s cellphone number goes online after massive Facebook hack By Kathianne Boniello April 3, 2021 | 11:39pm | Updated
  6. Heads up to those thinking they can outsmart Facebook.... THEY have millions of people and billions of dollars just dedicated to searching, detecting and grinding out information on YOU just from the small amount you have to disclose to get an account and what activity goes on there no matter how little. They then sell this to marketers and others with much being leaked and put into the hands of gangs and BAD GUYS who wake up each morning with only one thing on their minds "How can I use this information to EXTORT, STEAL and EMBEZZLE as much as I can today?" .
  7. Don't be too hopeful...only a few drops here in SAT. Normally the rainy season gets going at the beginning of June to coincide with our annual Fiesta here in SAT, that probably will be cancelled for the second year. It's the cohetes and bandas that do the trick so maybe we are in for another not so wet season.
  8. I said "I am quoting Harry B: "The organization "Save the Nation" ( SERVIDORES DE LA NACIÓN) is in complete control." I am sure that all of those who got their shots sin papeleo are relieved that "the government asked for student volunteers to be trained on how to vaccinate people and to aid in a quicker vaccination program". I am waiting for the program to be "normalized"...thank you
  9. I am quoting Harry B: "The organization "Save the Nation" ( SERVIDORES DE LA NACIÓN) is in complete control." OK, maybe they were "hired" by the government but nowhere here or in my limited access to "local" news have I been informed of this. My basic question still is: why were we strongly informed to register on the Gob. website, and told we would be notified when our turn came?
  10. There was something suspicious to me from the start about this whole rush to get vaccinated...standing in line for hours, getting the shot and then no paperwork!!! Now we learn that this was not part of a government program but an organization called "Save the Nation" (SERVIDORES DE LA NACIÓN)!!! Who knew? I do not remember this information being discussed here...it was propagated that this was the government program that we were waiting for. We were even told to print out the registration form we had completed on the Gob website to take to the malecon or park or wherever. This online regist
  11. somebody posts something with details, facts, and dates and then some troll comes out of the woodwork and states "Not true" with NO details, facts, or dates to refute it...amazing!!!
  12. I don't believe it. If you are a true Luddite how did you manage to get those three cartoons onto your post??? I think that these should be banned from all internet communication since the poster using them is showing a lack in plain language skills.
  13. And it is a 2 way street with parking on both sides so be prepared to back up or pull into a space if you can find it to let oncoming traffic pass!!! Lots of luck with that!!!
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