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  1. They delivered to my house (Ajijic) yesterday. Santorini is E-pura now. New name.
  2. The last meal I had at Emanuel's, a few weeks ago, was one of the best meals I've had in 12 years liviing here.
  3. Travis


    Agree completely. I've eaten at Elegante a couple times recently. They serve high quality, well-prepared food, but the menu isn't very interesting. Emmanuel's has, I think, more interesting and "better" food. But I also agree with the others, if the wife wants Elegante then the OP would be a fool not to take her there on their 40th Anniversary.
  4. And they re-branded/re-named themselves "E-Pura".
  5. There is a place that does aluminum welding on the road leaving Chapala going toward Mezcala. I can't remember the name or location exactly but it's (maybe) a mile or so outside of Chapala on the left/north side of the road.
  6. She's a friend of mine and is very talented. And....nobody has seen her work before! All are invited!
  7. I grew up a few hundred miles from Castroville, California, the "Artichoke Capital of the World" their Chamber of Commerce insists. That's an alcachofa leaf, I say. 😎 Nice review Computerguy.
  8. Travis


    I ate at Elena's for the third time this evening. And I liked it for the third time. Best if I live it at that, I guess.
  9. Good ol' giltner, continuing to haunt and spook from afar. Even Breitbart admits: "The registration form on the DNC website require that attendees be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and enter passport or green card numbers. It is illegal for foreigners to contribute to American political campaigns."
  10. Rolly Brook was a kind and generous person who, over the internet, helped a lot of us figure out how to move to Mexico, and he did it with extraordinary grace. When he moved his life here, México gave him a giant, welcoming hug. And he hugged México back. Thank you for all those lessons Rolly and RIP.
  11. I've lived here long enough to know not to expect "everything right" when a restaurant opens. And yes, this is definitely a family run operation. So while I usually insist on waiting a couple of weeks before trying a place, I disregarded that in this case. Tonight I went there for the second time because some friends really wanted to try it out. We were a party of five and intentionally chose to go "late", arriving at 7:15-7:30, hoping they'd be less busy, etc. We didn't want to overwhelm them during rush hour, etc. Their menu is extensive. Being a Friday night I thought they'd come back to the table and say "we've run out of that". Nope. Five people ordered five different items and all arrived in a timely manner. And it was all hot. And the salsas were great, again. And everyone seemed happy. Admittedly, I liked what I had tonight (Chile Colorado) better than what I had the first time (a smothered burrito), but that's just me and my taste. Prices are so reasonable at Elena's, trying it out is not placing a big bet. Roll the dice.
  12. I noticed it yesterday and ate there last night. The salsas were GREAT. I'd add friendly service and very reasonable prices to the above review. I look forward to trying different stuff on their menu.
  13. I'm not even that picky. I'd be happy with a place that serves a basic, simple, consistently good chile relleno.
  14. Travis

    Malta &Grill

    An absurdly stupid, invisible location. Irregular hours. AND understaffed. The recipe for a place determined to fail. After 11 years here, I quit chasing "promising" new restaurants a long time ago.
  15. All of which begs a question only the moderators can answer: If a forum member reveals himself to be a scumbag by what he posts, is it OK to call him a scumbag in a follow-up? Or is that a violation of board rules? Herman, I replied to your pm, scumbag.
  16. I knew what it was and I'm 58. (And I have absolutely no interest in UFC.) Quit while you're behind Cedros. 😎 Sorn: Unless there is some other huge event at the same time, I bet they'd turn it on for you at El Bar Co. in Ajijic (by the Pemex station). Lots of good TV screens, sports programming, etc.
  17. Sounds like you want to treat employees like shit and shouldn't have moved here in the first place. Just saying...
  18. Where were you two weeks ago when I needed that number bmh? Jaja. I was never at home when he passed by so finally had to put a note on the garage door asking that he call me. He did, yes that's the #, and he took away my dead 20 year old dryer the following day. (That, by the way, is a truck that patrols Ajijic. Not sure if there are different trucks in different towns.)
  19. It's a beautiful spot and I remember the road around the lake being just as you describe. We stayed a couple of nights at Koala Bungalows. Now there's a place that could use a bit of spit and polish....but just a little. (Well, that was five years ago, don't know about now. A co-worker recently went and found nice accomodations via AirBnB.) The lake is a nice place to go visit/see for a couple of days and must be stunning now that everything is turning green.
  20. Since you're familiar with the fish market in Zapopan, you'll find Pacifico (same company as in Zapopan) has a good shop on the west side of Ajijic, on the carretera lakeside, La Huerta Plaza. La Paceña is a fish restaurant I like in San Antonio, across from Superlake.
  21. Wow. The next time I'm enjoying a deviled egg, I guess I need to really thank the person who brought them.
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