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    News from Reuters

    The love affair many of us have with Mexico (great weather Lakeside; small town feel; good cost of living; friends from many countries; tons of activity options - to name just a few) is being eroded by concern for safety. Some react by selling their homes and racing back to wherever; one recently went to Phoenix, only to discover her home there had been robbed; others by simply hoping things will improve. The latter group are either not so reactionary or have few options due to limited income. Most of us are continuing to enjoy the many benefits of living here and are quietly and cautiously waiting to see how things unfold. We are taking precautions, we had heretofore felt unnecessary. We are considering a Plan B. What a shame. Hopefully this violence will subside as the unintended consequences of ex-pats leaving will be a very negative impact on the local Mexican population who are dependent on locals and tourists.