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  1. Thank you for your information. I will not have to ask around where the office is located. Have a nice Xmas!
  2. I don't care to receive an income. I just want to publish the book I worked so hard to do. Even if I list it for free, at least it will be there. Hey! If I don't try, I will never know if it has a chance. But, to do this, I need to fill this form that they require. I don't know how to go around the address requirement. Thank you for your encouragement!!! 😀 😉
  3. Are there any Canadians writers listening?? Have you published with Amazon? Or do you know how to do it? KDP and Create Space! I need some information about the form on tax declaration. There’s seem to be a problem for someone having his permanent residence in Mexico and his tax residence in Canada. The royalties come from the US, and they require the same address to send the tax forms at the end of the year--assuming there is a payment.🤣 I'd appreciate any information you can give me on the subject. Thank you!!
  4. Years ago, I called 01-800-368-0500. I was connected to an English speaking gentleman, but he could not help me with this problem, so I spoke to his supervisor. She did not speak English, but I'm sure you could ask for someone to help you in English now. That was 12 years ago. By the way, the guy in Ajijic's office knew that I was the one who had reported the problem to Mexico. The only draw back for me was that my name was not in the list of people who were connected that week.🤣 I had to return to the office in Ajijic to tell him to make sure I get my line before the end of the week. And
  5. If Telmex office in Ajijic tells you that there are no lines available, call the main office in Mexico. When I arrived in my neighbourhood that was the case for 22 people waiting up to one year without a line. I called Mexico to complain about it and they did not understand why that was. Everybody received a line within two weeks. You can draw your own conclusion.
  6. It ought to be the printer. When I connect my printer alone without any computer, the light stays on. I have a feeling that we had a brown out when we were away, and it damaged the printer even being off, but the plug was in. My printer is still at the shop. They have to take it to Guad to check it out. Everyday, it's supposed to be ready mañana. 🙄 Thanks for all the information. I learn something every time.
  7. I have been using #56 for a long long time, and it used to work. Also, my printer is Hp 1315 all-in-one, but Windows used to register it as Hp 1310 all-in-one. Now, it's showing Hp 1310 series. There's nothing else on the list to chose from. Maybe that is the problem.
  8. I uninstalled the printer and installed it again and again and the red light showing that I need a new cartridge is still on. I even installed the printer in my other computer . . . same thing. I brought my printer to have it checked. I'll know the situation my Monday.
  9. It makes sense that the print heads get gummy with refills, then my printer should not need to be cleaned up. My new original cartridge from Hp should work then. I wonder what happened between the cartridge switch over. It indicates to my printer that my cartridge should be replaced and also indicates to my system that I am offline.Humm! Two months ago, when I turned everything off, the old gummy cartridge worked fine but, as I said, the printer had to stay on to avoid the test page to be printed. It printed dark and clear until suddenly the page was completely blank. Then, I had to
  10. Thanks Mike. After being away for two months, I changed my cartridge with the original hp 56 for Hp 1315 all-in-one but the light "the change your cartridge" stays on. In the system, it shows that the printer is offline and, of course, the test page registers but does not come out. I checked all connections, unplugged all the wires a few times around, remove and shut off the computer to get rid of the sheet to print, but nothing changes. I have to say that I used twice a refilled cartridge and, at the end, I had to keep the printer on all the time to avoid the test page to print
  11. nana

    Scam ?

    Thank you! Unbelievable all those gimmicks. That's what happened. We ignored and deleted.
  12. nana

    Scam ?

    Did you ever receive a warning from Windows asking you to call a 800 number to report that your computer is at risk because you are infected with a virus. They use a voice and windows to pass their message. They say that your computer will be locked if you don't call that number?
  13. After arguing with Scotia Bank Canada trying to make them understand I was always a Canadian citizen and held a passport as such even though I was a non-resident, they finally accepted me to open an account. But, other than my regular account, they do not allow me to make investments or get a visa card. I mentioned that I dealt with Scotia in Mexico . . . the answer was they had nothing to do with Scotia Canada except the name. Because I am a non-resident of Canada, they treat me as a foreigner (almost) but make an exemption because Immigration Canada allows me to hold a bank account for
  14. In the last 5 years, on my visits to Canada, I've been trying twice to get a Visa card from TD, but they always told me that I had to have a Canadian address. Last year, I finally gave in and gave the address of a relative--which is wrong because I'm not a resident. Then, at the same time, they have changed my address in my online profile. I cannot change it because we don't have the same type of postal code in Mexico. In the meantime, my relative sold the house, and the Visa junk does not follow. When I called my branch, as I did not realize that my address had been changed, they di
  15. Hump!! I agree. That's why you have to go by your experience and others' as well. Do your research and use your good judgement. I always check out Mr. Google (preferrably medical sites) before following blindly any doctors' recommendations. Nobody is as concerned for your health and well-being as yourself. Doctors go by what they learned (and what they understand) and often don't keep up with the new. I was told by a doctor in Canada that HE did not have time to check the Internet for the new. They get updated once every five years. Also, they get influenced by "pharmaceuticals". Tha
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