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  1. Eat at what was formerly "Los Burritos de Moyahua", now called "Milagros de Dalila". It has always been a thousand times better than Cinco Portrillos.
  2. Dogs in restaurants, DOGS IN RESTAURANTS!!!
  3. I'm not sure about Walmart's China bra policy either, but those guys over there sure like to spit on the sidewalk and drive a hard bargain.
  4. I have a friend in his 30's who uses a smart phone app called Tinder. I think it's very popular.
  5. Versatile thread. What started out as a "Perfectly good reason to bash Walmart, they suck" thread began morphing into a "Wow, there are quite a few foreigners living here who are ignorant about Mexicans, possibly predjudiced, and even rascist". Then it starts drifting back to "Why Walmart is uniquely terrible". All in under 10 posts! Impressive! 😄
  6. I received an email from them a couple of days ago. Maybe a mispelling issue.
  7. Same in central Ajijic!
  8. Let's just say the "Downwardlies beat the Easterlies" this year. 😀 It came from the sky. It was wet. It was rain. Yay!
  9. Hmmmm.....nobody has a # for one of the junk trucks prowling around Ajijic? If not I guess I'll put a sign on my cochera door with my phone #.
  10. I have two dead appliances that need to go away (dishwasher and clothes dryer). The junk truck drives by my house daily, but I am either not here, or can't get out to the street fast enough. Anybody have a telephone # for these guys? Thanks. (And before anyone suggests it, it's not possible for me to simply put them out on the street.)
  11. Boring came and stayed here a long time ago. I come to this forum for information.........less and less.
  12. SCORE!!! At Constitucion #10, Ajijic, there is a small, ancient sewing shop. Just east of Colon, across from Memo's, orange and blue exterior. The building has four sets of doors, the doors closest to Colon have the sewing shop. Occasionally the store is open. She has a small assortment of iron on patches, most in very bright colors. I asked if she had any black....no.... but she did manage to dig up some dark blue denim patches which will work for me. The store looks like it was last re-stocked in 1998. 😊 The kicker is this store is located about 30 feet from my office. Shows what an excellent shopper I am. 😆
  13. EXACTLY! And quit thinking everything here is a simple scenario like "Foreign Husband and Wife buy a property in Mexico and one of them dies...". There are COUNTLESS other possible complications and questions of ownership. --A fifty year old deed contains a beneficiary clause that's no longer relevant to current situation (but was never changed) --Oh, look! There's a surprise will nobody knew about! --Multiple children/heirs from inside the marriage....or children/heirs from outside the marriage --Whoops! There are extra husbands or wives in the background... (never legalized that divorce from #1, or #2, or...maybe we were never really married?) And on and on and on. Imagine the possibilities. It's not a "rubber stamp the new deed" situation. Sometimes there are multiple owners of a single piece of property. Legal ownership has to be proven for good reason. Go talk to your favorite Notario.
  14. I have used the phrase "parches para planchar" and everyone has known what I meant, even if it's hacky Spanish. But I was always in a fabric store when I used that phrase, so I was in the right neighborhood. mudgril, I guess your missed that she was in a Soriana. Maybe you don't have them where you live but they're not a "sewing store". More like a Walmart-type chain store.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS MAS46 on your first sighting! (Here's you're award 💰💰💰.) It sprinkled tonight around 11:30 in Ajijic. Lightening and everything. It's an exciting time of year while we all wait for the big stuff.
  16. The Ajijic Tianguis is not an option for me. I know about the fabric store behind the bus station in Chapala. Anybody know if there's a fabric store in Ajijic or Riberas? Thanks.
  17. Or you misunderstood everything from the beginning... Good luck executing a beneficiary clause in a deed, and receiving a new deed in your name only, at the tax office in Chapala. Let us know how that goes for you.
  18. I need some also. They sell them at fabric stores. There used to be a fabric store in Ajijic but I think it vanished or moved. Anybody know where it's located these days? I know there is one behind the bus station in Chapala, but it'd be easier for me if there is one in Ajijic. Thanks.
  19. I buy the EXACT same brand of product at a handful of differently located OXXO stores in our area. And the price of the product varies from OXXO to OXXO. Quit trying to inflict rigid logic. That's my suggestion. 😀
  20. It still tastes better than "nectar". Willie, I remember accidentally buying the Jumex or "Valle" brand nectar products when I meant to by the juices. Easy to do since the packages are almost identical. Then I started looking more carefully before throwing it into the basket. It seemed like there was almost a seasonal thing to it, where the store would have an abundance of nectars and no juices. Then it would cycle through and the juices came back. I hate the nectar, too.
  21. It's spelled Niisa's. (Nee-sahs). It looks funny on signage and menu - because the logo is in script. Looks like a "u" with an umlaut - see menus below. I had to ask the waiter how to pronounce it. It is EXCELLENT. Limited menu (yay!) high quality food and prep, reasonable prices. After two breakfasts and two dinners I keep going back even though I don't live near it. I keep passing lots of inferior restaurants just to go there. I THINK owners' name is Carlo. I THINK Closed on Mondays. I THINK Open for breakfast and lunch only on Sundays. Try it!!!
  22. Travis

    Spagos closed

    Dang. I was hoping they'd save money on the new sign and call it "pago's".
  23. Pretty much every business or service that appeals to the needs/wants of people from North of the Border already exists here and is being furnished by a smart, enterprising Mexican, as it should be. Now if you want to get down to personal tastes and shopping lists filled with brand specific items, live it up.
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